Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 25-Aug-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

I don’t know how many of them are in Myanmar, but on this site there are not many. We all know there is only one who has many names to make the numbers. Let us not mistaken all other Myanmars as him. One Noble is one too much for Myanmar already , because through this Noble, the west is undermining Myanmars, manipulating Myanmars, Dominating Myanmars, taken away the Freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty away from Myanmars.

What will Myanmars be, masters or back to be slaves again? Is it fair to say that, the Government of Thein Sein is becoming third class Government under the instructions, or dictatorship of US through it’s poodle Mrs Aris. All because there aren’t enough Nobles in Myanmar.

The First time I heard about this word “Noble” was when I was young, when my father read me a book on Buddhism when he read, the related “Four Noble Truth, or Eightfold Noble Path” to me. That was for Truth and for Peace.

The Noble we will be talking about is not these two Nobles in particular but still very much related, where the Truth and Peace are concerned, because Buddhism is the way of life. But there are other Nobilities, that we acknowledge, or recognised among our society. That some people, very much like to be recognised as Noble. The question is, do they know the meaning of Noble, what is Noble, who is Noble? What Nkible work they do? I am not sure that they know them.

Those who seeks the Truth, and those who looks for Peace are ‘Noble’. Some may question, how do you go about to seek truth , or to look for Peace. Put yourself in your place, or look in the mirror, ask the image, you will get your answer. Because different people uses different means and ways in seeking truth, looking for Peace, including by total annihilation, eradication of the opposite side will bring the truth out and there will be Peace, by ending the conflict.

Two sides get together as one, or one side totally annihilated, eradicated smashed into pieces, then we will have Peace. Myanmars used to say, “ Kyu Bin Khote- Kyun Ngote Taung Ma-kyan Zay Ne, when you kill the Papyrus, don’t leave its roots behind”.

I cannot believe, I cannot accept that we have only one Noble in our land of Myanmar, only one Ignoble on the site. We have been talking about one particular Noble person in Myanmar, as if there are no other Nobles in Myanmar. This particular person has been made Noble, by the West, echoed by some Myanmars as if all others Myanmars in Myanmars are ‘ignoble’.

Nobles may be a wider subject to discussed in my view. So I am not going into details who are Nobles, who are Ignoble. How Noble are the Noble to be called Noble? How ignoble are the Ignoble to name them as ignoble? How do we measure them. According to their words or their deeds?

A person is Noble or not, depends how you see in that person. How you understand that ‘ Noble ‘ means. In my view Nobles are not born , ‘all man are equal’ remember ? Some people study and search, for the truth, what Noble really means. When they found they act and become Noble because of their Noble heart , their Noble works. They are manmade from the very beginning. They have a clan, they are the members of that clan. These Nobles are in every society. They look down on others which is not very Noble of them.

For me the Noble means, defending the nation, protecting the people. doing the Noble works helping the people. Individually, one’s attitudes, behaviour, and manners show , one is Noble or Ignoble.

We have seen them all in Myanmar haven’t we? How ‘ignoble’ one may be, Myanmar saying is, “ Htin Paw Loh – Sin Daw Ga Kauk”, when one became popular, that one is made into a Noble and put on the stage. Myanmars are doing everything upside down.

You know as well as I do, sometimes, one makes people starve, makes people thirsty, makes people the jobless, unemployed, breaks up, families break up. Put everybody into miseries. That may be a job what a Noble does. That may be the reason one is made Noble.

My own interpretation on ‘Ignoble’ is, they are crossed breed or Kabyars as they are known. After 125 years of British rule, many city dwellers in Myanmar became crossed breed (Kabyars) . The Kabyars of various kind. Myanmars crossed with Ingalates, Kalars, Tayotes and others, through husbandry programmes, or forced including rapes.

Again, there are some people still Pedigree , but their attitude, behaviours and manners are not genuine culture but mixed culture. They are also called Myo Ma-sit or Ignoble.

There are more Ignoble in Myanmar than Pedigrees. Because Pedigrees are “genetically modified’ into crossed breed or Myo Masit Kabyars in Myanmar over 150 years ago. Each time you cross, inter marriages, the value reduced by a certain per cent. 150 years is sis generations. In the end the gene is lost, through ‘ genocide’.

But what they may or they may not know is as soon as they cross the fir two, they lost two species of Pedigree at the same time . That means they have committed ‘genocide’ on two pedigrees to create one crossed breed or Kabyar. It is not an accident, it is deliberate attempt, it’s a wilful act by human being. Whether they want to maintain their own Pedigree, and destroy others or they want to pull/ drag down other Pedigree to their level of ‘Ignoble”. To justify their actions.

