Article submitted by: minkyaw thuyein on 31-Mar-2013  
Mr Kyaw Myaing ,

I am glad you came directly to the point, without wasting any precious time. I like that.

Who is rocking the boat, may I ask? You know don't you? Is Rock and Roll coming back for the youngsters ion Myanmar?

What is happening and what the Buddhists are doing could be interpret as ‘ prevention’ , which is better than cure. Before the fire catch the forest they must put bushes on and other fuels on fire under control. You may call it cleansing. That may be not enough, so I will carry on a b it more.

Don’t worry Mr Kyaw Myaing, there will never be a “ BUDDHIST CRUSADE “ worldwide. Buddhists are not that United, neither fanatic. Thanks to Gautama , he already told us not to go to any extreme. But I must tell you that there are some who believes the teachings of Gautama (The Dhammas ) are the only Dhammas in the 10,000 Universes ( Galaxies) . Gautama said there were Buddhas before him. Some of them we know by names. They were not nothing, their Dhammas, were not nothing. In that sense, there may be some fanatics, or extremist in Buddhist society like in other societies. WHo believe Gautama's is the one and only.

Statues of Buddha in Afghanistan were machine-gunned down, and destroyed by the Talebans, Muslims. Fact or fiction ? Provocations, or just itchy hand , trigger happy. The Crusades, and Jihads were between Christians, and Muslims. Nothing to do with the Buddhists.

We Buddhist have never make a call “ Buddhists all the world

,Unite ” ’. Would that be a sensible call or not? To fight a modern crusade between Buddhist and Muslims? We don’t want that , do we? Buddhist don’t want any war with anybody. “ don’t want “ does not mean that they won’t fight if really necessary. Buddhists, like anybody in the world have a right to protect and defend themselves, and their religion. Especially when the Buddhists, are provoked or attacked by the Muslims and other believers from all sides.

“As Myanmar moves forward on the road to democracy, it is very important that we get the sup-port we need for national development. At the same time, Myanmar needs to make as many friends as possible. In the world and in South East Asia, there are many Muslim countries. We need to be on good terms with all these Muslim countries. In South East Asia, we have countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, all of them are Muslim countries.”

These are your own words. Democracy or not, it is important that we get the support we need for national developments. We need friends, But NOT at any price. We should not be blackmailed by anybody, by any means or by any forms, or by threat of any kind by thosem who called themselves, ‘Friends of the Myanmars.” or Frienfd of the Hill Peoples of Myanmar ‘.

“ Whatever had happened inside the country should be solved with tolerance, patience and un-derstanding.” Very true, and well said. Tell that to others, especially Muslims countries, to leave us Myanmars alone, because this is our internal affairs. Please make sure you tell them that Mr Kyaw Myaing.

How much tolerance or patience are you expecting from the Myanmar Buddhists in Myanmar? In my eyes, “Myanmar is becoming a whore house” . I am sure you understand what I mean.

This is not the first time in Myanmar as religious riots, race riots. They come and go I don’t have to tell you, because you are one of the intelligent persons , or the man of knowledge. For centuries we live as a family, But among families , there will be quarrel, exchange or words, or even brawl. Brothers killing brothers is nothing new, in this world we are living. Fighting and troubles are our maiden names.

Even the so called ‘civil war’ in Myanmar, does not look like religious, or racial war to a naked eyes.. you do need an Xray eys to see it through. does it? That is where you come in Mr Kyaw Myaing intelligent person, the man of knowledge. In this case Xray eyes are no good. Because they could see what they should. Our elders thought , our leaders thought, they are best hidden. But when transparency and accountability are called for. Xray eyes are very much needed.

What I am saying is we should not be naïve, we should not pretend, we can’t be ignorant. You yourself rightly said; “That is why we should be vigilant against provocateurs and instigators who use religious hatred to manipulate the masses for their own political or economic interests.”

This is where I come in. Please correct me if and where I am wrong. What I am seeing in this so called ‘ uncivil war ‘ is the so called ethnic races, they are the Christians against all Myanmars, against the Union of Myanmar. Whether religion or race plays a big part in it you tell me. But it is well hidden behind the curtain.

If you don’t mind I would like to go back to very recent , and not very far back history .It all started in 1824 in Yakhine State, or may be before that when Manipur and Assam had allegiance with the Myanmar, It had to assumed that Muslims came into Myanmar .

Some said it was a deliberate attempt by the British, flooding Myanmar, and countries under British with Kalars from neighbouring India. which existed as one of the Kingdoms in Myanmar . the same as Bamar Kingdom, and Mon Kingdom . Not to mention they are Buddhist Kingdoms. Religious tolerance was unquestionable, making Yakhine to become nearly a Muslim separate State of the so called Rohinjas within Union of Myanamar.

You were talking about the ‘ councils ‘ in the past. Neither a bad idea, nor a new one. But If a Government , any Government can be removed, tomorrow, what are ‘ councils ‘ may I ask? You remember YMBA, Doe Bamar Asi-ayone etc. Do you really want them back as you had suggested once or twice, sometimes ago?

Mon State is also under the threat of Kayin Christians from Kayin State. Some Kayins call themselves, Mon–Kayins, to mislead others as if they were the rulers of Myanmar. In fact it was the Mons who had the Kingdom. Once the whole of Myanmar was under the Mon periodically, before Aloung Paya. Took over and founded his dynasty.

