Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 27-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmars, Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

A stupid question to ask. I will not like any answer if that does not what I am hoping for. Whatever you decide. But I know who am I what am I that is I am still in year 23. Will that answer near enough to your answer? I never fire a first short, but I can return the fire with deadly force, fire power. Plastic bullits, rubber bullits, or hard tips. Some times it may be, " Yoh Thu Mashet - Myin Thu Shet'.

Before I become Thaw Ta Ban or Anargan, I will still act and react as a layman Puh tu zin, I will still be 'Ohmma dagaw', but not 'Thwet-cha Parda'. I will give my respect to those who deserves it. Those who insult my people, and my country will be taken as those who insults me. That's my promise. I am not a hermit either.

On “Raising the level of political discussion”, I always suggested everyone to say what they had to say, what’s in their mind. That is for the benefit of the nation, and the people. There are people from all levels, from differ education, different intelligence , different upbringing, some serious, some not, some don’t know.

I already made my argument that we cannot be equal, we will never be equal. Especially in Buddhism , according to your meritorious deeds you will place yourself in one of the 31 realms, before you attain 'The Nirvana' you have to be enlightened. That you can do it by yourself nobody can do it for you.

You can believe whatever you want. The words of Gautama ,“Kan, Nyan, Wariya, Lonla”, “Thadawar Takhu, Kan Takhu”, How do we understand them? Do they have any meaning? You have to make yourself understand them. I don’t know what other religion and teachings are. I also understand the teachings of Gautama are for every Tom , Dick and Harry in all the Universes.

What I have seen or experience in the past 23 years, or in my life everybody has their own ways of doing things. Yet that own way is not permitted, allowed, Because some of them are influenced by pure greed, anger and hatred, and delusion. If we cannot reduce these we will always be in trouble, call it, “ hell on earth”.

I think it is true and it is due time to speak our mind, in a civilised ways and civilised manners for the wellbeing of our people, our nation. In politic, ‘agree, disagree, or don’t knows’ are the culture. we have to accept them with smile .

According to Buddhism, there is no reward, or punishments, only ‘consequences’. So it is of no use to praise somebody or to condemn somebody. Everybody will have to face the consequence for what they have done, good or bad.

We are known as “ Lawki Tharr ”, we have to atten our Lawki Kate-sa or YeyYar Because this is our life living life. We need to talk about our living, do things for our living life .That is what I said, “ Lawkottayar” can wait. Because we are struggling in our present life. We don’t know what have we done in out past lives, to deserve this.

So I want to confine myself. My concern is my life, related to others. Others means my people, and other people as well. It may or may not be anything to do with Thein Sein or Mrs Aris.

What I can tell you is what I feel. I have a funny feeling that they both are trapped.They are not as free as we thought. What he might be doing is nothing new. They both may be following the idea or the dreams of Ko Aung San, and all the leaders after Ko Aung San, or before Thein Sein. How much have they achieved, I honestly could not say. Those who study Myanma Thamaing will know. But what did they accept as truth?

According to our own Myanmar saying we are “ Ya Lay Loh Lay ” kind. Dn’t we all? The more we get, the more we want. But what I dare say is all our leaders they can do much better than me. What if there were no insurgents, no rebels, no terrorists how far would we have achieved?

The fact was ‘The Temporary Unification, Unity against British and against Japanese, freed ourselves and our nation. If that unification was maintained , look after , all Myanmar would be laughing. Union of Myanmar will be one of the Great nation , in the world, let alone in the SEA region. We know that don’t we? But where is that Unification gone, where is that Unity. Who are we against today?

U Thein Sein is following Ko Aung San steps again, or reintroducing his ideas, which is to Unite all political parties in Myanmar first , and to have National Unity second. Nobody can blame him because there were not many political parties before 2010. So it was National Reconciliation, and National Unity.

In another words, let’s say, that may be according to law of change, impermanence, but Thein Sein is in his own way, going in dignified way. “Athay Goungh, Anay Goung ’. Good death and good living. He is going any way, lucky if he lasts till 2015, or after that. We need to look beyond Thein Sein or Mrs Aris.

Somebody might still say because Thein Sein is pressured. Yeah, if that is true , it could be said, ‘everyone is pressured’. The people get more pressures than anybody, they are flattened, like a thin wafer. They hardly could stand up without assisstance.

Our leaders had many ideas, all these ideas needed the cooperation, and the coordination between the People’s Government and the people to share the responsibility of building the nation. In one of many messages , I stated, “Pyi Thu Arrh”, the ‘ the people’s power’ as positive sense, which any government needs.

The government led by U Nu , U Ne Win, and U Than Shwe, tried to use people’s power in nation building. But the idea did not reach the people, or the people did not understand the idea. Even the nation’s back bones such as Peasants, farmers, and workers.

Socialism was to blame. If that is the case, Ko Aung San has to be blamed, because socialism was his idea. Other leaders followed him. At the time the Capitalism and Communism were at the height in competition. A socialist country, a little country, a small country like Myanmar fell at the fence or with unseated rider. Being none align movement member save the day. Myanmar was fooled.

