Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 10-Sep-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

If you do not know/you have no knowledge of the matters of your nation, the affairs of your people, it is said that you have no awareness. The awareness in Political, economic, and social. “ Your People” means, your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your spouse, your children and your blood relatives or your in laws. There are people like you, families like your, these are your people, the land you live is your country, you all take part in making that country into a nation. That nation may even be your world.

A nation building will never be finished, It has it’s start , by never finishing job. It is a continuous, a spontaneous process. Even a building or a dwelling has to be built gradually, steadily. A Nation building is just like building a house. From the ground breaking to put the roof on, step by step or stage by stage.

If you are doing it yourself, with your family, or asking others to do it for you. It may be the same. But if you don’t know the knowledge of building, you don’t know what other builders are doing. If you have no knowledge, you cannot even check, so don’t think about re-checking. From building a hut to a modern sky scrapper, and others they all are buildings.

Once upon a time in Myanmar your house is built for you by your community. It is a part of community work. A beautiful tradition. You may still find this beauty, in some parts of Myanmar today. But it is a volunteer base, some people don’t treasure it don’t value any more.

A great neighbouring nation of Myanmar, namely People’s Republic of China, was built by the Chinese people. That is why it is called ‘Peoples Republic of China’. Every part, every inch of that nation is built by the Chinese people. When can we call our land , our country, our nation ‘Peoples Republic of Myanmar’?

Today PRC is a Great Nation, a Great Force to reckon with, because Chinese are Great people, they have Great Leaders. Chinese are everywhere in the Universe. What can you do about them, what do you want to do about them? There may be a hole in the bucket, but with that bucket Chinese fetched the water, and fill the tank. The tank is full . That is what all its matters.

Myanmars should study China, and the Chinese. Simply because we lost our good tradion of working together helping each other living together in Peace and harmony.

I remember once, the People’s Government of Myanmar, tried to educate the people, encouraged the people, asked the People for their ‘Pyi Thu Arr’ to take part in building the nation. Some politicians translate that into the People’s Power’, and they abused that power by misusing the people to have that power for their own benefit. Those politicians and those people, they matched for each other. If the People and the Politicians don’t come to realisation, today. Where will Myanmars be tomorrow nobody knows.

‘Pyi Thu’( people ) and ‘Pyi Thu Asoeya’( peoples’ Government) must match for each other as well. They have to work hard together. As the right is right, and the wrong is wrong, people and the Government must work in accordance with ‘Noble Eightfold Path’. There can be no conflict. Because there can be no two rights , no two wrongs. Democracy has no place in this case, because Democracy is nothing to do with right or wrong. Working people and working Government will create Myanmar into a Great Nation again.

Everybody who involves in the nation building, must know their job, must do their job properly, and efficiently. They have to be expert or master in their trade. Building a house, or building a Nation is a job where everybody involves, and everybody must do their job right. Besides, the weather, wind directions, ground situation, environment etc., have to be put into consideration.

A Nation building , a house building a hut building they all have the same basic principal. Some people might say that ground breakers/diggers, earth m overs, cement mixers, or plasterers, brick layers, roofers need no special qualification. I wish they were right. That may be the thinking of those who do not understand about building, if they are not ignorant. They may not even have the experience of building a hut let alone a sky scrapper, forget about a Nation.

Even when you finish building, that does not mean your job is finished, that’s not the end of it, you have to look after it, maintain it as necessary, as long as you live. Your house is your Palace. You are your own King in your house.
Ask yourself, have you ever built a hut, a house for yourself, and for your family? Or you live in a rented place, rented apartment? Do you maintain it well, look after it well?

Is it the reasons, what Myanmar used to live with huts, in the fields happily, because they don’t want to maintain it look after it, they built a new hut every year? Is it because what they believe is, life is too short, everything is impermanence, Annisa, Dokkha and Anatta . So they live as it comes. The word “ Permanent or Nissa ” is irrelevant, not in their dictionary. Are there any other reasons? They alone will know.

Worse of all, some Myanmars are still teaching the Myanmars how to build a new house for the uncertain new life in a ‘Neverland’, called “ Nibanna”, Ignoring or neglecting the present living life or to live.

Some so called Myanmars are living in the most advanced modern nations on earth, and teaching about Buddhism as a cheap stuff. Buddhism and Buddhists. Some of them talk too much about Buddhism, as if they themselves are little, or small living Buddha. In fact they are repeating what others have already repeated time and time, again and again.