Al Qaeda agents are everywhere, they are stirring up troubles in other countries in support of Islamic Radicalism. Any country where Al Qaeda infiltrated, is in trouble. Yours and mine ears were flood with news, on who supported the Monkey called Osama Bin Ladin. We were told he is dead US special troops killed him, make his body disappeared forever, nobody can find him. It is a believe it or not story. But Al Qaeda is at large, everywhere.

The question is how Al Qaeda possess arms and funds? Who has been supporting them , supplying them arms, wherever they go, wherever they are . There must be somebody. All the intelligent people must know, and why are they not doing, anything effectively? Are they conspiring?

Here they come again, in a Buddhist country, Buddhists are the guilty ones, because they are the majority. Muslims are innocent, Muslims are oppressed ones in the land of Myanmars, they said.

I would like to give this article the headline as “ Myanmar Buddhists Awakening ” , because of what is happening in Myanmar recently , Buddhist against Muslims. As I realize that Awakenings and Nightmares are two different things. In a country such as Myanmar , there will only be many nightmares from time to time. Not necessarily , ‘awakening’. We had these nightmares before, many times. They happened, because Myanmars never woke up totally, they were always sleeping or half asleep. Myanmars need to wake up totally, see the realities, see them clearly, and accept the realities. And do something about it. Whatever they do, is for them, for their people and for their nation.

In a country like Myanmar, there will be anti -Chinese, anti - Muslims. Anti– Bamar, even anti-Buddhist. Actually anti-Buddhist been launched by the Christians, namely Kayins, and Kachins, but not on the streets, or from the streets. They took arms. It existed since the Christianity was introduced to Myanmar . Christians against Buddhists has been going on quietly. I am afraid that it might come to the street on day soon. In a democratic society anything can happen.

It is a known fact that Myanmar is a Buddhist country, majority of the people are Buddhists, They are ordinary people. It is said, having patience (Khanti Parami)or tolerance is the key to be the Buddhist. Being a Buddhist do not mean that he/she is a Saint, not to mention God, or Goddess. But nobody should test that patience or tolerance, nobody should try or attempt to sit and shit on the heads of the Buddhists. That Parami of tolerance among the lay people, or even among the Buddhist Monks is limited. Is it not so in every religion, and in every society?

No matter or how much religious freedom there is, it is a right of every religion to protect and prophesies . All religious leaders, and believers alike must know what is their limit, and how far they can go, or how far they want to go. They should never over protect their religion.

Freedom of religion, free to prophesize yes, but it should not be turned into such as expansionism to expend religion, to occupied land . religion is not to be used as political weapon. This should apply to every religion in Myanmar. Any such expansion must be resisted against like any other expansionism.

“ RESPECT “ is the word. Everybody must respect one another, and respect the religion of each others. No politicians should play with the religion, nobody should be used anybody to fight their religious wars. As I have said that the records show that wars between Christians and Muslims, and the Jews existed and they exist at present. Especially between Christians and the Muslims. For land, glory and oil. It may be possible that Christians may use other religions including Buddhists to support their war against the Muslims from one side. And from the other they will support and arms and funds those Muslims.

Myanmars must not allow the land of Myanmar to become a battle ground for any kind of religious wars, created by fanatics, or extremists. Myanmars are civilized people. Buddhist is a gentle religion. Nobody should take advantage on Buddhists because they are tolerance( patience) must not be treated them as total ignorance, upstarts in the human society.

Let me remind you that Buddhists never invade any nation by means of any force, never introduce the religion by force. There never was a Buddhist Army, yet we invaded Mon Kingdom to take some of the Buddhist scriptures. Because we wanted to be Buddhists, our polite request was denied , rejected, we were told, we are not worth to be Buddhist, or to have the scriptures . King Anawrahta and others tried their best, to introduce or to promote Buddhism in all Myanmar, but never by any force.

1000 years after Buddhism was introduced , are we worth it, is still a question. What is this Buddhism doing to us. Is it given us strength or weakening us? In a matter of speaking , Buddhism is everything foreign to the Myanmars. It was founded in India by Gautama , and then brought to Mon Kingdom , and from Mon to all Myanmars.

Myanmar Buddhists are like sleeping tigers, nobody should wake them up. Whenever they woke up you will see how wild they are.

As Buddhist are earthlings, as they are a kind of animal, they always show the wild part of the animal from time to time. Even the tamed domestic animals, if they are not treated right, they show their wild part. The possibility is nobody ever tried to tame them humanize them.

Let me remind you that Buddhists never invade any nation by means of any force, never introduce the religion by force. There never was a Buddhist Army, yet we invaded Mon Kingdom to take some of the Buddhist scriptures. Because we wanted to be Buddhists, our polite request was denied , rejected, we were told, we are not worth to be Buddhist, or to have the scriptures . King Anawrahta and others tried their best, to introduce or to promote Buddhism in all Myanmar, but never by any means of force. If it was, there would not be any Muslims or Christians in Myanmar today.

Buddhism has no race, no color Buddhist are earthlings, they are from every society. But they are a kind of animal. They always show the wild part of the animal from time to time, if they are not treated right. Even the tamed domestic animals, if they are not treated right, they show their wild part.

“ When the forest catches fire only the "wild cats" will jump with joy.” If that wild cat have time to escape, if it does not die in the fire, and lived , yes it will jump and joy for a fractionj of moment. Like a mother who has to stand on the body of her own loving child when the earth was on fire.

Talk to you later.