Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 12-May-2013  
No ready-made , it must be made to measure.
Dear all,

“ သူ.အိုးနဲ့ သူ.ဆံ တန္ရံုဘဲ ရမယ္၊ ဆံမရွိ ေသာက္စားႀကီး” These are also Myanmar saying. How do you understand them? Please try and understand them in your own way. I have my own understandings. I don’t want to influence you, in any way, because you all are Free. Nobody can expect any miracles.

A nation must be able to produce what other need, and buy what it needs from others. A nation cannot produce everything, a nation cannot buy everything from outside, either. Whatever a nation earns, some of them have to be reinvested some of them have to be saved. In-put and out- put, or earnings and spending must be in control.

For the water to have free flow, for the breeze to have free flow. How to save the soil from erosion, from draining with the rain.

These may be a few things that I thought of. Experts may know more, much more than me. Such as ‘climate change’. Myanmar word is, “ ေရစီး ကမ္းၿပိဳ ”. This word may be mostly referred to dental problems, but if you cannot control the flow or the current of the water, it will take away your banks, and dykes, you will be flooded, you will be the victim of natural disaster.

A nation is not built by Dick Turpin the highway man or Nga Tet Pyar the thief in the case of Myanmar.

The world history shows, that some people act like highway men,( Dick Turpin) shouting, ‘ stand and deliver’. Some of them act like Pirate (Black Beard). Some of them are outlaws, but they were awarded, and knighted, and their heads chopped of in the end. But today some of them are like before they don’t even care

‘International Laws’, let alone local laws, they still rob and loot other people and other countries. What can you do about them?

Tell me what you can do to protect yourself, to defend yourself from these Dick Turpins, and Black Beards?

The answer may be simple. If you cannot beat them join them. Are you going to join them, or be beaten, serve as their subordinate? This is the world we live in. You may not rob others, but you won’t escape from others robbing you. You may be the victim at any time. Do you realise that?

I don’t know very much about economy, how it runs, I am not an economist, let alone to be an expert. All I know is even if I am single, or a family man, I have to have a job, to have a certain income, to cover the costs of my living while I am in good health , I have to save some money for the rainy days, that is when in sickness. Healthy or sick , I need food, clothes, and (shelter)somewhere to live, a hut at least, not far from a monastery, a hospital, and a cemetery., and some money for my medications, So you will need more when you are sick, than you are healthy. You need to save as much as you can.

If I have more than what I need, I can share some of mine with others, I can be charitable, if you want to call it that way. First I have to make sure I have enough for myself, for my family. It is said that, ‘Charity begins at home’. So myself, and my family comes first.

The wise one also said, “To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.” That’s all time true. It starts from the family.

Yes, very easy to say, easy to understand, whether it’s easy to put into practice or not is another matter. Simply because the world is smaller and smaller every day, the population is larger and larger, every day. More mouths to feed, more bodies to clothe, more shelters are needed. Like it or not, agree it or not. You need flats and apartments to house the people. Privately own house, cottage, bungalows, palace like, fort like are needed for the elites, for the privileges, for the cream of the society for the moment, if we can afford them. In a country such as Burma ( Myanmar ) one has to be careful. The belief of the people, the nature of the people , the culture, custom and gtradotionshave to be counted in.

To control the population, men have tried and done in many ways. Sometimes men wage wars, for many reasons, to grab, to rob, to loot, anything they can lay their hands on. Thus in a way reduce the population of the world. Who are the unfortunate ones nobody knows. Only the strong will survive. There is no place for the weaklings.

Whether you are a Buddhist observing 5 or 10 precepts everyday, will not escape from the stampede. Running you over. It won’t be saved from the Dick Turpins, and Black Beards. Myanmar Buddhist know very well life is too short, death will come and take them away at any time, So they ‘Tharanagon- tin ’ themselves every day to be ready and waiting, doing noth seriously for themselves or for others or for the nation.

This is a supersonic age, where the speeds travel faster than the sound. It is said that men has reached the space, the moon and other planets. Have we Myanmars been out there and back? We know there is nothing out there, so we don’t bother to go anywhere. Sit tight at home. May be because we know through, the books of Tipitaka, about the Universe, about the three worlds.

Some Myanmars are still not happy with their lives, but they are forced to be contented. There must be a cause to this effect, but I don’t know. If there is somebody who knows, I beg him to explain to me. How can anybody make Myanmars happy?

The economy, based on the strength of the nation, the strength of the people. What does a nation need is what the people need. How many of what, we have to produce. If we can’t produce ourselves we must import from outside. We have to earn money, we must have a certain income . We have to have jobs, to earn that money, to be able to look after ourselves, where necessary.

What can Myanmars do what others cannot do? What can Myanmar export ?What must Myanmar import? How much Myanmar can export, how much Myanmar has to import? Once it was said, ‘the world can do without Myanmar’. Can Myanmar do without the world?

Economists, are thinking about, ‘the boom and bust’ process of the economy. They have to prepare in advance, not to get shock, not to have Tsunami like economic down turn.

In simple language, incoming, and outgoing must be balanced. How many fruit shops, vegetable shops, meat, poultry and fish shops do we need. Clothes shops, and others etc., each for the population? How many houses flats, in accordance with the building rules and regulation and other facilities, markets, schools, hospitals, parks , cinemas, monasteries, cemeteries etc. Transports, (roads, rail, water and air where applicable) the width and the length of the streets, water, gas electricity? What about long term maintenance, and supply. What kind of houses, buildings in the area of one square mile?

Planning, planning, and planning, how many years in advanced is needed? What about qualified, professionals, people with trade and skill, efficient workers. Can the people take a pressure during the process of implement these planning, transitional period?

Can people afford to buy shares? Do they know what shares mean? For example, Yangon-Mandalay rail line, let’s say for example a total of 500 miles need to be modernised. It will cost 5000 million at present rate. How many shares holders do we need, limited ? How much will the cost of a share be, 500 lakhs each? Can Myanmar afford it, they have plenty of money, sacks by sacks ?

The problem is when they have to buy materials from abroad, the money exchange rate is ridiculous. Myanmar may have to sell the whole country to get materials for 10 miles of the rail line to fix properly safe to travel.

In my previous articles, I often mentioned where investments are needed, transportation of all kind are important and they should priorities, Transportation is the basic for economy to grow, essential part of modernization.

Government and Private joint ventures, or you what to do it on your own as private company? It is too big a business, you must have share holders. The problem may be Myanmars don’t want to lose.

Yangon Mandalay line,(Bago, Toun-goo, Pyinmanar, Mathila , Thar Si, Yangon –Nay Pyi Daw line, Mandalay Lasho line, Yangon- Pyay line, Yangon Tharyarwaddy line. line etc. and local including Yangon Circle line ( ၿမိဳ.ပါတ္လမ္း).

Air lines, or air travels to any town and cities where there are air strips. Not to forget Water transports, Road transports etc.

I will leave it to the experts, to look into the matter, and do something about them, or to see what they will say.

May all beings be happy.