Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 11-Sep-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

What is a Buddhist, how to be a good Buddhist is, how to live your life. They are already there. Who has the right to tell you how to live our life?

Everybody who believes in Gautama Buddha’s teaching or the teachings of other Buddhas before him, follow them, put into practice wherever possible are all Buddhists. They are all beings of no cast, no class, neither necessary to be a Human, nor a Devas, nor a Brahman, nor even an animal. Because when Gautama Buddha made his speeches, sermons, he meant them for all beings in the 10,000 universes or the Galaxies.

Those who follow the teachings of Christ are called Christians. So are others they have their names.

You don’t have to call yourself a Buddhists, you don’t need to claim you are a Buddhist. If you believe, agree the teachings of Gautama Buddha, if you are following, or putting them into practice as much as possible, already, I will acknowledge you, recognised you as a Buddhist. A Buddhist can be anybody. There is no discrimination, regardless of race, nationality, colour of skin or even the believers of other religions. Because Buddhism is, ‘ NOT a religion but a way of life’. It is for ‘all beings’ in the 10,000 Universes, or Galaxies.

Buddhism or Buddha Dhamma is too deep and hard for all of us to understand all. It is said even at the time of Buddha only a few understood his Dhammas. You need all the time to study with the help of a good teacher who really understand them very well, but no fakes, no make shift, self - appointed teachers. It is the best, that we read the teachings of Buddha in any language we prefer and try to understand them.

It is said that Gautama gained his knowledge without teachers and became an “ Enlightened One”. Gautama Buddha was able to see the death and rebirth of beings, realised the ‘Four Noble Truths ’.

The ‘first sermon’ of Gautama Buddha is called, “ Dhamma Seitkyar’ ( The wheel of Truth or the establishment of wisdom). He started telling human and monks, to give up two extremes which are self-indulgence and self-mortification, especially to those who had given up the world,( Monks) to follow the ‘Middle Path’ which is also known as ‘Noble Eightfold Path.’

For all of us, for all beings to know what the ‘38 Mingalas’ or the ‘highest blessings” are as follow. They may be originally in Sanskrit, and them to Pali, and then to other languages. Each translator may have had his own translation, decorated with his own choice of words. But the following are the essence of these 38 Mingalas.

To put them into practice we can be, called ‘good Buddhists’. Or at least we can discipline ourselves, state of mind etc.

What to note here is, listening to the Dhamma on suitable occasions and discussing the Dhamma on suitable occasion”. Gautama Buddha knew that we lay people too busy running our lives. So he told us the followings;

“ Not to associate with fools, to associate with the wise and to honour those who are worthy of honour;”

“To live in a suitable place, to have done meritorious deeds in the past , and to keep one’s mind and body in a proper way;”

“to have much learning, to be skilled in crafts, to be well-trained in moral conduct and to have speech that is well spoken;”

“ Caring for one’s mother and father, supporting one’s spouse and children and having work that causes no confusion;”

“Giving practice of what is good, support of one’s relatives and blameless actions;”

“Abstention from evil in mind, abstention from evil in body and speech, abstention from intoxicant and non-negligence in meritorious acts;”

“Respectfulness, humbleness, contentment, gratitude and listening to the Dhamma on suitable occasion;”

“ Patience, obedience, meeting those who have calmed them mental defilements and discussing the Dhamma on suitable occasion;”

“Practice that consumes the evil states, a noble life seeing the Noble Truths and realization of Nibbanna;”

“The mind of a person who is confronted with worldly conditions does not flutter, is sorrow less, stainless and secure;”

“ Having fulfilled such things as these , beings are invincible everywhere , and gain happiness everywhere;”

If you are interested and want to know more about them, please contact the nearest Buddhists centre and approch the Buddhist teachers, or learn by yourself. Books are available. Make yourself understand them or, as Gautamma had already advised you to listen to the Dhamma on suitable occasion;” and "discussing the Dhamma on suitable occasion;”

"Be Enlightened'