Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 6-Aug-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and friends,

Do you like the headlines , “ where are those clowns?” What I really meant was ‘ The Buddhists soldiers’ of ‘ Saffron Revolution’. They should know this is the real battle worth fighting for in every way, for all Buddhists, on behalf of all Buddhist. this may be the battle they been waiting for. Are they prepared and ready and willing to fight?

After all Myanmar is our land, and Buddhism is our way of life. We have to protect our way of life, that is the right of every human. If Buddhists Monks, protested against High fuel prices, her they have a very ‘good cause’ so directly concern them and all Buddhists. Here is the real cause for them to fight for.

This Rohingyas issues should be the best and justify cause for them to travel to Yakhine and demonstrate or protest against Rohingyas, and do something ameaningful about it, at least to preach those who called themselves Yakhine Rohingyas, something about Buddha, Dhamma, and Sanhga. Let’s see, whether these Muslims will become enlightened or they will shoot the Buddhists Monks down.

‘Restraint’ is a good word. Why must, and how many times we Myanmars must restraint ourselves, keeping calm and cool all the time? Did Gautama said that? What he also said was ‘cause and effect’, and ‘ consequences’ How many ‘Mi Ayes’, must be there in Myanmar to be raped. How many times must we Myanmars be raped, to be entitled to call for helps? What kind of Mitta, Garunar, Mudita is that. What kind of loving kindness the world has for Myanmars?

In Africa where some people are still birthday suit, ‘Mi Mway Dine – Pha Mway Dine ’ living half naked, after the hunt, they thank the pray, and they pray for the soul that departed the animal to forgive them. “Nga Win Poosa Manay Thar Loh Thutt Ya de”, without losing loving kindness to the animal they just slaughtered. We call ourselves that we are civilised people, we have more loving kindness, Mitta Garunar and Muditta. Sometimes we kill our own pets animals at home and eat. Without losing loving kindness, not because we hate them.

What is happening to Myanmar has nothing to do with the, Mitta, Garuna , Mudita or lack of loving kindness. It has nothing to do with them. It is for survival, for existence with dignity. If we don’t know we are being raped. If we don’t do anything about it, to protect ourselves , against it, that Mitta, Garuna, Mudita or loving kindness will be translated as we are willing partners, we consented to be raped. Rape may be nothing just for a little of excitements, or a bit overexcitments. Everybody will be saying , we enjoyed and every moment of those second. We are no better than whores. If we accept the payments we will become prostitutes. Our income is taxable.

That is what Ko Aung San meant by “ Phar Nainmg Gan.”. His daughter is making sure of Myanmars to become, 'Phar The' or 'mat box seller', if you want to call it.

Now the 14, Steps Road Map to Peace and Harmony for the people living in the affected area in Yakhine is suggested He miscalculate as 13 steps. A very nice piece. But not feasible. Whose expense may I ask, people’s again? The people of Myanmar must proof themselves, they are human beings, not cattle with a rope, in the nose. Not to be pushed around.

Myanmars use to say, “ Mway Mathey Dote Ma Kyo ” no harm to the snake, no harm to the stick. What do they mean by that, is there any logic? What about any harm to the man? In Buddhism, there is no prayers , nothing to wish for, hope for. It is clear, ‘cause and effect and consequences’. Myanmars are very peaceful people. Myanmars most of them are Buddhists, and Buddhism is for Peace. I personally is very unhappy about Myanmars, my people, because they gone too ‘soft’. I don’t want to use the word “ weak” some people might not approved it. This ‘softness’ won’t help them either. “ Pyaw Gwet Nhite ’, scooping the soft part, is another Myanmar saying. The ‘soft shell crab’, ‘leather back turtle’ and even many soft parts of games and meat are delicatessen for some people.

‘Calling to action’, what action do you mean? Is it, ‘Kyi Thar Kyi Lote Taw- Koh Saya’ , do as you see fit my friend? That is irresponsible . What is the right thing to do, how you want it done, rear medium, or well done. Everyone has his taste. We are not equal, remember? What I mean to say is for long term in the name of Peace and harmony do we have to give them what they want? Have they had not enough yet ?

Gautama said, ‘listen to the Dhamma on suitable occasion” or Kaleyna Dhamma Tharwaunna” in Pali is the highest blessings ’. I should say one of the highest blessings. It is good to listen to Dhamma, sometimes, there is nothing wrong with it. Only when we listen to Dhamma, from time to time we will know more about rights and wrong.

We can try and preserve the teachings of Buddha in many other ways . Buddhism is not fanaticism. Let us not make it into one In another 2400 years it will be gone. We have to live our lives as well. Gautama allowed that. The environment Gautama was in and today’s environment may be different.

