Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 2-Apr-2013  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

You may be in and out of Myanmar since this government takes over. You may have seen too many things in Myanmar to compare with others . Without saying much, you may be doing something for Myanmar to make changes. That is if Myanmars want to change.
You and I know there are a lot of things to do in Myanmnar . Some people are saying what should be said, to educated people or to let their eyes open. Some of us are actually doing something to materialize Myanmar to become a modern industrialized nation.

No matter what, without the active co- operation, or the participation of the people, the journey to make Myanmar into a Nation will be longer than we expected. By the way, how long it’s been that Myanmars are trying to build the land of Myanmars into the Nation of Myanmar, since Anawyahta in 1044 A.D.? But the land of Myanmars is still a country, it has not come to materialize as the Nation, or the Nation of Myanmars yet? True or false ?

Our Kings , Queens, and National leaders, they all tried their best. How far do we get so far? Who are responsible for the gains and the loses?

The saying is, “ Makoung Kyaung Po “, which means , if it’s a bad boy, send him to school ”. I think that covers everything. Send him to school can mean to rehabilitate them, to educate them, or to reeducate them. But, ‘ Bad ’ in what way? Which school do they mean. As ity is a Myanmar saying, it must be PhonGyi Kyaung or monastic school. The trouble is the Myanmars who’ve attended Christian Missionary school, or so called modern education schools, always look down on scholars from monastic school.

How many bad Kings, Queens and bad National leaders or any other leaders have been executed in Myanmar ? Is that understanding, forgiveness, mercy, kindness and gentleness of Myanmars, which drawing back Myanmars behind to become, “ the least developed Nation ”. Who are responsible for that?

BTW,when you are in and out of Myanmar have you been to all places, or just Yangon and Mandalay or to see your relatives and friends , or to look out for what the changes are since you left Myanmar sometimes ago or, since the last visit? Have you study the city life, country life?

There are many ways to look at Myanmars, and their nation. Myanmar and its people as they are, then to compare Myanmar and its people to other people and other nations around the world. What are the things you don’t like, and what are those you like. Myanmars are Myanmars, they have their own way of life, tradition, customs and culture. Too many people have said too many things about Myanmar , but have done too little or nothing . To establish and to build a nation is the responsibilities of its inhabitants (citizen), regardless of race, or religion. It is so true for Myanmar where there are many races, and many religions.

Did you take a walk around down town Yangon ? The shops, the stores, food stall, cafes, restaurants roads, the traffic, the streets, the plat forms. The taxi, the public transport systems, local trains circling Yangon, inter-city trains, freight trains, their engines and coaches. Have you been into the Yangon Railway Station, ( Kunn Jyan Budar) where ? Inter-city coaches, water transport, etc. Did you use them? Have you ever travelled in one of those facilities? What about the public who are using them? What about those who are running them? What do you see? Remember we are talking about the land of Myanmars, the nation of Myuanmars and the people of Myanmar not to forget the leaders of Myanmars. They all are considered as Myanmars, some of them may be Tayote, some of them may be Kalar, and some mixed blood. It is necessary to mention like this because, it is n ice to know how much Myanmar they are. Because they are living in the land of Myanmars which they are parts of it.

Up to this day, most people are not accepting their own responsibilities for their land, their nation and blaming the leaders, who are not foreigners, like Japanese or the British. They are Myanmars from Myanmars. In my eyes, the way I see, the Myabnmars have the habit of blaming other, but never blame themselves.

Do you sincerely think they have changed since your last visit to the land of Myanmars? Have you ever thought of taken the opportunity to investing in one of those fields, enterprises?

Many patriots have pointed out many defects or weakness of the people of Myanmar, which are and they are not wrong. For some they may be weak points, but for others, Myanmars are gentle, kind loving, humane people. More than once I have said that ‘Myanmar is not an empty nation, and the people of Myanmar are not empty people, nor with empty heads.’ Myanmars possess many things.

Today Myanmars are caught up in the material world, though they are not materialists. Or are they? When did they become materialists, natural or men made? But when the world has changed into a material world so fast, Myanmars are left far behind with their own knowledge. Myanmars know about the world from where they are. They have “Dipha Sekhu Nyan” . They know about the whole Universe, even about Galaxies. They know about impermanence. So they do nothing, and they let it happened. Their belief is , whatever material they have created, they will not follow them, they cannot take them along with them when they die. So what’s the use of creating them. Is it really the Buddhist beliefs, or Myanmar belief, I am not sure?

That may be the reason why they are taking everything easy. No rush, not in a hurry. Because they see there is no point, in rushing or hurrying things, you may be gone next moment, you don’t have enough time to enjoy life, life is too short to enjoy, you have to do a lot of things, to prepare a lot of things, them if you had lived , you can enjoy . But for how long ?

