Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 12-May-2013  
Dear All,

Is Thein Sein the Mikhail Gobachev of Myanmar? What about Aung San Su Kyi, is she Boris Yelsin? Thein Sein and Su Kyi, who is using who? The West led by US is using both of them. Whoever wins they win?

Thein Sein and Aung San Su Kyi flirt with Obama too much. I don't like it.

The truth hurts. When it hurts you so much, sometimes it could take the life out of you, straight away, they may call it a heart attack, or a stroke. They may not say the culprit was the ‘truth’. Why everybody who are seeking the truth not drop dead. May be they have not found it. may be what they found it is not the absolute truth, the total truth. The best they could find is a half-truth, for them to be bearable. We don’t go as far as it needs to be to see, or to find the truth, we are scared, that we might find the absolute, total truth. If it is not the truth, it won’t hurt you or anybody. If you know, if you have the truth, will you share with us please. Or have mercy on us, please don’t share the truth with us, if you don’t want us to drop dead.

Gautama Buddha told us what the truths are, which are called Noble Truth, the cause and effect of the Truth, how to get rid of them. Do we listen to him totally, with absolute obedient? There we are.
Jesus Christ or Mohammed might have said something as well. Do the Christians or the Muslims listen to them totally with absolute obedient?

Some people, still called themselves Buddhist,may be a better Buddhist than other Buddhists. But what I notice is that these Buddhist talk none stop about Buddha yet they don’t accept, the Buddha’s teaching of ‘Kalam Daytham Aggam Dannam’. Time, place, circumstances and situation.

We cannot be one of the ‘wai lay lay, just echoing what others are saying’, when someone calls ဒို.လူကေလးမ်ား ဆိုသေလး- everyone answer ေ၀ေလေလ ။ Another one is, သူမ်ားေယာင္လို.ေယာင္ရတယ္- အေမာင္ ေတာင္မွန္း ေၿမာက္မွန္းမသိ ။ which means you should know which is NORTH, and which is SOUTH, otherwise you will get lost.

ပေဒသာပင္ ဘာ ေႀကာင့္ ေပ်ာက္ ရသလဲ ? Why did the wishing tree disappeared, was it because of Communists, because of Socialists, or because of Capitalists? Who are Communists, Socialists, Communists are they not human beings? They systems are made by( create by man), they are carry out by men. Success or failure it is the doing of men.

I have mentioned in my previous article ‘Stand and deliver’ it was Dick Turpin’s famous word. A famous English highway man, a murderer also known as Richard Turpin(alias) John Palmer.( 1705-1739) . In 1730 Turpin joined a gang of dear thieves, later became poacher, burglar, a horse thief, and a murderer.After 100 years of his death, Victorian novelist William Harrison Ainsworth made him famous. Dick Turpin as a highway man, as a thief, as a murderer was found guilty of counts of horse theft, was hanged in 1739.

How many Dick Turpins are there today? Who yelled at us ‘Stand and deliver, your money or your life? There are many, have no doubt about that. But what can anybody can do anything effectively against these Dicks? Nothing ,much, because our men Flints, and our women Flintess like them, better than Jaggery. Yes, they may have their consent, that does not mean that everyone in Myanmar have consented. For majority they feel like they are being raped, if that is the right word.

The meaning of RAPE can be many, you can have a good look in the dictionary, you will find all definitions under four kind of RAPE. Then you will know RAPE doesn’t necessarily means sexual intercourse using force on other man’s wife etc. Take what you want according to context. If you are not sure, the best is to have a look in the book of knowledge.

All I can say is if you are a Buddhist you will know daily five precepts. If you breach any one precept at anytime you are breaking them all. Nobody will give consent to murder anybody , nobody will give consent to steal his properties, nobody will consent to tell him lies, nobody will give his consent to anybody to have sexual intercourse with his own wife or have it with other people’s wife. Nobody will consent to be intoxicated, unless he was drugged. If he wants, he does it with his own free will.

Well with one exception, ‘wife swapping’ in some country do exists. It is not Burmese culture, democracy or not, human rights or not. There are strange people doing strange things, in the world. We don’t understand what they are doing. In their eyes, they may not be doing anything wrong. Because in the beginning everything belong to everybody. There was no private properties, no private ownership. The world is for everybody, everything in it for everybody. Communist World, Capitalists World, or a Socialist World , I don’t know. could not say. Whatever it was we destroyed it. Anybody wants to point fingers at Communists, Socialists, or Capitalists? Who is responsible for the world to be like this?

Communist, Socialist or Capitalist, whatever they may be, their ultimate goal is for all the people, to have their lives get better, that is their common goal of equality, so say their theories. They may have their common goals, but their steps may be different they may have adjusted their steps, without adjusting their goal.

I could say ‘Ganging Up’ on someone, by more than one person. But I prefer using ‘Gang Rape’, as my choice because it carries extra weight in the matter, and most of all , it is the truth. A group of people conspiring on other people, forcing them to do what they don’t want to do. A group of countries, conspiring on other country, or countries.

In our living world, historians have recorded the cases of rape, and rapists. But we still have to look at the history, and determine who are the victims, and whom are the rapist, using our sense. these rapists are at large and their habits are on, and somebody, or some country is still being raped. Everyday, should I say.

In the world history, these were nothing new. Today some stopped, these heinous crimes, some still carrying on. Needless to say who that is. The saying is , “The superior man acts before he speaks, and afterwards speaks according to his action”. No matter how much he justifies his own actions, justice is justice, not because you said so, or I say so.

Some people are making themselves, Prosecutors, Judges, and Juries. How can it be? You cannot be a Prosecutor, a Judge, or the Jury. It is said that, ‘nothing is impossible’. Seeing is believing. This will exist, as long as we accepts it, as long as we don’t resist it, as long as we are afraid to face it, even to speak out to their face. Are you living in, ‘ FEAR’?

Is Democracy really important to have a country progress, developed modern? What about the communists countries such as U.S.S.R and PR China? Why was U.S.S.R collapsed? Everybody has his own opinion. Why not PR China?

Mikhail Gobachev flirted with Reagan too much, that’s why. Gorbachev did not pull the Berlin Wall down, some people did by force. Goby may be happy, he had no more responsible for the 20 million East German . The people of West Germany were not happy either, not only because of they have to accept East German, but also they are to accept the people from other formerly U.S.S.R, other breakaway Balkans states. Germany had to accept because of some pressures from outside. For that MG was awarded noble piece prise. He was ousted in 1991 first by attempted coupe and dared not compete in any presidential elections In Russia. I suspect if he ever come out of his apartment, as a free citizen walk on the streets. For many Russians he was a traitor to the people and the father land.

There are many instances, in the eyes of many, Democracy, breaks the people, breaks the nations. Union of Socialist Soviet Republic collapsed, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was collapsed. Here it does not matter whether it is Union or Federal system Id a country or a leader of that country cannot be influence by the West, that leader and that country is doomed, nothing to do Democracy.

Our nation of Myanmar is at the moment called Union of Myanmar, with union system. Some prefer to be Federal Republic, with Federal system, and they are still pushing for it. Union or Federal, whatever system may it be. Myanmar is a fragile country. It could break up at anytime. It is at the mercy of some people in the west.

The rest of the Myanmars, or the Burmese are to be send back to schools to learn something on politic, economic, social matters, classed.

Some of us may not live to see the, ‘ last picture show’.

May all beings be happy.