"in the name of the Buddha, Dhamma and the Sangha,” I am afraid, Muslims are not Buddhists . Muslims do not know who Buddha was, or his teachings ( Dhamma), or the Sangha. As a matter of fact, the Muslim had hacked one of the Sanghas( Buddhist Monk) to death in Myanmar. How many more they hacked after that I don’t know, if I knew, I would not tell you. In the name of Peace and harmony.

We may listen to Dhamma, because we are Buddhists, we cannot guarantee, others will do the same. What must we do, when others don’t want to know about the Dhamma , let alone to listen to it. I am sure you meant Buddha’s Dhamma. But they may have their own Dhamma , they have their own Dhamma book, such as Qur’an , Bible and Scrolls.

The whole world need all the Four Deva Kings and all devas and holy Arahats and saintly protectors, to give protection, guidance and all possible assistance, To the so called the world leaders, who are shaping the world, to help them the world problem just and expeditious manner. I don’t believe those Four Deva Kings are doing their job. They must be corrupt, who bribed them? They may have their own favourites, cronies and poodles.

Everyone going to Church, Mosque, Temples, Monasteries, and Synagogues every Friday, Saturdays, Sundays, Sabbath day. In the United States of America, alone there are ministries, halls are as big as football stadiums with listeners. Ho amny Koreches are there, how many Jim Jones are there nobody knows and who cares. They have their own broadcasting stations and programmes.

All in the name of their own Dhamma, to spread their own Dhamma.
Is it fair for me to say , in the past and at present some so called leaders are, poking the stick into the Muslims hive, or blowing the wind into the bond fire. So the Muslims spread out to other parts of the world, with their new modern ideas which are genetically modified and causing the problems, spreading the problems. Muslims problem become like a “contagious disease’ without antidote. Have you thought of that? Because these Muslims were provoked by the Christians and Jews alike.

“Give protection, guidance and all possible assistance, to help Myanmar solve this problem in a just and expeditious manner." When was the time Myanmar solved the problems, any problems. If you have any idea, what is it, why don’t you speak out and give it to the Myanmar leaders.

If somebody believes there is justice on this earth, he is not an earthling. God did not create this as a just world. In this unjust world, we don’t know who started it, nothing can be done justifiably, whatever is started will never be finished. There can only be, ‘agreeable justice’. Yet that is not for fanatics. Totally acceptance, is impossible, especially in, “ Expeditious manner”. There will always be someone who will say, “ you are not fair, you are not just ”. Right or wrong Myanmars must stand on their own ground. ‘ Right or wrong, these are my people this is my country’.

Nobody knows what is right, or what is wrong, the right is the right and the wrong is the wrong. What may be the right for one may be wrong for the other. That is the real world. you can look at it with any virtual reality.

Nobody is taken it lightly. If you can exploit it you may even unite all Myanmars, the whole country. There is such thing as right to defend and to protect. Hatred has no place. All Myanmars , all religions, all nationalities are living together in Peace and harmony for decades, if not centuries. Nobody should create the word ‘Hatred’ as a weapon, if he does not inten to use it.

It is nothing to do with ‘hatred’. I am glad, Yakhine Buddhists are woken up. Once I said from this web site that, Yakhine must help themselves, protect and defend themselves. Let the Yakhine know that they are not alone. All Myanmars must help them. Because there will be no shortage of other Muslims from outside who are helping these Rohingyas, and many more will come.

Of course, this matter is all about religion, and all about race. What do you know about Rohingyas? Have you read about them somewhere? If Rohingyas were Buddhist, this problem won’t exit, won’t emergess. Muslims are using their religion to grab the land of Myanmars, to grab the women of Myanmars and to grab everything belongs to Myanmars.

As a matter of fact, race, and religion are the very issues here, and like always very sensitive issues, and very effective weapons as well. Because we Myanmars are Buddhists in majority, other people are uncomfortable and using democracy and human rights as some of their weapons to attack, Bamars, Yakhin and other Buddhists. There is nothing we can do about it where Myanmar Buddhists are the majority in Myanmar, and Myanmar is predominantly Buddhists.

I always believe Majority means nothing, it is not right, it is nor wrong. Any kind of violence any tyranny committed by majority cannot be accepted by me.

Buddhists and The Tatmadaw to protect the Buddhism and their mother land as well. If not the Myanmars can surrender the land to these Muslims, and go back to Tibet, Mongolian plateau. Is that what you want?

