Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 14-Sep-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Myanmar Naing Gan Daw to be strong, Myanma Tatmadaw to be strong, totally depend on how strong the people of Myanmar are, that means how disciplined and well trained are the people. Because Naing Gan Daw , the Government, or the Tatmadaw as well as other institutions and organisations are run by the people. These people are none other than Myanmars.

Nobody can discipline anybody. Everybody has to discipline themselves. It could be said ‘ the sin of the father visits upon the son’. Who will admit, who will confess, who will say ,” this is my fault’. Myanmars have too many of their sayings, some of them are, “ Tharr Thamee Ma Koung Miba Goung,” “Sayar Ma Koung – Dabyi Goung”. What about “ Bethu MaPyu Mimi Mhu’?

That is a part of ‘discipline’ . When everyone in the nation is "well-disciplined’ and ‘ well-trained’ in their ‘professions’, then not only the Government, the Tatmadaw , but also the whole population will be in discipline, the whole nation will be in discipline. We will have "The disciplined Naing Gan Daw with Disciplined Naing Gan Tharr. " What more do you want.

Once Germany and Japan, before them was Roman. Then came China. How disciplined are they, who imposed those disciplines and who destroyed their discipline? Still they are known as the most disciplined and most efficient people.

“ Discipline is Freedom’, and ‘Freedom is discipline’. Discipline is everywhere. Each time you move, you move with discipline. If anybody wants the Mantras of Democracy, the Sutta of Human rights to work then disciplion is needed. They are nothing without discipline. Freedom without discipline is NOTHING. Every Myanmar should know by now. Myanmars have learned a lot of good and bad lessons. There is their choice, what do they want, what do they want to be.

Myanmars should look back, analyse themselves, study themselves how discipline they are. It is said, Paying homage, to Buddha, Dhama, and Sangha have to be in certain discipline. I have no doubt, other religions, when they perform religious rites, and rituals, they have to follow certain strict disciplines.

Trainers are the people the trainees are the people . So without any more to exaggeration, we can say ‘discipline is necessary everywhere’ and everyone should be well trained. Whoever has to whatever has to be well trained. Everyone should be master of their own, no one should be ‘Jack of all trades’. At least the knowledge of what they are doing .

Our land of Myanmars is going through the process of changing. Change is imminence, change has to come. In the past when we did not make changes, when we waited till the last minute , the change came in its own way, like a thunder storm, like an earth quake . It was not beautiful, instead it was ugly, very ugly.

Everybody got hurt, especially the people, 60 million of them and the nation. In a way, everybody lost out for twenty four years, may be more. Blame it on ourselves. That was just because we don’t understand each other, we did not try to understand each other.

It could be true, and we have to admit that we don’t like changes, we are afraid of changes, we are not certain of what will be. We are afraid of what we don’t know. The Buddhism says, “ everything is impermanence”. But Myanmars always have alternative sayings, to relief themselves, to be comfortable. To avoid the truth, to escape from the truth. Do they ever escape? No, they are caught in the corner, or in ‘col de sac’.

Myanmars may be ‘unwittingly’, creating a chance for others to take over us, to be our masters. Because we don’t like to be our own boss. Are we going to make changes , or let the change come and take over us. When the changes comes it may not always be beautiful, it may be ugly, sometimes very, very ugly. Which one do you prefer? The changes those you can control, or you have no control ?

Another one is ‘smooth transition’. What is that, how smooth how tough and rough? Our elders told us, ‘continuity and changes must go together’. That may be for smooth transition. The words such as “Redical, or Revolution” may be too tough and rough. The costs may also be too high sometimes incalculable. Whatever we are going to do, ‘consequences, opposite and equal reactions ’ have to be put into consideration before we do anything.

When changes take place, there may be something you like, there may be something you don’t like. One sure thing is you cannot have everything in your way. Whatever happening in Myanmar today is the same. I don’t like everything. But I have a say I cannot keep quite shut my mouth . You should do the same with reasons.

This is 21st century. This is not the time, for someone like Jesus Christ to say, “ forgive them for they know not what they do”. Of course everybody knows what they do. Somebody has to make them know. Amnesty after amnesty, pardon after pardon, bring no satisfactory results. There never was Peace in Myanmar , when will that Peace in Myanmar be nobody knows.

