Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 13-Feb-2013  
Dear Ko Aung San,

Though I want to believe you are somewhere in the higher realm, though I want to leave you in Peace or to leave you in Peace, to have rest in Peace, though my suggestion for you is to Rest In Peace, I don’t think you ever had Peace , that is if you are still around in the circle of life.

I can’t help it. I must talk to you, I have to talk to you, thinking you will hear me, if you are still somewhere around. It is stupid I know, but sometimes people do stupid things. Without stupid people where will the world be?

I am not Steve Wonder,. But I would like to wish Ko Aung San “ Happy Birthday”, if you could hear me. But I won’t say many Happy Returns., because the world is not a good place to return to, especially Myanmar is not a peaceful place as you know.

If you could hear me , I also would like to say Thank You for given your life for the Myanmar Independence. You and your colleagues have done a great job. I am so sorry that you had lived a very short life, I am not sad to say to say, you had no chance to enjoy, because there was nothing to enjoy. That may be because you have had no time to build your country into one great nation. Sometimes I wonder, what if you were alive. I am also sorry to say what a waste of lives and time , because Myanmars are lost people and they are going back to where you rescued from, that is colony of the British and colonial slaves.

You don’t have to believe me, if you were somewhere alive , or from the other side you must also see what’s happening in Myanmar, and what’s Myanmar is going through. You may or may not like what you see, let alone to approve or not to be approved . But there is nothing you can do about it, is there?

It may be a little funny to say, “ happy birthday’. As you know as a nation we never celebrate your birthday, as they have in US for Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday celebration is not our Myanmars’ tradition, or customs , except Buddha’s Birthday. I am afraid you are not a Buddha .But we do have a Remembrance Day for our dearly departed ones. Especially you and your friends whowe regards as our heroes. Every year on 19th July, we remember you and your colleagues, one day only. That’s all. We remember you more than any of other heroes in this case, as if there were no others.

Let me warn you in advance, this Remembrance Day as well as Myanmar Independence Day may become a thing of the past, they may be scrapped in future, because the British, former colonial master does not like it. You know very well why . Besides, your own daughter Ma Su Kyi married to an Englishman named Michael Aris ( expired)) and do you know you have two half breed grandsons . Of course you know. You may or may not approved it either, but let’s face it, there is nothing you can do about it, even if you were alive. It seemed that your beloved wife, Daw Khin Kyi and your son could do nothing about it either. Your daughter was owned by the British couple. Did you visit your wife before she died, and spoke to her? Are you two together now, what do you talk about?

Whenever we have these two special days, we have to mention English( British), and it always become valiant. By the way March 27, also is another day to remember. Resistance Day, where you are also involved. No matter how good your intensions were, if you had live long enough, you could be in big trouble .You knew that, didn’t you.

Total Independence was called for, because some people thought you were indecisive at that stage . Some people still believe you were going for Dominion status, in the British Commonwealth. To say British Commonwealth, what kind of wealth British had common to others, Char-coal ? It was the wealth of its colonies , and crualty that made British wealthy?

You may agree that any form of Colonialism and Fascism were the enemies of us, The world could not stop, cannot stop these Colonialism and Fascism, they still exit and they are still going strong and in practice. Without them the earth will stop turning on its axel, we all will be thrown out into the space .

Do you know, your daughter Ma Su Kyi is very uncomfortable to attend to any Remembrance Day or Independence Day because of her love for that Englishman Micheal Aris, and whatever is English. She even refused to attend when she was invited as a close family member by the government.

The marriage of your daughter Ma Su Kyi to this Englishman seems a revenge on you as well as the Myanmars. It was said the adopted parents arranged for her. If we look at it from the angle of Buddhist, this may be the repercussion, or may be your good daughter was paying the debts you owed to the British(English). In Christian this is said to be “ the sins of the father visit upon the daughter”. After all, all Myanmars are paying the price.

Remember just before you passed away you spoke to the people nationwide, how they have to work hard. But what you did not know was, that Myanmars expects miracles to happened. They expect someone will do something for them , without them lifting a finger.

The so called ‘The Thirty Comrades’ you were just one of them, there were others. They supported you all along. Not to forget the activist over ground. Sometimes, I also wondered where you would be without their supports and co operations. They picked you as a hero and you died like a hero. You were like the gardener who cannot pick the flowers from his own garden. When the job was done they went their own ways, some became communists, socialists, businessmen etc.

There is something you may not know. That is Myanmar is losing its Freedom, it’s Independence and its Sovereignty. We are under the control of Western powers. We cannot do anything without their approvals,, without their green light. The worst thing is the people of Myanmar do not realized that. Another thing they don’t realized was, when the British left us in 1948 , it was a box with debris and ashes. They don’t realized was that a country has to be built by its own people citizens to become a nation. The people are responsible for their own nation. No matter what kind of policies or the programs the government lays down, if the people do not carry out properly it will come to nothing. When you spoke directly to the people that they have to work hard, that may be the cause of your death. Did The People Killed You ?

U Nu and his teams were struggling and were stuck with Pinlon Agreement, could not do a thing to unite the nation. Was it you who was partly responsible for that, breaking up of a nation? You could not finish ity?

Your second in common Ne Win who took over Tatmadaw, could not clean Mhyanmar from bushes and snakes. He followed your idea of making Myanmar a Socialist country, and to make it one nation for all people as one was also purged or forced to quit by a group of people led by your daughter Ma Su Kyi. If the Tatmadaw and it leaders have had no respects for you, she could have gone long ago . She herself is stuck, how will she make Myanmar one nation for all people as one , I have no idea. Water follow, fish follow I think.

When I mention, East India Company, you know very well, which took over the subcontinent India state by state and handed to British in the end . The same was with our country, East India Company started and we ended up in the hands of the British.

Since 1988 Myanmars were stripped to naked. They became almost baggers. Thanks to your English minded beautiful daughter. She was one of the a conspirators , if not the leader to put the people of Myanmar down.

With the pressers from outside, and some people from inside who are ignorant, Today open door policy/ market economy policies of present Thein Sein government inviting foreign investors. How many East India Companies will come along . If so when , every inch of Myanmar will be in the hands of the British, and its allies again through East India Companies, in 50 years time ?

We have to be very, very carefull, we have had very bitter, ugly

experiences. Myanmar saying is , eat the Bo fruit, but listen to the sound if the arrows.