Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-May-2013  
Moving Forward Or Going Forward, What is it ?
Dear All,

The question was, ď are we still moving forward?Ē Nobody answered, no replies, no comments. May be that is not their line, may be that is not their chosen subject. May be that is not their interests. Then what is their interest? Ďmoving forward , or going forwardí? What is it ?

Why Myanmars donít talk ? What do you think? Donít they have mouth, is their tongue cut off? Can they hear, are they deaf, are they not allowed to talk, by who? Are they mute? May be they donít know where to stop if they start talking. We have seen them havenít we in 1988? Thatís the way they talk. And many more since then. May be they are telling us not to talk, because talking is cheap, may be they are telling us to do something. Itís hard to understand them. Do we understand them, our own people?

I am not against Buddhism, I am a Buddhist. Most Myanmars are Buddhists, for centuries. How much they know about Buddhism, how much do they understand about Buddhism, I dare not ask. But still they are being lectured Buddhism, every day, and night. That means, or it shows, it is obvious that the Myanmars donít understand, or poor understanding of the Buddhism. I donít say itís wrong, nothing is wrong in lecturing. Even Buddha himself told us to listen to Dharma, and to discuss the Dharma about it occasionally. He also to us not to do go to any extreme. Which I take it as, over doing it. If you over do it, you can have some problems.

Buddhism is for the morality, nothing to do with building bridges, tunnels, factories, making clothes, producing food vehicles etc., etc. In this Buddhism, Monks are provided with needles, and strings to patch up their Siwaran. To make their own robes from abandoned pieces of rags, and cloths, and to dye and wear. From where these needles and string come. They may animal bones, and vines.

What about other isms, such as politic, economic, social, military etc,. Do they know? What I am seeing is Myanmar cannot have healthy conversation, let alone to have serious talks among themselves. No debates either. Myanmars are reluctant to talk. They have some experiences. Talking is a waste of time. Or they have nothing to talk about, they have nothing in their head ? They cannot see things, they cannot hear things they donít feel anything. So they donít know what to talk about, where to start. It canít be true. May be Myanmars are wiser than anybody thought.

It is said that, Ďeverything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it í. Myanmars may have too much of philosophies, or words of wisdom. As far as I realize there are several stages to get to achieve Nirbana. The goal is Nirvana. Not to become Buddha. This is something to do with individual effort.

They believe silence is golden. They may medityate from time to time, There great silent is needed, to give them concentration power/ energy. Or are they always busy struggling their lives, they have no time to talk.. Their belief is, their destiny, their fate are decided, they are here on earth to serve the time. Are they obedient people , obedient to whom ?

The way they were brought up their culture, custom, their tradition, is that it? If they talk without permission, anything against elders, rulers, they may be guilty of one thing or the other. Their heads may be chopped off. So they donít talk they are in fear, they donít want to make mistake. If they donít talk they donít make mistake.

That practice was not only in Myanmar, it was in everywhere in the world. There were time, your body and soul were own by your ruler. If the ruler is not happy with you, he will strip you off. Confiscate everything he rewarded you, yes because everything you have were his. Then he will put you on exile. He can take your life away.

These may be the past, these may be the history. Is there any difference between the past and the present, anything at all ? I honestly donít think so. The actions and steps may be adjusted, without adjusting the goals.

Myanmar cannot / donít talk about politics, economy, or social matters. Because they expect others to do it for them, made ready for them. What are they doing? They are doing a good job, innocent job, preparing to go to heaven to be with God. Are they ?

So it is not a surprise, that Myanmar as people or Myanmar as a Nation is not progressing, not developing, they are far left behind to compare to others in the West. Even in the West, there are people who are progressing, who are developing, who enjoys modern living. No everybody is the same or equal or level. Thatís the fact.

How many people, looking into Myanmar and see or realized what is really happening ion Myanmar? Believe me, itís the same as yesterday. In the past we blame our leader for not having democracy, today we blame our leaders for having too much Democracy. Yet we donít really know what this democracy is, what does it means.

The level of education, knowledge, intelligence of each of us are not the same. Some are superior, some naturally inferior of course, it depends. School education, field education, what education are we talking about? Is there class distinction in education, grades, lower, higher, graduate, post graduate? We need to work together.

ĎAre we Myanmar still moving forward, or going forwardí, what is it? If we are going forward more then moving forward, where are we going to, what is the goal, what is the destination?

According to President Thein Sein. Myanmars population is growing every day, it will come to 100 million soon. My own calculation, tells me during the last 65 years, the population grew 400 percent. In 1948, it was around 20 million, and now 60 million, if that figure is correct.

The price of food, the house, clothes are unthinkable. Myanmars are happy to hold bundles of monies, and spend, spend, and spend. They donít care whether the monies have value or not ,whatever they buy worth the money or not . Many people living the condominium in flats, apartments rather than the house, now. They are called middle class, city dwellers. Living in their little cocoons like holes, in the concrete jungles suffocated , cut off from one another. Nobody knows who is living next door. And who really cares?

That is the progress, that is developments, that is modernization.

If that is what we are calling, moving forward , itís alright then, at least.

Talk to you later.

Best Regards,