Since 1824. Bamars and other Myanmars revolted against the invading British, and their rules Bamars and the resistance forces or Freedom fighters were called many names, but any armed Bamar organisations , or groups. As well as over ground political wings were suppressed by the British rulers, in many ways from politic, economic, social and religion sides by using their military power, or machines. It is easy, but not fair to blame others for our own failures. Let’s put it that way.

After learning so many good and bad lessons, learning about each other about ourselves, and those foreigners, having a lot of experiences by ourselves, and having seen what others are experiencing we have to speak frankly, openly for our own sake, for our own interests, if not for other.

What we don’t like, what should it be how it should be done etc. What result would we have, gain, profits, and loss. There must be some loss, at least wear, tear. That means some costs. There must also be some gains, fair gain, fair profits.

Everybody in Myanmar 60 million of them is responsible for each other, and for the nation. It has been said time and again. The government alone is not responsible, Tatmadaw alone is not responsible. Everybody is responsible. It is a Great responsibility. BECAUSE, there is everybody in the Government, there is everybody in the Tatmadaw. There is everybody in the opposition, there is everybody in the insurgents groups. The nation of Myanmars, and Myanmars are the responsibilities of every Myanmar. The people are everywhere, in every institution.

This is a corrupt world, that does not mean we have to corrupt as well. If we can refrain from corruption, that will be great. We know that, this world is created by the people. When people are corrupt. What more can you say? Who are these corrupt people ? Who are these people in Myanmar. Can you bring them out to the open?

There are world’s religions. What are these religions, and religious teachers teaching the respective people? The teachings are generally known as, “ moral instructions ‘, moral guidance towards ‘ good morals”. They all teach us not to sway towards the evil way of life. So it is evident that there are ‘evil ways as well’. If there is good, there must be evil’. Which one are we going for , in favour?

Are we Myanmars small people with small brains? Can we not take care of ourselves, are we handicapped, and disabled people by nature or who make us to be like this. Did somebody poison our minds us with fakes, imitations? Did somebody washing our brains? Have Myanmars lost sense, or they never had any sense to know what is right and what is wrong, what is bad and what is evil?

Myanmar is changing, this change will be faster, quicker, if everybody take part to change accordingly. There may be some cost, for the change. There is cost for everything , for anything. We have to change with minimum costs. We must change.

Myanmar needs to be change , These change can only be done by Myanmars, So Myanmars must change. That has to be understood. Those who asked for changes, those who want to see changes must also come in not only with their very best ideas, but also with their best honesty, incerety, and efforts.

Until 1962, Tatmadaw did not get involve in politic. But politicians created the problem by not doing their job but squabbling themselves. Some of them have their own pocket armed units. What Tatmadaw had to take over and gave reasons , politicians with their cronies attacked Tatmadaw from left and right, from above and bottom, and from the centre. Not to forget that those who were kicked out by Bama Tatmadaw came with vengeance supporting some armed groups , with arms and funds., some openly, some discreetly.

Democracy, and multi-party system may have been disappeared for some times, but these pocket armed units are still around actively as we are seeing today. If the peace loving people don’t see this and believe what they see, then they must be ‘Kyaung Toung Kan’ they are blind with the open eyes. They are blinded with strange ideas. They are blind with ‘Freedom’. They don’t want to know their responsibilities, but only want to know or have their rights, which they don’t know what it is all about.

Today Myanmars are seeing the changes alright, with the cost too high, but they are not for the better but for worse. Some Myanmars are crying, quietly in the corner, they don’t cry out, they don’t cry loud, so tears of joy or tears of sadness, hard to say, nobody can tell, but they are crying.

This is not a perfect world, there can be no perfect Myanmar. Nobody should expect, “perfectness”. Nobody should keep their mouth shut either, they have to say what they need to say, what they feel. because we are all civilised people, for the sake of the people for the sake of the n ation.

Every institution in Myanmar should be professional institution. There are people, there will be people working in all these institutions. “Man matters most, or ‘Lu Thar Hlyin Pa-htar-na’. It is not only the philosophy, of some loony, but it is reality and logic. Men have to do everything for men. Now men have created ‘robots’. The value of men may go down, the necessity of men power may be reduced, because men can be moody, men are unreliable. Don’t forget it is still men who create the robots.

We all are here on earth for many purposes. First thing is to serve yourself and to serve others. ‘Atta and Para’ . Some say, ‘love thy neighbours’. I think that is the beautiful teachings of every religion.

