Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 4-May-2013  
Dear All,

Are we moving forward, any hope or chance of great leap forward ? How far have we come, where are we, now?

How long will Thein Sein last? Will he last another term? When will Myanmar become another Iraq, another Afghanistan. Time will tell. If President Thein Sein cannot give us honest answer, then who can give us? Is Thein Sein and his Government weak, or Myanma Tatmadaw is weakening, it’s not active any more, anywhere. Who is making the Government and the Tatmadaw weak, why?

When is the best time for us to go forward, to march on, it may be a long march? If you don’t start now, you will be too late. We have a lot to do. When do you think we can start?

Does anybody remember, we Myanmar once had ‘going forward’ programme, what happened to that, after 27 years ? It is said, that success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. Is it still we are going forward, may be slow, but never stopped, never backward. I want to believe that.

Let’s us not kid ourselves, let us admit we haven’t give a thought of that. We are still discussing what Freedom is, what Democracy is, what human rights are. We are talking about our rights, not our responsibilities. May be we don’t know what our responsibilities are. Does that mean we are ‘irresponsible’ people?

‘Great leap forward’, have you heard of it? It happened in China, not very long ago. It was greater than, ‘going forward’. Then came cultural revolution. No matter what anybody said, about those events, actually it was the people who were participating in making China of today.

It’s very interesting. If you have time you should learn about the past and the Present of China. Since 221 BC, when the Qin Dynasty first conquered several states to form a Chinese empire, the country has expanded, fractured, and been reformed numerous times.

China established the People's Republic of China in Beijing on 1 October. Since the introduction of economic reforms in 1978, China has become the world's fastest-growing major economy. China is a recognized nuclear weapons state and has the world's largest standing army. P.R. China is a force to be reckoned with.

Peoples’ Republic of China , could not be established, without the very people of China, without the leaders of China. How did they do it? Was it through Democracy and human rights? Through suppression, by the successive oppressive governments, forced labor, volunteered labors ? Say what you like, China fetched the water with bucket which has a hole.

Myanmar live a simple life, but knowing life is really simple, we insist on making it complicated. In the end we are caught in our own net. To comfort ourselves we have to say, “ It does not matter how slowly we go as long as we do not stop”. That is our answer, that is our excuses, that is our loop holes, escape routes etc. But what will the result be. We are committing mistakes after mistakes, without correcting them.

In 1988, there were events, demanding Democracy, which brought us to this day. We witnessed, we had bitter experiences, which came together with democracy. For some they are good, for other they are bad. The events of 1988 taken us anywhere, or just open the Pandora box?

Let’s say, the problems we put under the carpet, come out, we cannot hide them anymore or we cannot control them anymore, would be more likely. We have to deal with them. The saying is,‘ if we cannot finish it, we should not start it. Before you start anything, think of the consequences, is the advice.

In the past, U Nu, Ne Win, Than Shwe and now Thein Sein as leaders, where were they or are they leading Myanmars to, how many Myanmars were behind them let alone together with them? Are the people following them? People expected them to do something, without they themselves participating in establishing Union of Myanmar. Let’s say since 1948, any great leap forward, or simple forward, where were the people? What about to day, are we the people on the road (path) to go forward?

A country such as Myanmar can be used by anybody as bait, or anybody’s pawn. My heart bleeds to say, Myanmar actually is nothing to compare with China.

Since Democracy is reintroduced in Myanmar, Myanmar is again suffering from Democracy allergies. No antihistamines are available, to control these allergic reactions. Myanmars are being screwed one threat by another, Myanmars are still being exploited by the enemies inside, as well as from outside. The future of Myanmar is bleak.

Repair, and overhaul is not enough, we need brand new spare parts at least. New Recruits are needed to serve New Myanmar. At least one year intensive training to be given, to be smart, to be ready to take over vacancies in every respective department, every respective ministry.

If we cannot fight against the corruption, if we let the corruption wins, then we are beaten in every way. Why do you need a Government for. There were many various suggestions on how to tackle this undesirable corruption. Yet we are making corruptions legal in some cases.

Foreign investments, will bring jobs for the Myanmars, experience for them as well as some knowledge, trade and skill. Will these investors pay the Myanmars the same as they pay their own workers in their own country, will they teach Myanmar everything they know? That’s the question many Myanmars are asking. Rights first, responsible second? No doubt, they have a right to ask, but what will they do, if the answer is not to their liking? Do Myanmars have any choice?

There are millions of unemployed people in their own countries, some countries, even gone bankrupt, yet they came to invest in Myanmar, why. Don’t they love their own country, don’t they love their own people? How much do they love us? What’s behind all these curtain of loves? There are many questions, and they have to be answered.

Myanmars are conned, it always been the case. Myanmars ears have been twisted and they are slapped.

I have stated there are many needed investment programmes, from road transport to air transport, from black-smith to steel mills. In the 21 century Myanmars still facing a shortage of electricity, which is vital for progress, developments, modernization. Foreign or local, private, joint ventures are needed but foreigners only want to explore, oil and gas, nothing else.

Armed insurgents are still active, and there is arm embargo still impose on Myanmar, while WA bought six helicopter gunships from China. Were they from mainland Chinese Government, or from other private Chinese company so called Taiwan( Chinese) ? WA used to be white Chinese called Kuomintang.

May all beings be happy.