Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 6-Apr-2013  
Do we have to believe that in Democracy, the rules, the laws, the regulation, and procedures are nothing to compare to ‘the peoples power.’ That may be why the government before this introduced
‘disciplined Democracy ‘ how much, and for how long will this work I am not sure.

Germany, Japan, before they lost the WW II in 1945, before or after the WW II, nobody can deny that they were/are the great people, efficient people, united people, their qualities are second to none. Still they are at the top, in this industrialized world. Not to forget, China and its hard working people are everywhere in the universe, working hard till they drop dead. They became so great, not only because of their leaders, but also all people were united behind their leaders, right or wrong. They swallow their differences.

Germans and Japanese and the Chinese are still forces to be reckoned with. Though in the end they became the victims of their own successes.

Even one of our leaders became a goat ball during that war, all those who followed that leader also became balls as well. So some of them left the service, some of them become private entrepreneurs, but nobody became, “ Rockefeller ”. Not even near enough.

We don’t know anything more than what the Myanmar( Burmese) chronicle told us believe it or not. We had not only a greatest Myanmar Empire in Myanmar history, but a vast Myanmar Empire, under the leadership of Dabin Shwe Hti ( 1516-1550). Whether it was democracy or human rights that made the Myanmars great or the military power, I am not sure. The time was killed or be killed.

That is how all Empires were built in the world. You followed the leader, or you disappeared. Like great leaders of the time everywhere, Dabin Shwe Hti was assassinated in 1550. After the fall of Ava to the Mons , Aloung Paya unified Myanmar . To developed Myanmar into a modern nation he sought help from the British, but British had their own ideas and plans for Myanmar, which they materialized in 1886, after three Anglo -Burmese wars.

We could not handle our greatness, together with this success we created bitter enemies, The nation was always in danger of breaking up. Yet in 1948 Myanmar got back their Naing-gan-daw or Aloung Paya Naing Gan Daw was handed back to Myanmars intact, but strings attached. Myanmars were delighted of their, ‘Total Independence’. What does that Total Independence mean, I don’t know. How can it be ‘Totally Independence’ with the strings attached?

After Bo Gyoke Aung San, came Bo Nay Win, and U Nu and others. They had to fight against White Chinese, Communists, against multi- colored insurgencies, keeping them at bays, and keeping Myanmar intact as Union of Myanmar as non-aligned. Progress and developments and modernization were there for those who knows what is what, and who could see them.

Ne Win was not anybody’s puppet. He did his best, to keep Myanmar for the Myanmars. Myanmar belongs to all Myanmars .May be that was the reason he was pushed out, If he had align with West, he could have build a Paradise. Not only he was pushed out, but also the Troops in the Tatmadaw he led were made into Tin Soldiers, they were belittled. We can see them today. It was a well-planned program since 1947, to make Myanma Tatmadaw disappear or to become a Tootless Tiger.

He did what he thinks was right, for the nation for the people. Say what you like, you are entitled. Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. Myanmar history or chronicle is there to read, to find out. It may help you to see the truth, to balance , accept it or not is your business.

Myanmar refused to be, or rejected to become British Dominion Status . Ko Aung San was trapped, and cornered. He could not escape. He had to leave the Tatmadaw. To head a privisonal government, there he was finished off.

British done it very well, Myanmars were fooled from left and right, from the top to the bottom. Nobody could listen to nobody. Let’s say Myanmars were not prepared, they were not ready for Democracy, they didn’t know where to begin, they didn’t know what Democracy was, and politicking is not their profession, nothing to do with them.

Besides, Myanmars had their own system . That was ‘who dares wins ‘. The winners ruled the people , the people did not elect the rulers (Kings).

During the last 25 years, (1988 – 2010 ) we all know , through experience, while the Myanmar modern history is being made, whether Myanmar is really a Free , Independent and Sovereign Nation , Myanmars Naing Gan Daw is.

Someone said Myanmar ( Burma ) lost its Freedom. Does he/she honestly believe that Union of Myanmar now is a Free , Independent(totally ), Sovereign nation ? That someone also said, “ The Burmese kings lost to the British, because they did not take the need for reform seriously. They failed to set up modern embassies in other countries with the result that the king and his court did not know exactly how the world was changing around them.” Half right half wrong. I would say, they failed because Myanmars were obedient to their rulers.

On the other hand, I have said it many times, Myanmar could not make their mind up who to choose, between British and French. Myanmars were not sure, who was genuine friend. We have seen what happened, we could not get away from anything. Bogyoke Aung San and the Myanmar leaders of the time chose Japanese as their Masters, because they did not want British as Masters. Japanese Masters or British Masters or Burmese masters what’s the difference.

Today who are the Masters of Myanmars ? Can anybody answer honestly?
In the past, as well as at present, those who set up embassies in other country, those who knew what was going on and around, because they are the one who are creating what and what, they were the mind-set colonialist, expansionists, who were out to get anybody dead or alive. If somebody cannot see that, that somebody must be totally blind.

Leaders of Myanmar today, are they anybody’s puppets? We need truthful, honest answer? I will repeat the question, is Union of Myanmar really a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation? What is Freedom, what is Independence, and what is the meaning of Sovereign nation?

So many Myanmars of all national races were slaughtered in many ways for resisting British rule as there were so many Myanmar who were Anglo-piles. Still there are American-piles as well. I call them for their own reason they lean towards English or American, but they are not comfortable.

It is true that everyone needs everyone as friend, nobody want anybody as enemy. Being friendly, having good relationship is something, but behaving like a master, given orders, dictating is another. Behaving like the slave driver, whipping Myanmars is another thing. Myanmars may have been slaves for their King and for their Country, they may not to slave for any others .Except for those with slave mentality.

Everybody should know clearly that Myanmar doesn’t make anybody its enemy or enemies. Myanmar wants to be free. The Freedom which is not a Fake Freedom, the Freedom where no strings are attached.

Most of all how can any Myanmar take somebody as friends ,who killed Myanmars with a thousand cuts, leaving Myanmars for a slow death. How can Myanmars forget those conspirators to that crime against Myanmars. Myanmar may have to give in, but it will never consider the killer as a friend. Some Myanmar leaders may be blind, but Myanmars are not blind.

Patriots, and Nationalists are in every nation. But most of them are not racists, but they could be, when somebody push them too far, when some people don’t treat them right, when some people paint them as racists, they could go extreme.

Some people can see a mile, when shown only an inch. So I will stop here. They can think and built ideas. Some people may not know what I am talking about. If I carry on talking, they will still not know what I am talking about, I might make them confused, or things might be more complicated for them. May be that is why they don’t want to know about politics.

Talk to you later,

May all beings be happy.