Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 20-Aug-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Nobody can say that, Myanmar is not progressing, not developing, not modernising, or not industrialising. How far have we achieved, you have to have a good look. How far do we need to go.? That we don’t know. It depends how much do you want, and what your contribution is, how responsible you are. Rep of Union of Myanmar is your country, Myanmars are your people.

One day your children will be proud to call it ‘Democratic Republic of Myanmar’. No more Union, no more Federal, no United States of any kind. Those Union idea, Federal idea, States idea need to be Faded away. As long as they are there, there will be never be any genuine National Reconciliation, there will be never be National Unity. One nation for all people as one people , remember?

In the meantime the nation of Myanmar is the progressing, developing and modernizing, or industrialisation. They may be slow, growing steadily, building up, because they never stop still. Myanmar never stood still. Yet Myanmar needs many reforms. Politically, economically and socially.

Education must be reformed first, to reform others. This education must be modern education to build Myanmar to be modern nation. To be the master, or to be the slave education is up to Myanmars, and their leaders.

What are we going to read? Tipitaka, Qau’rn, Bible? What will we become of? What will we find from these books? Are they written in coded messages. Will they make us masters of everything, to have progress, developments, modernisation, and industrialised ? This is not

Where can we get this ‘ education’from? Our elders said, “ our life is our university, we learn everything from our life, real life. Our sense, common sense will tell us Good or evil, do and don’t. That is education.

Our elders also used the word,“ Teck-katho’ which means
‘University’. Special education centre. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry could go to that special university in those days. Those who went there were the elites, privileged, the people of higher class or shall we say the ‘ruling class’.

To learn 18 ‘Ahtyar Ratha’, which consisted of how to read and write, how to do sums, the use of weapons, how to ride animals, how to make war, how to make peace, how to be a good ruler etc., etc. For the rest of us Mingla-Thoke is the best. Its basis of all educations for Myanmars, if I may say so.

‘The ruling class’ what was it. This is a class of people created by a group of people. This is man-made, creations of man for man. This may be a freemason, this may be a cult, this may be a private club. This class of people acknowledge and support each other. They are the birds of the same feather, or they are all hand in gloves. If we learn the history, these are nothing new.

Whetre education is concerned, I read in some books about the school of ‘Gladiators’where they trained some men to be killers. They were not soldiers, they were all sorts of people. Their job is to kill their opponent. The rulers made these killing as ‘entertainments’ for their loyal subjects.

‘Education’ is in actual fact, whoever you are, from whichever class you may be from, whatever you see, whatever you hear, or whatever you touch, feel,and experienced, that is your knowledge, that is your education.

Many Myanmars been to school, colleges, and universities but if I am not wrong, what I noticed is when they finished their higher education, finished their schooling days, they may be ready to go into various works as wage earners, but they don’t have “Athet-Mway WonGyoung Pyinyar” professions, to work for themselves, to set up business for themselves.

Most of them don’t even think about it to be master of their own.
What they have in their head is hoping to sit in a chair, under the fan at the desk, with some position and some rank. They expect nothing else. Some of their dreams were to be high ranking soldier. medical doctor.nothing else, because of education system. They have not many choice. The most is engineer.a little bit better than a carpenter or a builder.

The reasons were many. The whole list of them. This is something like change reaction. Education will not only open the eyes, the brains, but also the heart. That is why I said to change is to start from education..

We are talking about education, that education is everything, because we are to elect some people to be the Government, to manage our affairs, and the affairs of the nation. We have to have to be educated ourselves to pick the educated people to represent us.

Lack of education means lack of understandings, lack of general knowledge. That will make the lack of everything which means ‘poverty’. You will have poor government etc. If you are poor in education, you will lose your Freedom .

Let’s come to the point. Myanmar is known as least developed nation, legged behind. Progress, developments and modernisation are slow. They are needed to speed up, may be urgently. Because our population is growing rapidly, you cannot stop it growing. People have nothing to do, they have a lot of time, so they are doing whatever they can at home. Producing babies.

Your land is shrinking, because you have to accommodate the growing population. also the world is becoming smaller. We need industrialisation, mass production.

Another point to put into consideration is, how much, progress, developments, and modern industrialisation do we need? What kind of resources do we have, especially ‘human resource’. Those master of something, experts, etc., or Myanmar is fill with manual workers.

Myanmar may be a “least developed Nation”, because we have not many developers. You can blame anyone for you being poor, suit yourself, it won’t solve your problem, or the problems of your peoples, or your nation. Are you an asset or a burden, or a problem to your own people and your own nation ? You are the annoyance, you are the disturbance to their progress, developments, and to be in the modern world. Do you realised that?

A Great man of a Great nation once said, ‘ ask what you can do for your country, ask not what your country can do for you’. Which one are you? Your contribution towards your people, your nation.

In Myanmar society there are two main education which cover every other education..

No matter how many kinds of education there may be, by seeing, by hearing, and by experiencing , you learn them all. You can learn from those who are experienced. Some people may like to say “ Lawki Pyinnyar and Lawkottra yinnyar ”, if they don’t carry another meanings. Which one are you, ‘Athi Pyinnyar Shin or Atutt Pyinnyar Shin?

It is difficult to know, how many educated and uneducated people are in Myanmar. It seems like too many , more than Myanmar can handle or Myanmar need. That is why they are going out working in other countries. What kind of work are they doing there ? They will say anything. Whatever, “Alote Hu Tha-Mhya Gon Shi Zwa”. These Myanmars may be not needed in Myanmar, they may be spare parts, or export quality. There is nothing g wron for gthem being there an d working.

How Patriotic are Myanmars, how loyal are Myanmars to Myanmar?

I may have not enough ‘Atthi PyinNyar or Attut PyinNyar’, I need to learn more, I want to learn more. My learning will never finish I will never learn everything in this life. The more I learn, the more I need to learn.

The more I need to know. Because I found there are many more that I don’t know.

What I am seeing is in Myanmar society poor people dislike the rich people. Myanmars may be Communists, or at least Socialists by nature, where poor people believe they are poor because the rich people are rich. They don’t accept the rich and poor have to rely on each other, they need each other. They must know rich and poor are everywhere. They may think if the rich are not there, they will become rich instead. From where they get the idea.

Myanmar sayings are clear, “ Be Thu Ma Pyu-Mi Mi Mhu, Thadawahr Takhu Kan Takhu’. Where are all these teachings gone?

With the right education, with the right attitude, and right behaviour, with right efforts, if we start from now, it will take us at least another 25 years to educate the new generation. How long will it take to build our nation? I wished I knew.

Myanmars and their nation have been held hostages and demanded ‘ransom’ for 20 years, at least. Myanmars and their land are still being hold as hostages. It seems like even to get ‘National Reconciliation, and National Unity’, we have to bribe some people, we have to please somebody. That ‘National Reconciliation, and National Unity’, will be nothing but a fake, NOT a genuine one, it is meaningless. Fragile.

It all happen all because we are poor in education. Those who are more educated than us, more clever than us are taking advantage on us. They have no respect for us. They look down on us. and they are trying to put us down.

We need to change education system to be able to change everything which need to be changed. This may be for long term. In the mean time we need to be alert, vigilant, watchful. Because we are being attacked from different fronts.

Political, economical, social. Race and religion. Etc. Politicians, Economists, Social Service officials, and Spirituals leaders must do their best in their job , their parts.
‘Continuity and change’ could go together, our elders said.