Article submitted by: KyawMyaing on 15-Jul-2014  
Myanmar Educational Foundation
We need to go forward

Yes, we need to go forward.

However, we should always be alert on all fronts. There are so many challenges and opportunities for our country.

We should do our homework well and make sure who are our true friends and who are pretending to be our friends. It is an accepted principle in international relations that every nation works for her self interest. This is what political scientists call "national interest".

For Myanmar our national interest now is to move towards a democratic form of government in a peaceful way ensuring prosperity for all our people's in security, fairness and justice.

I know this is a lot to ask but then again, I think we should all work for this bare minimum.

Once we know what our national goals are we can all get together and discuss what would be the best possible way to get what we want.

Our foreign policy could be called "foreign policy for peace and development".

Without peace we cannot work on development. Without good relations with all the countries of the world, we will not be able to create a favorable environment for our country to develop.

Myanmar is blessed with young people who are willing to study and learn and work hard so that Myanmar can stand tall shoulder to shoulder with other countries.

Our young people are the hope of our country and they carry the hopes and dreams of all Myanmar parents.

I have written once that we need a good foundation to take care of the educational needs of our youths. We could call it the "Myanmar Educational Foundation". It should be established by the private sector with the encouragement of the Myanmar government. If we have such an institution, we could use this as a focal point to discuss all possible assistance coming in from foreign countries in the field of education. It could accept donations from foreign countries and organizations and use this money to provide financial assistance for our youths who wish to study abroad.

It could also become a meeting place for Myanmar students to obtain information about foreign educational institutions and a place to share experiences and information.

These are just my initial thoughts. I invite others to join in and discuss this important topic.

Kyaw Myaing
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