Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 1-Aug-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

For over twenty years I have been taking part , for the progress, developments and modernization of Myanmar and its people. If you care to look back to messages, there are some for the government as well as for the opposition. There were some against the government and also against the opposition.

I am here to talk about my country and my people out of love for their progress, developments, to modernise the country to fit into the so called modern world, as I see it, and as I see fit. They are my people and that is my country.

How much progress, developments, and modernization do we need, or do we want? What are the main ingredients. What are available in Myanmar? Are we going to import the progress, developments, and modernisation to Myanmar, like heart transplant, liver transplant or kidney transplant? Who will perform these transplants, Dr. Frankenstein ?

Who are those who will create Myanmar to be progressed, developed and modern industrialised nation? These people ( Myanmars) how progress, how developed, how modern and how industrialised are they , in other words how ‘creative’ the Myanmars are ? Will Myanmars be ‘allowed’ or permitted to do their utmost, to the best of their ability, and knowledge in this so called Free world, FREELY?

“ Allowed , permitted”. Who has to allow us, who has to give us permission, or authorisation? Somebody may be able to answer those questions, I am sure? Is it fair to say, that’s why Myanmars are copying almost everything from outside, legally or illegally I don’t know. Copy rights never heard of it in Myanmar . When the rule of law might come all Myanmar will be stopped, “ The day Myanmar stood still.’

All I know is, Myanmar are not creating anything. Myanmars are not writing, or singing anymore Myanmar songs. They are not playing Myanmar musical instruments. Myanma Yin Kyey Mhu is thoroughly beaten, by those modernisers Even Myuanmar culture is fading away. Do we still need ‘Yin Kyey Mhu Ministery , and Minister? Besides, I found there is very little potentials, local ingredients, creators and those who have creativity. Why bother, why torture ourselves, why make things complicated. Myanmar is rich nation, we can buy everything we need, ready made from outside. That’s what the late Genaral Saw Maung said .

The experience Myanmar had during 23 years, if only you can remember tells us all our freedom have been taken away . How Free , Independence, and Sovereign Nation Myanmar is now, today? When economic sanctions, are imposed on Myanmar, when the West ganged up on Myanmar, together with some Myanmar academic, intellectual in the country, the Government or the people could do very little or nothing . Some educated, intellect, trained , skill people count not find a job in Myanmar , They have to be allowed to leave. To serve or to be the servants to the nation of their choice or the nation which accepted them. Myanmar was nearly cleaned out thoroughly. the people are swimming on the dry land which NLD created. Stripped naked,of everything. Everyone blamed everyone. It is said, the Generals, and the NLD leadership were elites, and untouchables.

If only Myanmar had no food , starving, like some of those in Africa, the story will be different. That was the reasons, everybody come to their senses, realised, if anything worse happened they won’t get away this time, they will be buried alive. At the edge of the abyss again, about to be totally destructed, they change, a limited change to be able to say they have change.

The West is in trouble on their own. They won’t be able to help those they are supporting in Myanmar . But they have to save them , protect them before any bad thing happen. It is obvious. You can hear them saying, you can see them doing. You don’t have to know rocket science to know that. Because we all are interrelated, if one goes down , we all will go down. Accept it or not. After all , tom help others is to help yourself, let’s put it that way.

Even the west is saying they intend to invest, or they have suspended economic sanctions. How much time will Myanmar need to get economy started and to get into speed? All that will take time, if they ever.

Myanmar may be an agricultural nation. It’s unique till some decades ago. But not now, accept it. Everybody in the world is growing rice, at least for themselves, they cannot rely on outside suppliers. When the suppliers cut off the supplies, they had it. Some countries are given away rice free as aides , as presents, as gifts. Some people still growing rice manually, some industrialised agriculture, and mass producing . How can manual one compete with them.

23 years of economic sanctions, will take Myanmar, 230 years to recover. Myanmars may have rice enough for 100 million people to day. That is today situation. But when we talk about progress, developments and modernisation, we will definitely lose out land, for agricultural, for and have we lost to developers, just to me piss holes, and shit holes ? Of course the arguments is, living standard. Why are Myanmar walking side way like a crab, what can’t Myanmar grow like trees. I have many things to say about this, but I will say, if we don’t look after the land we will be in big troubles again soon.

Let me give you another example, if you can only understand. Not every plants or trees can grow in Myanmar if it’s not of Myanmar origin, because of our climate and weather.. Not from seeds, not by means of transplant. If needs be there should be ‘genetic modification’, or ‘husbandry’. Some husbandries are not possible . You cannot cross an elephant and a she-goat to get a ‘goate-phant’.