That sort of ideas, or philosophies are in the blood of most Myanmars, who may be Buddhists. It is difficult to change. Change may be seen as a sin. Their teachers also believe that. Is that a weak point, or a strength? I honestly believe , most Myanmars are taken Buddhism as it is laid on the table. They may take the translation, from Sanskrit to Pali, then to Myanmars. But they may not know the real meaning of the Buddhism, the real essence of the Buddhism.

Many times it has been mentioned, that Buddhism is for two lives, Present( lawki) and the future ( Lawkottra). In layman’s term, how to live, and how to die. That is why in Myanmar, life is divided into three stages. First stage is to get education, second stage to get properties, or wealth, and the third and last, to prepare for next life. Yet , it is not a clear cut, we know we can do three together at the same time. if you are clever enough, bright enough.

If you mix your drinks, it will only give you a big hangover, a big head ache. May be Myanmars are suffering because of this cocktail.

Everybody agree that the nation of Myanmars, is a rich nation, a unique one. Myanmars don’t actually have to worry about anything. In fact they don’t. Its citizens are happy, go lucky people. Most of them are content, it may be because of the teachings of Gautama, it may also be because they cannot do anything to make their own life better. They are busy serving others. When we look at the city dwellers, and country dwellers, we will see what content means.
Myanmars are always in conflict among themselves. Between the haves and have not. Greed , anger and ignorant( delusions) are always theirs issues.

Those who are content, their main ambition is, or their aim may be to escape from circle of life. They are a kind of escapists who do not have guts to face the real life or to take responsibilities, or to solve the problem of real life, the realities. Those who are NOT content , are doing everything they can, to better their life and the life of others. It may be hard to understand when it is said they serve themselves first, and they serve others, to serve themselves . If other people do not want to help them, then they should not disturb them, because what they are doing may be for them as well. They have their rights to better their lives. It seems all these people are individualists , they do not understand each other, they never try to understand each other well.

We human are considered as a kind of animal. We may be prays one day, we may be predators another day. No matter what you are, if you are weak, you will only become a pray. There are those predators, who are always waiting and watching us, to pounce on us, and to eat us alive, and raw.

We talked about National Reconciliation, we talked about National Unity, we talked about progress, developments, to become modern industrialized nation for all people of Myanmar.How many years has it been we are talking about. Because these are necessities, as long as we are living, and if we want to live, we need to talk about living, living together.

This idea of living together is still not getting into the heads of some people. They are thinking about dying and getting to somewhere, where they don’t know. If they talk about fighting that also mean dying. If we don’t pay attention to these some people, if we are not careful, they could be like a small leaks in the great dam, it will bring the dam down and we all have to face the consequences. I am not talking about Myit Sone Dam in the Kachin State yet. That Dam is a good example. Progress, developments, modernizations etc., all go with it, wherever it goes. The same goes, in Kayin State to build a Sea Port. These are a few examples. Nobody was blundering, these projects are well planned, after putting everything into consideration as long term programs.

When Foreign investments are supposed to come in. Air ways, sea ways, rail ways and more road ways are needed. Land are needed for new developments , factories, and housings estates. Who will provide them? Where will we place them. Towns and cities are congested, over populated coulf not coup with anything.

The question is, do the people understand what National Reconciliation, National Unity, Progress, Developments, to become Modern Industrialized Nation are , who has to do it? This question can only be answered by none other than the people of Myanmar. Do they have new ideas, how will they implement them. Have they consider what their gains or loss may be? Are they ready and prepare to pay the price, if needs be?

We had a great hope since this USDP government came to power in 2010. More hopes when NLD joined the Hluttaw. This government is not everybody’s cup of tea. So is NLD. Which government any way? But nobody can say it is not tea, it is tea alright, but everybody has his/her own taste. Can’t be helped. We have to consider, and accept that whatever we have is the best out of the baddies . That is to compare with others. What can Myanmars create? How will Myanmars create the nation of Myanmars into a modern developed industrialized nation? How creative are the Myanmars, how industrialize are the Myanmars?

National Reconciliation , National Unity, one nation with all people as one people, one Tatmadaw ? You must be joking. If you are really interested in Myanmar , watching, following the Myanmar events, you will know what it means. Again, it depends on how you take them.

Some people disapprove of foreign ideas. Let me tell them that Buddhism , Christianity, Islam , and others , they are all foreign to Myanmars. For the Myanmars, it may be buffalo-nat. It may be guardian of the Bo tree. It may well be the 37 Nats. Don’t forget some of them are foreigners.

Who will tell these Myanmars, how will we educate them, make them understand what their responsibilities are?

Talk to you later.