Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 22-Aug-2012  
Dear all Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

If, only if, ‘Shwe-da-gon’ could talk, that would be very nice. Shwe-da-gon does not talk, let alone to speak. How I wish it could speak, it would make me and everybody happy if only shwe-da-gon could only at least talk. Nobody dared to make a drum out of the old tree.

What some of our leaders must know is, that in politic or in real life, there is no “rehearsals, and there is “ no retakes”. Do it, or don’t do it. When the time is lost it is lost forever.

Now we have democracy back again. If this democracy is not respected, if this democracy is abused, and misused. Mrs Aris likes it or not, whether her master like it or not, approves it or not. Especially in the eyes of some people and Tatmadaw , Mrs Aris is a danger to the people and the nation, she is a threat to National security, Freedom, Independent and Sovereign of Rep Of Union of Myanmar , she is a breaker of laws, asking others to break laws with her coded messages. Tatmadaw is standing by it won’t go anywhere to assists the People to defend them the nation, the constitution, and democracy.

This world is filled with ‘fear’ whether one accepts it or not, whether one recognises it or not. “Freedom from Fear ” itself is an acknowledgement that there is ‘fear’, because there is something to fear, something to call fear. Sometimes ‘Fear’ can helps you.

Gautama after seeing four strange sights, such as an old man, a sick person, a corpse, and a noble monk. These were ‘strange’ for him, because his father Thoddaw-tha-na prevented all these for him to see, in fear of him leaving them all. Yet when Gautama saw, old man, sick man, and corpse , he understood the nature of life. If he had no fear of becoming old and sick and dead, He would not be searching for Truth and Peace.

Let’s face it. We all live in fear of one thing or the other. Not everyone will admit it, but there is nobody who has no fear. The question is how do you interpret or translate ‘FEAR’ ?

Fear or not, the show must go on, the show will never stop. It will only stop, when the earth stops turning on its axel How good the show is depends on those who took parts, actors, and actresses , site parts may change, the performers. They may be just actors and actresses. Some of them will be rewarded for their ‘acting’ , some may translate actions. Don’t forget the author, the script writer, or not even the director. Need I say more? Without them there will never be a show from the start. Everybody play their part right .
To make understand things simply, we all believe ‘good deeds’ will give us good results, regardless of race or religion.

What are you afraid of, or what is your Fear ? Keeping them inside you will not help yourself let alone to help others, the people , the nation in this case. This is the time our people and our nation need great helps from all of us, from each other.

Myanmar saying is “ Ma-Pyaw Ma Pii- Ma-Tee Ma-Myii”. Mean you have to tell them, you have to play to them. So you can be heard, they have a right to hear and be hard. What can you tell them, rather than what can you teach them.
People with different background, with different education, will understand you differently. You have to expect that and respect that as well. So it is necessary to speak straight, bluntly, frankly from the start, not with double meaning. That’s how you need to play your part. Using pleasant words to please somebody won’t help . Not to let them interpret or translate your words in their own ways.

This is 21 st century, speaking Sanskit, or Pali will not help that may be for your knowledge only. We Myanmars most of us, have already lost the ‘culture of conversation’ for various reasons, we must bring back this culture, So that we learn more about each other. Yes, we need to learn about each other, simply because we do not know each other, we behave like we are total strangers to each other . Let alone to work together, to live in Peace and Harmony. We learned through mistakes. We are bound to make mistakes.

That means , we are still infants, minors, beginners, upstarts, We are still talking about ‘reconciliation’ about ‘unity’. We are not going any farther from that stage. That is why, we seem to be moving ‘snail space’, we hardly see we are moving. That also means we are nothing, absolutely nothing yet. We have nothing. We are not human yet, or grown up, we have not come to age, yet. When, and if we keep our mouth shut, things could get only worse. That is why it needs to bring back the lost ‘culture of conversation’.

This good culture will also bring back ‘tolerance, understandings, and takes the sensitiveness, and aggressiveness away. Everybody needs to talk to each other, express their view and opinion in civilised ways. In my view “ the silent majority” or “don’t knows” are ‘undesirable people. For the sake of democracy and human rights, they are irresponsible, citizens. They will go with the flow, whichever way the water flows. They are the hinderences.

That is what I am always afraid of ‘democracy’, say I am living in ‘fear’. Because it is my belief that democracy has nothing to do with, ‘right or wrong, or good or evil’. I have stated many times before. ‘Mee Myar Mee Naing – Yey Myar Yey Naing’ thing. But in the end the government does what it wants. The people do what they like. That should not be like that.

