Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 17-Aug-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

ďThere is a hole in the bucketĒ. That is what Myanmar looks like, that is what Myanmar seems to be, a bucket with a hole. Not only nobody cares or bother to mend that bucket, but also they donít let others to do it for them. I donít mean outsiders. The people were not with the government, not supporting the governments. The governments of Union of Myanmar could not do what needs to be done, because of lack of peoples interest, because of peoples lack of knowledge.

From 1948 to this day. All Governments have had lack of support from the people. Plans after plans, programmes after programmes were said. It seemed like Government and people were out of touch, did not understand each other.

We need to mend that bucket, repair it, at least we need to close that hole. Who will mend that hole? Of course, we have to do it, we Myanmars have to do it. Itís for our own sake. Itís for our own interests. Donít forget Rep Of the Union of Myanmar is your country. For some, you may not be living there, but your love ones are there, your people are there, your relatives are there.

People just take their own anitiation or own responsibility. That will make everything quicker. God's speed, some like to call.

To use a favourite, and a popular word, ď FreedomĒ , Myanmar is Free, politically, economically, social, unless you break the law. Of course how you look at that Freedom. You donít go home, you have no intention of going home, you have no plans to go home, nobody kicked you out before , nobody will kick you out now. So cut all these rubbish about Ďgoing home one dayí.
For your information,ď today is that dayĒ. If you donít go home today, you will never go home in any other day.

You donít have to go home, if that is what you called Myanmar, your home,
You can contribute something towards Myanmar from where you are. Loyalty is the most important. If you are not loyal to your own people and your own nation. You will not be loyal to anyone to any nation. You can swear oath, on Bible or Qurían or Tipitika, nobody will trust you, believe that. You will be lucky, if they donít say,ď once a traitor, is always a traitorĒ.

Some people may have their glory, and their fame, and also the may have their mistakes, slanders, and blunders, their weakness, we may not talk about. But your loyalty to Myanmar and the nation of Myanmars, that is all it counts.

Remember everything you see, you touch, or hear are "impermanence'. They may not be real, but illusions, or delusions, mirages. Expecting too much, or too over ambitious are a kind of suffering. Don't torture yourself, there is nothing much you can do, absolutely nothing. But donít let them get you, keep cool, and calm. In other words control yourself, put yourself under your own control. Or meditate to come back to realisation.

Everybody should know, if they cannot finish it, they should not have started it. If they cannot control their tummy, they should have taken the Dahl soup.

The government cannot do everything. Public. Citizens must take the share in building the nation. All Myanmar should know that by now.

The country is already a concrete jungle as part of progress, development, modern industrialisation. The air is already polluting , people are suffocatingh. Breathing problems, throat problem, and chest problems. They cpould not care, because they donít know what is happening, or they cannot afford doctorís fees.

The leaders are the Myanmars, the people are the Myanmars. They are all Myanmars. Everybody is Myanmar in Republic of Union of Myanmar.

Too much rain takes the top soil away, The land becoming desert gradually.
Nobody does anything about it to safe the soil, to stop the land slide.
To take advantage of the heavy rain for the benefit of the people, for
The benefit of the nation.

The nature of Myanmar is as the elders rightly said, " San Mashi Saut Sarr Kyee", They have no rice, but they never stop eating. As soon as they open their eyes, if they donít find their break-first ready, they will blame anyone, including Buddha himself sometimes for their own miserable
life. They believe Buddha and government will do everything ready for them.

What I see is, the whole country need to be reconstructed including the
environment. Who is going to do that? That is what I am talking about.
the progress, developments and to make Myanmar a modern industrialised
nation, has a cost, all costs . It needs to be properly planned. Everybody has to land a hand. Building a nation is everybodyís job.

First to educate the people. It is a tough and rough and a hard and difficult job. I mean to educated them not to brain wash them.
What kind of education ? The modern education, means trade and skill, professions, technical knowledge etc., from little jobs to large gigantic jobs.

Shakespeare, and Royal Balletís Swan Lake, Romeo & Juliet, Beethoven, Strauss, Royal Film-harmonic Orchestra wonít be nothing compare to Myanma Sain Waing Gyi, Maha Gita, and Thu Khu Ma Pantayar college in Myanmar.

What education to give them? Nobody knows how to educate them. Nobody know how many people with what kind of education skill and trade, and professions they need in Myanmar. Too many educated people in the rooms sitting on the chair and table, and too little of nobody to work in the field will harm the nation. How many jobs can we create for how many people, in what field.

For those who are fortunate, who have regular jobs, their wages, salary earnings should be discussed between Private sector and Public ( Government)sector. The government cannot afford to pay its employees to high the salary as high as the Private sector. All prices must be in line with the wages, and inflation. People must have a little bit of saving,to in the banks. For everybodyís sake, for themselves for the nation,for the people.

Some Myanmars are more or less are hard of hearing, some with learning difficulties. They are not ambitious enough. They have no plans for the future, ahead. Because the future is not theirs. They cannot plan, the future is uncertain. They are hit and run, because life is too short. They want to be in Nirvana through short cut, but they are not brave enough to commit suicide to make their life shorter.

No wonder, there are educated people who manipulates other, who exploits them, and who undermine them. Whose fault is that? What more can I say? this is the world we are in.

Those Myanmars, expatriates now living in other countries, have they been back to Myanmar to have a look with their so called educated eyes. What do they see, how much they understand, what can they accept, what can they not accept. Is there any reasons behind all these acceptance, or rejections? Let us know.

Whatever progress, developments, modernization we have must be maintain, look after. Further progress, further developments, further modernisation and industrialisation where it needed must be speed up.

Destruction by the destructive elements, cannot be tolerated. In a democratic country, ďterrorismĒ is not accepted. Union of Myanmar was a democratic nation. Terrorism by multi coloured insurgents took that democracy away.

Letís say, although Myanmar is 63 years young, it is not an infant, not a minor. Why canít we be 63 years young adults, 63 years young grownups. We should be out of kindergarten classes or nurseries. Itís been treated like an infant, a minor. Even Mrs Aris treats Myanmars like then, so the Myanmars who are afraid of responsibilities still want to be minors, or children, who do not want to be grown up. For them she becomes, Amay Suí.
When will all Myanmars grow up?

The time for carrot is over, this is the time for stick. National Reconciliation. National Unity cannot be achieved by one. All Nationals must reconcile, and all nationals must Unite. This idea has to be peoplesí idea. The people must push towards it, to put pressures on all nationals.

In democracy if the majority of our own nationals are reconciled and united, one must respect that Democracy, that reconciliation and that unity. Donít be a pariah, donít be an outcast.

The Government must be in touch with the people, The people must be informed all matters, every detail of them. Because the government is the Government of the people, for the people, by the people.

The people must not let the nation, or themselves suffers from gangrene.

All the people must take interests and see to all matters related to them, from multi-coloured insurgencies, including foreign invaders such as so called Rohingyas. Now they are calling themselves ĎYakhin Muslims or Myanmar Muslims.

U Nu and U Ne Win did not give KMT ( Chinese Nationalists ) a chance, to claim themselves to be Myanmar Chinese or even Shan Chinese, let alone to be original settlers in Myanmar. All the people in all the border area need to be checked thoroughly, strictly with the help of the people.