Because we need progress, developments, and modernization, because we need land, we have to plan thoroughly. Not hit and run, not just to please the present generation.‘ Long live Myanmar, and Myanmar forever and ever’, if it’s not contradictory to Gautama Buddha’s teaching of ‘impermanence’.

There are mountainous countries in the world, how they look after their mountains, how they use their mountains, at the same time how they look after, maintain the flat land.

Nationalisation is nothing new in every country. Some business are owned and run by the country, the government ( the public). Some business own and run privately. In most country majority of the business are own and run by private citizens.

In Myanmar Nationalised, industry are for sale, to public , to run private, but the problem is foreign firms only want lucrative business such oil, gas, minerals nothing else. We have many areas to have progress, to developed , to modernised. Transports, air, rail and road, and water way. From north to south, from east to west of the country.
Once I had suggested transport minister to go down to travel by air, by rail , by road and by water, across the country to see and to know what he should do. At least he should visit S’pore or Bangkok to get some ideas. Government has no money, public have no interest to buy shares. When the people expect the government to do everything for them, then they should not object or oppose to the Nationalisation, not even moan or groan.

If there is anybody want to buy any business from the government’s nationalised industry, they are welcome to do so with special concessions rate or, incentives. For creating jobs for the people some government even pay the employers some .

Whatever the constitution say ,‘The Nationalisation’ may be needed from time to time, for the government to safe the industry, to bill out the troubled companies, to safe the jobs for labour force, the people, and to continue the supply the customer’s demand.These circumstands cannot be foreseen sometimes.

Are you thinking of buying business or shares in Myanmar? You are most welcome. The government wants to sell nationalised industries, factories, mills etc. It is inviting everybody, to buy the nationalised business, to work on your own as private firm encouraging private ownership, or joint venture with the government, , Why don’t you come out and buy it off, or buy some shares from the Government.

If you don’t want to do it, if you cannot do it you must let others do it Myanmars will be given preference, if Myanmars cannot take it it will go to foreigners. Can Myanmar individually or in group compete with foreigners? A Myanmar ( Mon) called U Nar Out became bankrupt in whe he had to compete against Ayeryarwaddy Floatilla.

There are people, in Myanmar doing nothing, no regular job, working nowhere, how the hell they are getting income to live like a Queen. Have you bother to check. How much did Ko Aung San and Daw Khin Kyi left for her, as state pension? How much money did she get from her husband’s insurance policy? Does anybody know? What is the salary as an MP now? She must have some invisible regular income to survive like that in Myanmar for23 years. Did anybody enquire?

Since 1948 , when U Nu was democratically elected the Nationalisation was taken place, gradually. in 1963 , General Ne Win under his socialism nationalised, anything and everything, large or small , own by Myanmar or none Myanmar , Nationalisation was completed.

What would Ko Aung San say if he was alive, he’ll praise Ne Win, award him the highest honourin the Nation, ‘Aggamaha Aun San Thu Riya’ bwe?

Or would Ko Aung San might change his mind from Socialism to Capitalism, or even Communism? Ko Aung San had the habit, of changing his mind. It’s well known to everybody. But not only in the process of witch hunt by the West at the time, Burma Communist Party or Communist Party Bamar-pyi were made unlawful, before they became too strong . Because Communist wanted ‘total independence,’ whether to get it in peace, or to fight for it. “ Ya Yin Ya, Maya Yin Cha ”, was their cry. With the pressures from the British, U Nu made leaders of BCP, CPB , Thakin Than Tun and Thakin Soe his enemies. That was the first taste of Freedom, Independence, and Sovereignty by the Bamars.

As in Myanmar in other countries, the land, the sea and air space is own by the government, and everything over and under groend own by the state, the nation. Myanmar is nothing special. it always been like that . “Shwe Dwin – Ngway Dwin – Payin - Dote htar, Thayan zarta in the ground , above the ground is own by the government, the state, the nation. They are not privately own unless they are allowed, permitted by the state.

It is understood, that a nation is built by its people. The progressed people, the developed people, the people with modern ideas. The people are the creators, they have to create , how creative are the people, of Myanmars? How progress are their minds, how developed are their brains, how modern are their thinking, to make Myanmar a progressed, a developed , and a modernised nation? Still the question is how much progress, how much developments, how much modernisation?

Do we need to read “ Shakespeare”, or Jane Ayrs, or Jane Austin to be modern, or English history. Should Myanmars not be reading science, physic and chemistry, nuclear science, rocket science or nuclear technology. So that Myanmar can create more than their own fire crackers.

What do you say? “ It will be alright on the night “, is that it ?

Talk to you later,