Do you see that, Myanmar Never Stood Still. It cannot afford to stand still. In ‘Democratic processes’ including the amendments of the Constitution itself, certain chapter sections, or subsection is un avoidable . It must be done, it must be amended or to block all the loop holes or to unblock them. We have to be doing on thing or the other.

Let’s say in the past without the parliament , we had ‘impeached many of our cabinet ministers in the “ Government”, according to the existing laws. We have seen on the streets of Myanmar there was mob rule and with mobocracy, they also lynched a few, beheaded, some. Many other events the evidences, showed us that , some Myanmars are potentially lawless people, looters, thieves, dacoits, murderers, and rapists. opportunists, they are breaking daily five precepts, daily. That is proven. What else?

The Parliamentary System is NOT the first time in Myanmar. Nothing new for Myanmars So in that sense what does it mean by ‘change’. Going back to the root, NO it can’t be, becauase there never was democracy root in Myanmar. Some people drew in U Aung Zeya as democratic elected ruler., Before him was ‘ Hti Loh - Min Loh. There may have been others. such system were everywhere in the world , according to the books of knowledge.

Is Present Parliamentary System in Myanmar the same as the previous one, nobody will agree that it is. Then , ‘ From the Back to the future’, probably. Myanmars are going back into the house from the back door.

There are more people in the place where they make decisions. How much conversation taking in that place, especially healthy Conversations? One thing is for sure, “the culture of conversation is coming back.” How healthy depends on how healthy the people are who takes part in that conversation. There will be many more to see or hear in the future during the process of conversation. There may even be heated debates, some people might go for ‘aggressive negotiation’. These things happen sometimes, unavoidable no matter how much undesirable.

You may remember, many years ago from this site, and from other sites, I clearly stated, that Tatmadaw took the democracy away in 1962 from the people , it is responsibility of the Tatmadaw to give it back to the people. Tatmadaw gave reasons and explanations, to the people and the world why it had to take away demoicracy. Some people accepts the reasons, and explanations, and believe it . Some people did not, they could not tell us, or submit the explanation to us why they did not, let alone to believe it .

Believe it or not is another matter. It depends how much sense, common sense one has. Because from the first day the earth was said to be created, by God and believe it. Some said from the Big Bang, and believe it as well . Hypothesis, after hypothesis, myths, legends, very little or no facts at all . The worse is fictions.

These two may have their ‘ conflicts ’, but they are not killing each other , some might say. BUT, it is a big BUT, today nuclear arsenal is created by the scientists and physicists. They have tested these weapons on human already. A small accident has caused devastations. They don’t know what to do with these weapons , they are living in ‘fear’ of one another.

That is why in my previous message, I mentioned, clearly, “ One day your children will be proud to call it, ‘Democratic Republic of Myanmar’. No more Union, no more Federal, no United States of any kind. Those Union idea, Federal idea, States idea need to be Faded away. As long as they are there, there will be never be any genuine National Reconciliation, there will be never be National Unity. One nation for all people as one people , remember? ”. That is my dream for Myanmar That is the survival of everybody in Myanmar.

Progress, developments, modernisation and industrialisation id for Peace and Harmony and for prosperity . To achieve them, you have to put right action towards them.

The Constitution in any country may need to amend from time to time. All Constitution has rooms to do that, allowed to do that. There must be a right moment, and a right way to do ( amend ). If yesterday born Mrs Aris knows that, every Tom Dick and harry who is in politic knows as well . She may have her own idea and plans.

But it reminds me of Mrs Aris Europen tour when she was talking to the audience of both houses of parliament in London. She seemed to be encouraged by Britain ‘without a written Constitution’. She should know British is not Burma as she called it. She is the one who talks about ’the rule of law’. She must understand ‘the Constitution is the Law.’ Other laws have to follow it. She must obey that law first before she amends.

If she spoke what’s in her mind, different people can interpret, and translate what she said in different way. That may including , she may be suggesting Myanmar should be a nation without a Constitution, if she cannot amend it. As if she was saying, Myanmar needs a dictator That she wants to be a dictator and it should be her,, in Myanmar. A founder of a brand new dynasty to rule BURMA after she change the name of the country from Myanmar by her decree.

Mahadevi of Youngshwe wanted to be the Queen of Thailand, when she put words to US and Britain to make her husband, YoungShwe of Shan, the King of Siam. Instead they made him the first President of Union of Burma(Myanmar)in 1948.

What title, what name she wants to be known as, Nanmadaw Me Nu, Su Phayar Latt, Shin Saw Pu, or just "Queen Mrs Aris I "( the First ). Crown princes Alexanar Aris, or Kim Aris.

IF, only if ' Shwe-da-gon could talk.