We are not responsible for the world, and its imperfectness, we are responsible for ourselves our We are not equal, nobody can make us equal. We are different or unequal in many different ways. We are the victims of our own failures, as well as for our own successes, if you can understand. The history tells us very clearly. That may be why we are told to love our neighbours, we have to help each other.

When we talk about Tatmadaw , the name of the late Bogyoke Aung San. Ko Aung San or Thakin Aung San, must be mentioned. If the British have had their way Ko Aung San was to be hanged. He was already branded as a traitor to the British crown. He was spared from scandal, escaped from belittlement, only to be executed through the special arrangements of the British and some Anglophiles. He died too young. because he was one of the leaders of Bama Tatmadaw or the resistance groups.

If I am not wrong the present leaders and the Tatmadaw, becoming so strong since 1945, some people are afraid, they wished the Myanma Tatmadw to be abolished to be weaken. Not only this is the Tatmadaw which resisted British as well as the Japanese, some people are afraid this Tatmadaw is a thread to their interests. To weaken a Nation is to weaken a Tatmadaw of that nation. The successful Tatmadaw was the one which had enjoyed the support of its people, the Tatmadaw which knows what they are fighting for or against, with the determination, with the dedication.

Why this unity of Tatmadaw and the people is not wanted by some is understandable. For 64 years Myanmar Tatmadaw has been. Protecting defending Nain Gan Daw and Naing Gan Tharr successfully. For this Noble Work , Tatmadaw became victim of its own successes. The idea to abolish or to weaken this Tatmadaw has not gone. He saying is the more you pound the meat, the mpore it gets hard.

To make it short, today the participation of people from all walks of life in the government, or at least in the ministries, and in the parliament will know what the ‘governing’ is all about, which sometimes mistaken by some people as “ruling”. Shall we say taking part to participate in the process of building the nation.

May people are happy to see what’s going on . But as I have said, it is a long, and never ending process. Of course some people taken part wittingly or unwittingly. It is said in the West, “ Big Brother is Watching ”, that is the cost of Freedom. Who is watching who in the Myanmar Parliament of in Myanmar .

For the changes in Myanmar, should a kind of reward be offered to Thein Sein ? In my view, and if he had accepted it, he will become a “ Ngway Wai Kyun” the slave. He will be the man with no shame the man with no honour. He becomes a mercenary . He may be painting all other Tatmadaw leaders in the past as well as present with smoke or with faeces. He may be selling himself, he may even be selling the people, and the country, by instalment.

That’s what the other one did. Say what you like you are entitled to your view and opinion. When you train the animal, and whenever that animal performs well, it has to be reward at least with a cube of sugar.

Russia and China are no puppets of any one. Nobody dare touch the leaders of Russia, and China either. Myanmar was no puppet either. You may not like some of those what is happening in Myanmar today.

Progress, and developments modernisation is something, becoming somebody’s puppet is totally another. Naing Gan Daw is still the member of NAM. That NAM was no meaning at all when cold war was on, before U.S.S.R. collapsed. Today there is no such thing as Communist Group or Warsaw, but only NATO.

Circumstances and situations demanded Naing Gan Daw to change. Changes are taking places in other nations. Continuity and changes are going together smoothly.

The leaders of Tatmadaw are aware of the all the situations, but are the people aware of the situations, circumstances? If they are not aware of the realities, circumstances and situations, they have to face the great consequence ahead. The ‘consequences’, will be Great. The law of ‘cause and effect’ was clear, and the spontaneous combustions. All pre-empts strikes are unprovoked strikes.

From 1824 to 1948, all Myanmars were living on a plot of land which was made a part of India. Myanmars lost everything, their country, their rights, and their pride. All Myanmar became Lilliputians . The three Gems could not save Myanmars. The cause of the effect’ were there.

British are like elephants, they never forget anything, The US is worshipped as God for some ethnic people in Myanmar who were brought up by American Baptist Missionaries. What their God said, “ vengeance is mind’, becomes their slogan. Myanmar are talking about Myitta , Gayunar, Mudita, Oupyitkhar’ . Myanmars and their leaders , whoever that leader may be, may not know who hit them or where they were hit until it’s too late.

Some Myanmars should realise that this is the 21 first century, all Myanmars must be, should be ‘Flesh Gordons’. Tatmadaw alone is not enough. The people and Tatmadaw must be together as one. They should know what to do, and do what needs to be done.

Everyone must be well-disciplined, and well- trained.