Frankly speaking I do not know very much about Buddhism what Gautama Buddha had said, to teach others about it. But I am a Buddhist. What I believe in Buddhism is, 38 Mingalas.. In my view “ a good Buddhist is a Buddhist who follows these Mingalas and put them into practice”, and live happily.

Following these 38 Mingalas is training yourself for “ moral Conduct”. When we were young this ‘Mingala Sutta’ was the first Sutta, we learned after the daily precepts. These Mingalas are the ‘causes of happiness.’ They are for the benefit of all beings which will destroy all evil, that’s what, and how we were told to understand.

When you read, “ Four Noble Truth, Eightfold Noble Path or 38 Mingala Sutta” thoroughly understand them, first. Then you can decide to believe them or not, to accept or to reject them. A good Buddhists is who puts 38 Mingalas into practice. What I strongly believe is if we never gone astray from these 38 Mingalas. We will all be, all right.

Please note, for none Buddhists I will be publishing the 38 Mingalas, not in Sanskrit, neither in Pali nor Myanmar language, but in plain English which every English speaking can understand. They can check , and recheck with those so called Buddhist teachers.

I will advise anybody to go and read them and be wise. It is not only the Buddhism, almost all so called ‘religions’, and the teachings. How to be a good Christians , how to be a good Muslims, how to be a good Jew etc., are there, as well, you have a right to chose.

We are talking about building a Nation of Myanmars where there are different people, different religion, and different beliefs. Some of them are very strong in what they believe. They don’t even recognise or respects what others believe, or acknowledge other religions do exist. In a sense everybody has difficulties in building their own religion, because of extremists. Who said to build a Nation is easy? Where extremists are, it may be more difficult, but again it’s NOT ‘impossible’.

Gradually, slow and steady, moving millimetre by millimetre, is understandable, acceptable as long as it does not stop still.
Only one ‘common belief’ is needed. Because there is only one common goal, that is to build their places of living, or places of dwelling into towns and cities, and to be a Nation.

Having talked about extremism and extremists, in the extreme cases, extreme measures are necessary. In Myanmar, most people are Buddhists, but they are NOT Buddhas. Some of them may what to be Buddha, or claim to be would be Buddha. They know what extremism is. In the Buddhism itself, extremism, extremists are undesirable, not acceptable, we are advised to avoid them. To avoid the extreme measures which will harm you , and others. Well, if everybody understands what “Carrots and sticks’ mean, they know what to do with them, don’t they?

Now we are building a New Myanmar for every Myanmar. There are people who wish to help us who try to help us or who are helping us. They may have all their intensions, different people have different intensions. Some visible, some invisible. Their help may not be cheap, not without conditions, not without strings, always with costs.

The hard life for Myanmars is nothing new, it is nothing because most Myanmars are Buddhists. They take it with the smile. They smile may be they have no choice. So, outside helps, take them or leave them. It’s up to the Myanmars. Myanmars have to remember, bear in mind that there is no ‘love, or loving kindness or Myitta , Gayuna or Mudita’ involve, only cost and expenses, gains, losses and profits.

The costs and expenses can be negotiable, you can make a bargain. First we have to see what they are and what are involve. Here customers and suppliers, must abide by the rules of engagement. Nobody should fool anybody, while they may also be watching us whether we can be helped, or cannot be helped, we will also be watching whether we should accept their so called ‘Helps’.

n the case I don’t think ‘HELP’ is a right word. In any business dealings nobody is helping anybody. Everythiung is 'what will they gain or lose'. We have to think the way they think, what we will gain or lose to accept helps from them. To get what you want on a ‘fair and just deal’. That may be in theory.

On the way there are hurdles, deterrents, barriers. During the last 24 years alone, we have seen them, faced them, confront them. It looks like, realisation has come, and senses have come back to everybody. It seems like everybody understand everybody, more than before. All could be said, ‘Good signs’.

I am sure, and I assure you that nothing come out of love, loving kindness, or Myitta , Gayunar, Muditar. Everybody was in desperate situation, politic, economic, and social matters. Military matter may be included, if you want to put it that way.

The saying is “ NaTho Ne Moe AsoMaya ”, which means, we never can never know about the mood of the bull and the rain.

Consider yourself as one of the builders, a nation builder, whatever you are good at in building business. There is always a place for you. A nation always needs you. You are wanted by the people, by the nation. There are lots and lots of things to do in building a nation. You can do something or the other in the construction of a Nation.

Ask yourself, are you a ‘constructor or a destructor’? What can you do best, how can and will you contribute your expertise to the people and to the nation.
There are those, who do not know what or who they are , their belief is. What do they really believe in?