Some wealthy and rich government make the people of Myanmar believe, that building the country is the government job, whether that government is elected by the people or not elected (self-imposed). They don’t tell them people have to contribute towards building the nation. Government is the worker, people are hiring the government , people have to pay them at least the cost of construction.

Communist still lives. Socialist still alive. But the scene has changed, Today in the West, one country after another is falling due to economic troubles. There are protests, rallies, demonstrations against giant cooperates or the capitalists . Social unrests are everywhere. Are these the doing of Socialists, Communists, terrorists , Al Qaeda, Taliban, including Russian Fed., and PR China. May be North Korea, even Iran , Libya or Syria.

Now it could be said the West is thinking of investing in Myanmar. Is it their timely move to save their own skin. Or to help who ? Myanmars? Which Myanmar Thein Sein or Mrs Aris in particular.

As a matter of fact we Myanmars are by our nature, by our traditions, culture, customs, and way of life is filled with 1000% of community spirit. Where we lost our ‘community spirit’ I don’t klnow. This spirit has absolutely nothing to do with Socialism, or Communism. When we forgot who we are or what we are, I want to put it that way, there we lost our community spirit. A beautiful, and a useful spirit.

Sad to hear, heart breaking , some so called Myanmar, even telling not only the people of Myanmar, “not to co-operate with the Myanmar government, not to give the government a helping hand. Respect and honour go to these people. What is happening to the words of Gautama?

My personnel opinion is these kind of people with full of anger, and hatred , greed and selfishness who creates pain and suffering to the people, through their ignorance and delusion, fear and anxiety should not be existed in Myanmar, or in any other country, opposition or not, democracy or not human rights or not.

Myanmar is a least developed nation. ‘Least developed’, means we have a very limited source of development, that means very limited resource of revenue. Yet instead of helping Myanmar, to progress, to develop. And to be industrialised. Economic sanctions are imposed , thanks to some Myanmars in the opposition . How could they justify that, I don’t know. All I can only say is , “ two wrongs cannot make one right”.

Democracy or not , “Bamar Pyi Doung Zu Go – Pyan Le Htoo Htoung Mhu Ne Pyu Byin Myi ”. That should be the national spirit, that should be the patriotic spirit to bring back to Myanmars. I will not accept if someone say, Myanmar has not progress, during 63 years because of mismanagements by the government.

Myanmars are not uneducated people, they are not illiterate. They may be lack of so called modern education, but Myanmars are one of the most philosophical people on earth. They are also trapped in their own Philosophies. They may not be up to date. Still living in the time of 2000 years ago, if I may say so. I blame some people for interpreting , translating some of these philosophies, which they may have done to suit them. There are people who say, Buddhism is for all beings, for all times. It may be so. So what? We are talking about real life for today ‘lawki’. “Lawkottaya can wait, I said, and I also said. to take care of ‘lawki’, and ‘Lawkottya’ will follow in time.
Now let come back to today. We are sitting together. The first question is how confident are Myanmars in ourselves? How much have they lost their confidence? Have they rediscovered their confidence back? The confidence that they lost ?

The second question do they trust each other now, more than before less, or not sure ? If they have no confidence, no trust, do they have fear, superiority or inferiority complex? Do they feel they are equal, and they are friends now?

I will tell you one thing, Myanmars have no confidence. They are always in fear, or afraid of one thing or the other. They are afraid, they will make mistakes, they will be blamed . They cannot take the blames, they want to blame others, That is Myanmar. The fact is they are not used to do their work by themselves, they are free riding and freeloading.

Another way to look at them is Myanmars are soft, very soft. They don’t like the word ‘weak’ to use against them. If they don’t know the word ‘ weak’, if they don’t know the meaning of that word , I doubt they know the word “strength”, I doubt they know the word ‘unity’. How can you blame them, what they are seeing is Unity in different shape and form. Unity means a group of countries gang up on others with them strength of unity or united force.

I think, “ The Day The Earth Stood Still ” has some message for us , for all of us, or for all earthlings. Only when we are in brink of total destruction, we prepare to change, we make change. That is out of ‘Fear’, without that ‘Fear’, we don’t bother to change.

That was the same for Cambodia , at the brink of total destruction , at the edge of the abyss, Cambodians changed. Some Cambodians were put on trial charge with genocide. The case still going on. Is that meant for National Reconciliation, is that for National Unity? Whose idea was that? How many Myanmar deserves to be charged and tried like the Cambodians, Khmar Rouge.

Ko Aung San and his comrades were killed, because he was a thorn on the side of the British or on the side of the Japanese. We killed Thakin Soe in the jungle, because he was a Communist we killed to please someone or who? Communists party was kicked out of Myanmar politic, because British did not want Communist. Myanmar government had to declare them unlawful organization. What about KNDO and others then and today. How long have they been like that? Because they are not communists, are they lawful organizations?