According to the Spaniard history, Muslims tried to flood Europe predominantly Christians with Islam again and again. ‘The moors’ they called them, who are the crossed breed people of Berber and Arab decent, from North West Africa invaded Spain, a Spaniard called Al CID Rodriguez paid his life to protect , and defend Valencia, for King and Country. Remember ?

Intellectual and academic are very clever, in fact too clever, especially Myanmars . They may be Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, they may be not. They will not open their mouth, they are afraid to speak in every issue. If they are as intellect, and as academic, they must have something to say. But they try to be ‘Tay Mi Min’, to be bystanders. They are indecisive . ‘Yey Lite Nghar Lite’. When is right and wrong has something to do, the truth or false has something. The ‘might’ is always right. Can’t you accept that yet? You’ve got to be strong. Only rooms for strong to survive.

The God, the Almighty God was right all along even when he killed people as punishments again and again. I don’t know I read it in the Holy Bible. So forget about five precepts, or ten precepts, you have to do what is necessary, to conserve yourself.

I will tell you this. Peace will be there, when Rohigyas go back to where they came from possibly from Afghanistan. Or Myanmar go back to Tibet, Mongol Plateau.It is evident these two people cannot live together in Peace and harmony. Or some countries, who really cares for human beings who has a lot of land to spare, with the same religion, way of life should take these Rohingyas, and make them, their people. That will be a great practical help to Myanmar as well as Rihingyas.

There are precedents. Many so called displaced people of Myanmars are being accepted in countries, all over the world Europe, America , Australia, Britain etc. Or leave it as this is the problem between Yakhine and Rohingyas, nothing to do with Myanmar or any other. Peace and harmony is what everyone wants. But where is this Peace and harmony to find? What Rohingyas may be hoping for is while they are there at the border, they can speed up human production, multiply as much as they like with their women in their harem. That is their peaceful way to flood the Yakhine and complete their Islamisation of Yakhine .

If Yakhine are Myanmars they need all the help they can get from us. We must give them all the supports they need. To help Yakhine is to help ourselves. If you treasure Shwedagon, Mahamuni. And other secret places, we must all stop these fanatic Muslims. Because they are armed, and their programmes is not healthyone, for Buddhists. The Yakhines are facing armed Muslims, without arms. Who are arming Rohingyas? We may have to arm the Yakhine, if that is really necessary. Myanma Tatmadaw has to protect them with all cost. All Myanmars must be behind the Tatmadaw and Yakhines. The prayer of Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, or “ EI Ti Pi Thaw Bagawar” will never be enough.

Besides, Al Qaeda, Taliban are with them, when they manage to infiltrate into Myanmar.US may have some information. Myanmars will become target for US and its allies. Today, Pakistan and US are having big problems. Because of Al Qaeda, and Taliban, many innocent villagers are being killed in the US drone attacks at the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Al Qaeda and Taliban are hiding among the civilians. It could be the same at the Myanmar Bangladesh border. How can we verify that, justify that?

We should never counter who do not understand what loving kindness, with loving kindness. Untruth with truth, selfishness with generosity and evil designs with better plans and coordinated actions,” blah, blah, blah. What are you talking about. Where have you been. What books were you reading. What are you thinking?

Are the Massaih, you are the saviour, are you the son of God. ?
Diplomats, represents the people , and the nation of the people. Do you know what that means? Diplomats are the servants of the people. Peoples wishes are their command.

Have you heard, Koffi Annan gives up his post as being special envoy. he quit the job on Syria. I hope he is not coming to Yakhine to do the same job.

You can urge all International media, international NGO's working in the field of human rights and all International relief organizations to have better understanding of the situation and to refrain from uttering to writing untruths, half-truths or initial news which have not been verified using proper procedures. Don’t forget they have their own weapons called’ freedom of the press’. They are another ‘; untouchables”.

“ Myanmar is now going through its most critical period towards a smooth transition to democracy.’ Is it why these Muslims are black mailing Myanmars, provoking the Buddhists? Who can say for sure, this is not a deliberated interference from outside? To destabilised, the country to create unrests, to deny Peace, or to deny Myanmar human beings, their human rights, is not the idea or the work of any government of Myanmar the past and the present. It is the idea of Outsiders.

There are no Negros, there are no Niggers, no Redskin in Myanmar. Not a single one. But Myanmar was considered as Negros, and Niggers they were denied all their rights since 1886. There was no Negros or Niggers in the past or at present in Myanmar while Bamars are on watch.

All Myanmars must Unite as one people . All Myanmars must know who their enemies are.

First I would like to know where ‘the brave clowns’, the Buddhists Monks from the well-publicised ‘Great Saffron Revolution are.