Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 29-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

The ‘trust’ is missing ,this is not the first time I said it. If trust is missing. There is nothing much we can do.Is it missing or somebody is hiding it? Anybody looking for it, anybody searching for it?

My elder told me “Looking for someone to trust, you will never find him.. In life there are only two things you have to do, either take a ‘risk’ or take a ‘chance’. If you cannot take one of these , you can do nothing. If you are waiting for others ,it will be a waist of time. Myanmars have a saying “ Koh Ga Kyuu Koh Duu Toung Koh Mayon Ya ”. Don’t trust anything/anyone beyond your own knee. So, to trust others is, none existence from the beginning. What about others, do they trust you? I doubt it.

Nothing is impossible, there may be something you have not done, yet. Just do what you have to do, and do your part right.

Have we done everything, whatever is possible? Is there anything we have done? You tell me. Where is honesty, sincerity , loyalty, to trust someone. I don’t think anybody can answer truthfully. Because nobody knows what they are, where they are.

In the case of Myanmar it could be said generally, that ‘The trust’ is missing. If somebody found it, please return it to The People Parliament, PO Box 0951, Naypyidaw , Rep. of the Union of Myanmar.

Where will we go from here? You got to trust someone. We can write books and volumes on this subject of ‘trust’, ‘confidence’. But nobody can say what trust mean exactly. So I will leave it as it is, as we understand, and play along.

For 63 years what were we doing, playing carrots and stick game. That did not work, nearly three generations is gone. Only thing that is left to do is, to take a risk, or take a chance.

One said, ‘Genuine disciplined democracy, and other said ‘true democracy ’. Other said foreign investments, one said, ‘democracy friendly investments’. Another one said, ‘union spirit,’ the next said,” ‘ a spirit of Union’. One said Unionism,the other one said Federalism. Why are they confusing the people with these words of their own choice, some of them they may not even understand. because these are not Myanmar usages?

What are they trying to prove ? After all we are one people, we are Myanmars, are we not?

I can understand, some people call it ‘Toh may toe’ , where some said ‘Toh mar toh’. when we Myanmars call it ‘Kha-yan-jin thee’ . If only we can understand, these different usages it will be of great help. We don’t have to be deaf and dumb, to point our fingers at something (‘ Kha –yan- jin thee’,) which everybody know is the same thing. Of course there are many different kinds or variety of ‘ Kha Yan Jin Thee’ . But Toh may toe, or Toh mar toh is Kha Yan Jin The for us. That’s all we need to know. We hjave our home grown. Others are extras, optional.

Who is right who is wrong?, everyone is right. Are we going to fight for it, killed each other for it? Or this is the only way we know to reduce the world population. Weak can die, for the strong to survive is that it?

National Reconciliation, National Unity is not new words. They may be for those who were born yesterday. Trust is needed not only among ourselves, but also with foreigners.

Every people, every nations have their own histories. History is about the past. It may be about something , someone, some country, some people in the past, what happened long time ago. We are here today at present. We have to live, today, we have to survive today. It is not wise to hang on , on the past,. don’t look too far ahead to, tomorrow, you donm’t know where you will be . Because it is said ‘that life is too short’.

Some wise ones even told us, showed us how best to eat sugar cane. Not from the tips, but from the end first , just because life is too short. If you are gradually going down from the tip to the end, you might not live to reach the end to get the real taste of sugar cane . So today, every moment you are living, every breath you take is important.

In the SEA region, we are today, we were fighting war with our neighbours as our enemies once. That is according to the past history. We are no more enemies to each other, unless somebody create it for us. if we let them do it, if we fall into their trap , that will be self-destructions for all. We lose all.

The same with our own people of all major ethnic, races, groups of nationality in our land of Myuanmars We may have our pasts but if we fall into these traps it is our own self-destructions for all. Don’t ever think the strong will survive the weak will disappear. Among ourselves nobody is strong we both will disappear.

Like it or not we are individually weak, we need each other to be strong, together we are strong . Politically, economical, socially, strong. This ‘strength’ is not to offend anybody, not to threaten, harass or intimidate anybody. You have to be strong to protect and defend yourself, your beloved people and your beloved nation. That ‘noble idea’ must be screwed into our heads forever. Don’t you ever forget that, whoever you are. That is noble thing to do.

What about the foreigners, the westerners, especially the British, we can never forget and hard to forgive. They must feel the same with us their own reason towards us.

When we read the books on history, either the history of the world, or our own Myanmar history, they don’t tell us every. who wrote them did not know everything to tell us everything.

We have to admit Myanmar history or anybody history let alone the world, Myanmars don’t read that much of anything. They have no time to read, May be they don’t know how to read , they don’t want to know. May also be there are no history books, either about Myanmar or about the world to read, to go round.

Just before the end of Konbon Dynasty, during Thibaw reign there was a little bit about industrialisation. ‘Setyone ,( factories) Aloteyone, ( workshops ) ’etc. Myanma Tatmadaw start wearing uniform., arming it with modern weapons. It was necessary, it was a necessity. Yet we were too late British over run us. The rest you know.

The lessons we learned from that was , the need to be strong, to protect and defend our people , our nation. We are not preparing to offend others, all over the world . Some people with their own guilty conscience, to justify their own intention actions, accused Myanmar and some other nation of ill intention, ill will against them. I laugh, and laugh , and laugh. Some more lessons were learned. The making of a nation is the same as the making of the Empires.

Saya Thu Kha said, “ Ahkyaung Sher Daw – Goung Mhar Char Char Le”. When we look for the causes, reasons we are confused, everything is complicated. Never ending stories were told, whose been telling these stories, whose been writing those stories? How much is it true, how must is it exaggerated . We don’t know , we can only use our educated guess, and use our sense.

We are at present in the process of making a history. Present history is for the future . When that time actually came, we won’t be here to check that history. We are not alone in the world. Whatever we want to do, we cannot do it alone. How honest are we, sincere or loyal to our people and our nation? How honest are others, sincere and loyal to our people, and our nation? There is the answer , you don’t have to spell it out.
If one is dishonest, not sincere, not loyal, the whole structure will come down collapse. We both need to be honesty, sincere and loyal, to ourselves, and to others.

Now we have everybody in the Hluttaw, do they trust each other? Honesty, sincere , and loyalty be to the people , to the nation. We don’t have to remind them what they have or they haven’t not done, what they have or they haven’t said. They must know themselves. They are the ones who has to correct their mistakes , they have to make amendments.

“ Nobody is perfect, nobody is innocent, we are all human”. That is not an excuse to make mistakes again, and again, to have mercy on yourself, your soul. When we go to church and confess, whether you are forgiven or not by who, I don’t know, but the priest will say “ do not commit it again my son, or go , sin no more, my son”. What you do next is matter, another day, before next Sunday. In Buddhism it’s not like that at all.” Reap what you sowed”, is more likely.

Having said all these, I think, it is time that we get out of this circle of preaching, the need for unification, the need for Unity the same old subject. Or the same old theories day in and day out. It’s been 63 years, still singing the old song, because we have no new songs.

We are all adults, responsible citizens of Myanmar. De we realise that we have our rights and responsibility or duties, prescribed in the Constitution. It’s time to put them into practice don’t you think ? Let’s be more like Buddhists, because Gautama also advised us to put his teachings into practice, have experience.
How many Constitutions were there before this. Did anybody care about those Constitution, laws rules regulation, and procedures?

Yes actions, not words, what we really need. Either to get together, or to wipe out each other for total destructions.

Talk to you later.