What is Communist. A communist is an enemy of Capitalist ion theory. It was communist U.S.S.R who defeated Nazi Germany from their part of the world theyn ;lost 20 million of their own people. 20, million. The West could not do it alone. The west even thought of finish U.S.S.R off then inn 1945. But in the end they sat down, dine with Joseph Stalin, and other Communists leaders, worshiping them. if I may add. Everybody can knock on the head of U Nu he was pleasing wsome one with democracy sacrificing his own people for being Communist, but he never stay away from Peking , Mao Zetong or Chau Enlai as ‘ Swe Myo Paut Phaw’.

Rep.of the Union of Myanmar, many times came so close to fall into the abyss. It’s not over yet. There was no foreign physical involvements in the case of Myanmar. But who know in the future? Everything is possible. Itb happened to Vietnam, Laos. Combodia, and Korea.

Myanmar came to this stage, situation, because, Myanmar saying is “ Thar Soe Thamee So Pyit Yoh Htyone Zan MaShi – Toung Zoe Palon Soe Thar Pyit Yoh Shi”. When our children become, “ Thar Zo Thmee Zo ” wew don’t disown them we don’t abandoned them. The most they will become “ Mi Masone Ma- Pha Masone Ma’. Annoying not onlt patrents but also others.

these, ‘ Tharr Soe – Thamee Soe, or Mi Masone Ma – Pha Masone Ma,’ can make everything gone upside down. Like ‘Bya Wi and Byata’ who turned the monastery upside down, after eating ‘Zawgi Pho Win Thar’. In the end they both were executed. The children of one of them by the Pan Zar Beluu Ma ‘Shwe Phyin Gi and Shwe Phyin Lay’ were also executed. The First Myanmar Naing Gan Daw builder Anawyahtar did that.

For today’s children Democracy and human right is the same as ‘Zawgi Pho-win Tharr’. After eating it they turned the country upside down. Because they did not know their strength, they did not know how to use their strength.

Myanmar is suffering from gangrene. If we don’t amputate the effected part of the bone, it will spread all over the body, we will surely die, definitely, the question is only ‘when’. In that sense, and that was why I was saying Myanmar Government is’ weak’, too weak no guts to do the right thing , to say the right thing. He may be please everybody. Whom are these everybody?
What are we going to do to those who do not want to reconcile with the Bamars, who don’t want to be united with the Bamar.? Any idea, is there plan B, ready? That has been the case for the past 64 years, no plan B. Any idea for Thar Soe Thamee soe – Mi Masone Ma – Pha Masone Ma?

What if I had said, in the name of National Reconciliation, for National Unity. Than Shwe, Khin Nyunt , Thein sein and the who were involved in 1988, SLORC, or later SPDC and onwards should be put on trial, charge with , crimes against humanity, genocide, ethnic cleansing. Will that be good enough for the said, ‘reconciliation and unity’ Like they do in Cambodia under the supervision of United nations. Will that make some people happy? That’s what happen in Combodia. Is that what you want to happen in Myanmar ? The case never close. Nazi Germans, who might be still living alive are being hunted down and put on trial.

Who is the highest authority in Myanmar should be? NRC ? Who will be in that council. Unelected ones ? Thetre is already problem with these unelected people in Myanmar and elsewhere in other parts of the world especially, ‘ House of Lords’ in Britain.
Ne Win tried it with 33 civilian members council, and the council of his own he failed. It is a long story. Because the people of the nation have had no idea of what he was doing they don’t try to understand, Ne Win did not try to explain to them.

I have suggested, whatever we want to do, it has to be discuss, debated thoroughly to get the agreement, everystep we have to inform the people, to understand the idea to get used to it. That will take time any time , not overnight job, I am telling you. That is in accordance with democracy.

We can do it quicker, that will be ‘Thajar Thar Thanar’. Like King of the Deva who has to look after the Thar Thanar to be cleaned . “Makoung Thu Pei – Koung Thu Kei” . That ‘ThajarMin’ may be a dictator. He has to act. 2500 or more years is more than enough for everybody to understand what a ‘Dhamma’ is all about, what a “ Tayar” means and is all about. We all have to behave or he will take care of us. he will deal with us. We he does , we won’t like it.

What Thein Sein was doing was he meeting none elected parties. Because he wants to. There is a Constitution. Every political party should be digested before the general elections were held in 2010, or the by elections, in April 2012.

Let me ask you some question, what is the United Nations for, what can UN do, who owns UN, and who are running it ? Even though many of my school friends, colleagues are working there. One of my country man, U Thant served as UN Secretary General. He was just like any other servants. But as a servant of the people of the world. I doubt it. ‘The world’ I know is very small to me small than United Nation. This giant world called UN is under the influence, and control of United States.It’s not a free organization, for the Free world. I am hearing many voices, asking for, demanding for UN to be reformed. Is anybody in the UN listening ?

Nice talking to you,