When somebody said “ Nonetheless, it’s rather so sickening of ignoble flooding in all walks of lives in Myanmar. Many people are still drowning in such flood”. This is worrying some. Myanmar saying is , “ Anar Thi- Say Shi”, if you know the disease, there is a cure. I am not worry because this somebody knows what the disease is. He may know the cure, but he may be waiting for the right time, to give the right dose.

Before I go any farther all I would say is in Myanmar there are many Myo Ma Sit( not Pedigree). Not to forget they are called ‘Nha-Koh DaSeit’, two bodies one mind, but they are actually ‘Da-Koh NhaSeit’ one body with two minds or two heads. One head never agree with the other head They are un decisive, they are not sure of anything. They Myanmars also known as the twisters, and turners , escapists . I ‘m all right Jacks ? They may be among the silent majority, or the ‘don’t knows’. Who are these so called Myanmars? Who else?

Some of them support or oppose, just for fun, as a hobby. They don’t seem to be serious. They seem like having a joy ride, or a free ride. They have no idea, what they are supporting or opposing.

I cannot make decisions for others. Others have their mind of their own. I cannot tell them what to do or what not to do, let alone to dictate them. I can only suggest, or advice as an outsider. Because if I am one of the insiders. I may be either dictated, or I will be a dictator myself.

I am the believer of, “ do it, or don’t do it, but don’t try.” Shakespeare’s favourite phrase of, “ to be or not to be, that is the question.”, My understanding on this which is, one is giving oneself a second chance, second thought, before doing something, making dead sure of what one is going to do. Because as I have mentioned in one of my messages, as my elders to us that ‘ in real life, there is no retake, and there is no rehearsal’. You cannot try, you do it, or don’t do it. You have to face the ‘ consequence’ .

“Check and balance’ are not the words privately own by Mrs Aris. They are for common use. There are many different words which carries similar meanings. That is for doing something what are you going to gain, how much, and what are you going to lose, by how much. It is wise, before you do something, careful calculations are needed. Whatever you call themyour choice of words, you choose your own words. ‘To- may- toes, or To- mar- toes”, “Eee-ther or Eii-ther”, An-Tee or An-Tii”.

So for the sake of others I will use the word “ should” , because I am not the dictator, I don’t want to be a dictator, I don’t like any dictator, but sometimes a ‘ dictator’ may be needed as a necessity for things to be done, quicker, faster .

Some people may not like the word “Dictator” But they must know that ‘Dictator’ can be in any form, in any shape as you know. Nobody can make himself a dictator. Somebody has to make them, somebody has to accept them. Think about that, the dictators did not come easily, they did not come automatically.

Noble or Ignoble, in this 21 st century nobody is ignorant to know what is the dictator who is not. A dictator can be any one elected by the people in democratic way. We are against any dictator who is not elected by the people. But in many cases self-imposed or people’s elected dictators, good dictators or evil dictators. Is there any dictator who could be called Good dictator’? Could we call United States a good dictator? Who are they calling dictators, evil dictators?

Whoever they are, if they are seen to be a threat to US and its interests they be hailed as Dr. No, or Dr Evil, or Dr Frankenstein. As soon as you heard their names, you know they are no good, but evils.

In one of the Myanmar saying , it says, “ Paya Mhat Lo Shikho-Phoot Htwit Mha Toung Boh Mhan Thi”. There are so many Pagodas in Myanmar, but the Myanmars cannot even differentiate between the two, which is a mound of a Lizard dwelling or which is a Pagoda. What is inside the Pagoda Myanmar hardly knows?

So it may be difficult for Myanmars to know who is Noble, and who is Ignoble. They may look like the same. Nobody grows horns on their forehead, like ‘Hellboy’, to identify who they really are.
The only thing we can do is to stop the flood of ignoble. That is to stop the crossed breed. First people must know themselves whether they belong to master class (Thakin Myo) or slave class( Kyun Myo ) There can be no Nobel among slave class. They may not know what they are , but somebody from outside who is watching them will know, by seeing their attitude, behaviours, and manners.

They have to be told, if not taught, what they are doing is not Noble. If you don’t tell them they would not know.

If Myanmars do not care for themselves, who would care for them. Nobody can help them. It is said, there are some people who cannot be helped. If Myanmars are those ‘some people’ I won’t be able to cry, but my heart will only bleeds.