Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 6-Apr-2013  
Let us listen to the timeless, the same old song.

Shwe Baho Sii Than Hein, Bay Yan Ga Nyein.

Before I start anything, let me say this with all the respect where due. Regarding, “ Don’t mix religion with politic”. If you can separate religion and politics, good luck to you. When we talk about Buddhism, and politics, the way I see is the mixture, it is the application, to apply Buddhism to fit into politics. You can’t reject either of them from each other. As I have said many times, Buddhism is not the religion, but a way of life concerning the Present life, and the Future life.

Now let’s go to other things, other matters. To make Myanmar a Modern Developed Nation, it’s been said, and it’s been expressed time and time again that to build Myanmar into a nation, to make a nation of Myanmars is the responsibility of all the citizens of Myanmar . How much the citizens of Myanmar understand that, and accept their responsibilities, and play their parts, right?

Some people said, if there was nobody like Rockefeller (1839-1937) there was no United States of America. He was the maker, he was the builder of United States of America.. That was the reputation of ‘Rockefeller’, that was how he was known. Of course there were others, who made, who built United States of America. Good guys, bad guys. What about bad guy Al Capone, in his field he was the Rockefeller himself, he was the King. Don’t be mistaken as George Washington, (1789-1797 ). Having said that, even George Washington was not the only one in the American History. He was somebody like Ko Aung San of Burma. He was not the only one. But everyone has their favorite. You have your favorites don’t you? So have I.

Who were/are the ‘Rockefellers’ in Myanmar? Zawtika, Anardabain, Thuzatar etc. I don’t think they were Myanmars. Then, was it U Nar Out , Bo SetKyaw, Myaungmya Ba Hla, Moegoke Mya Maung, or Tay Za ? If there was any “Rockefeller’, they won’t last in Myanmar, they will disappear definitely. Simply because “ Myanmars do not accept Myanmar Rockefeller s”, meaning able bodies. Myanmars are allergic to rich people, wealthy peoples, and hard working. Is that what I have to believe?

Myanmar saying is, “make monkey like a China man, save money like an Indian man, but don’t waste the money like a Burmese man”. Why did they create that saying? There must be some good reasons. Myanmars believe in ‘cause and effect’ don’t they? Our elders have left us many sayings, as inheritances, nothing else. Was it because they did not want any “Rockefeller”?

Was it they knew too much( weakness) about their children? They knew their children expect freeloading, free riding, accepting the donations, and handouts? So I am not surprise there is no ‘Rockefellers’ in Myanmar. Other ‘ Rockefellers’ are afraid to be in Myanmar, to come to Myanmar, they are afraid of Myanmars. They do nothing more than really necessary, working hard is out of the question. Myanmars don’t listen to anybody. Not even Buddha. They are deaf, they have no ears. Am I going too far?

Now it seems things have change ( I hope). Myanmar is inviting foreign investments, and foreign investments are start coming in. What will Myanmars do with them? Of course Myanmars will welcome them warmly with strikes, demonstration, protests, rallies and marches, demanding rights, before they do anything, before they create any wealth, they will destroy everything even chances and opportunities. They don’t want to know theirs responsibilities.

When ’ Rockefeller’ build his Empire, Myanmars may be ‘rocking their own boat’ putting themselves, into danger, and at risks. No Captain, no man at the helm could handle that boat of Myanmar, he may have to abandon it sooner or later, after saving as much lives as possible. No matter who the Captain, or helmsman be, without the helps, efforts of the rowers, the boat will get nowhere. Let alone to escape stormy, and heavy sea. Yet Myanmar needs at least one survivor like Maha Janaka ( Buddhist Story ). In their own ways. Myanmars are educated people. Modern education is badly needed among Myanmars Among these educations, the most needed one is how to be responsible citizens, responsible Patriots.

Let me put it bluntly “ slavery ” is the customary, tradition, and culture in our land. You may not agree with me. Let us be honest about ourselves, if we go back to our own history, we will find that we all were slaves, treated like slaves, under our own rulers, or under foreign rulers in our own country. We tried to forget about our rulers, ourselves, and blamed foreigners for making us slaves. Don’t forget, we were slaves before foreigners came to our land. Don’t forget that, think about it. Myanmar must get rid of their slave mentality.

It is also possible, that Myanmars cannot be ruled through Sense, they have to be ruled by Fear. Burmese always refer to themselves as “ Kyun Taw ”, or in olden days, “Kyun Taw Myo ”. Put themselves as, slaves. Take what you want. To change all these, Master and Slave status, will be difficult. Again this word ‘ Master’ was translated into Burmese as ‘ Thakin’ during British time. All whites or English automatically became Masters, or Thakins, like they were White Sahib, or White Raj in India.

Some Myanmars Patriots , even called themselves, “ Thakin”, to beat the English they said. Beating the English or helping the English. Depends how one understand and take it. Like I said, Slavery for Myanmars is nothing new. But when somebody translated the word, ‘Master’ into Burmese, as ‘Thakin’ by those who wanted to be Thakins, in this case. But in some other cases as Master means ‘Saya’, or ‘teachers’.

Whenever somebody tries to make the nation of Myanmars belong to Myanmars, there always something happened. How many times Myanmar was reestablished as a Nation ? In Myanmar it looks like, if you are rich, wealthy, and educated, you are the enemy of the people. If you are rich and wealthy, you are considered as a thief, a robber. So where there is a chance, where there is an opportunity the people will rob, they will loot, to be rich and wealthy.

During the nationalization in the 60s, in Myanmar some people took the law into their own hands and, staged a culture revolution in their own style. Whatever they called it, in the eyes of the law, they looted other peoples land, looted other people properties, as if there was a land rush, or gold rush like the Europeans y use to have in so called United States of America. All land were seized looted from the Native Americans.

How will the government of Myanmar protect these investments, if they ever come. How will the government control the labor force, what kind of labors force waiting ion Myanmar, the communist infiltrated force. Or with the people who are responsible citizens? If not what will the government do?

To be Continued;

May all beings be happy