Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 26-Jul-2012  

Dear Myanmar Patriots , Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

Enough have been said about our land , enough have been said about our leaders. Nobody says who was the best leader. To say everyone was bad, I am the excellent one cannot be true. How other people see in you? What have you done for yourself and others to say you are the one?

But what still to be said, for the young generation is, if I remember correctly, what Bogyoke Aung San said was ,something like, ‘ to take the rightful place on the world stage with pride, with dignity, all people in the country who are citizens of the Union of Burma(Myanmar) tom be united, they need each other, depend on each other, rely on each other. Without each other they are nothing, they are not strong enough, no strength is there. Unity is for the progress, for developments, for the modernization of the people and the nation. All others leaders agreed.

Because of all our leaders regardless of race, or religion or nationality , we all are still here in Myanmar. It is still one nation. ‘Our leaders,’ were not only from Bamars major race. They were from all major races. Accept it or not even the word ‘Bamar’ that time represent all people in our country, all major ethnic races, and all nationalities, groups without losing their own identity.

Some people did not want to be called Bamars, not even known or recognised, or acknowledged as Bamars.;They do not want to associated with Bamars. They forced themselves to believe that they are the “ Luu Myo Jee” in the land where Bamars are the majority. Not only that they started telling lies , preaching lies against ‘Bamars ’saying Bamars are practicing, ‘Luu Myo Jee wahda , and discriminating against them, or even accusing bamars of practice apartheid system in the land, is too much.

Responsible leaders of other races worked together, fought together with Bamars. All these leaders from Bamar, Mon, Yakhine, Shan, Chin, Kachin and Kayin have created the 5 th Bamar Naingh Gan Dawm in 1948. This unprecedented unity , frightened others, especially the British and its cronies. Why don't they learn these helpful lessons? Why can't their elders, teach them these helpfu;l lessons?

DO we have to thank the British because Myanmar Naing Gan Daw was erased from the world map by them. We Bamars became nobody. Nobody in Burma became anybody. This is not a legend, and this is not a myth. Is that more than another kind of ‘genocide,’ the lost tribe. Who helped British to carry out their agenda? The English used their cronies to wipe out each other on their behalf. Or they would say, 'for all Myanmars to start as new people, in a new country?

Bamars and other loyal leaders were not that stupid to know their intension of divide and rule, their intention to divide Burma at least into two parts, or broken into as much pieces if possible. It was spoiled. Border areas to be British Dominion, and Burma proper to be under Bamars .

Since the first day they stepped into Burma, Bamars fought the British. British did not get Bamar Naing Gan Daw easily. Bamars didn’t have slave mentality. They had to fight three wars against Bamars, it took them 62 years , but they could only stayed 52 years. It could be said in the end British lost the Bamars in 1948.

No matter how we want to forget, and forgive, when the history repeats, it can never be forgotten, or forgiven. Others may have the same, when the British had to leave our land, would they forgive us, forget the episode? They might like to come back with vengeance. This time not the British alone they come together with others They ganged up on. Is it something to forgive and forget?

Union of Myanmar(BURMA) a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation was possible because of all our leaders, from Aung San and others from Bamar, from Shan, Saw Bwa of Minepunn Sai San Tun, Sawbwa of Youngshwe Sai Shwe Theik, From Kachin, Samardoowah Sinwanoung, and Doowah Zawlunn, from Chin was U Wonkohaw . Kayin leaders sucha a Mahn Ba Khine and Mahn Win Maung. Not to forget Abdul Razad, M.A.Rasheed from Muslim community. They are only a few names, but there is the whole list of all ethnic leaders, who were responsible for all Burma to be independent for all people of in the nation . We are proud of them .

No matter how we want to forget, and forgive, when the history repeats, it can never be forgotten, or forgiven. Others may have the same, when they were kicked out from our land, would they forgive us, forget the episode? They might like to come back with vengeance. They only went back because there were urgent matters to attend their country and their commonwealth which were was shattered. Besides, their priority was to rebuild England, and to collect their share of the spoils in Europe.

For 23 years we have been denied our rights, our right as human. Our nation and our people have been taken hostages, demanded ransom. Now only recently they were talking about investing in Myanmar. If they did not do that they will lose Myanmar for ever.
This change of heart, how honest, how sincere, how friendly we don’t know but we are not Free. we have to obliged them. What do we have to pay them as ransom? Still nothing is certain.

That is the modern history(Thamaing) of Myanmar .There may be various versions of it by various writers, authors. Who were the authorised historians who compiled the history on what evidence, what proof, and documents.

We the readers have to make our own research, use our own sense . I think, the Freedom of Thought” or “The Kalama Sutta ”of Gautama Buddha gives us our Freedom. That is more than something for all of us. Meaningful, or shall I say complete course on how to be Free, and how to enjoy, real genuine freedom in due course. Most of all how to be a human being, responsible for yourself and others.

In that Kalama Sutta, Gautama said, “ do not be led by report, by tradition or by hearsay or by the authority of religious texts; or by claim of knowledge and truth that are based on any type of reasonable or speculation, or on the basis of the reliability of the person, or by the respect of your teacher. Rather when you know for yourself these things are unprofitable, blameworthy and conduce to loss and sorrow, then, indeed you should reject them. And when you know for yourself that certain things are profitable , blameless and conduce to profit and happiness, then indeed you should accept them and abide by them.”

I am sure there are some other teachings by some other religion, good ones, positive ones. But Moral instructions of Buddhism teaches us that how we should carry out our duties to others as well as to ourselves , how to be a responsible citizen. ‘Responsible Citizen’ means responsible to yourself , responsible to other citizens, other fellow human beings and, responsible to other nations.

Some people talk about ‘Min Jint Tayar 10 bar’. I can’t argue with that. How can I say it was wrong’. That “Min Jint Tayar 10 Bar” may be reminder to every King, ruler, and governments. That’s fine. There is no time limit. Buddhists know through a story , why somebody kept himself quiet, shut his mouth . Because he did not want to be King. He realised that job or duty of a King involves many things. He is afraid to carried out his duties as a King.

So in the end , “ Mathutt Ye Yin - Min Malote Ne”. If you have no guts to kill, don’t to be a King, while in the west they say, “ who dares wins “. The word “Dare” may mean many things of course. When was these saying created, who created them, on what ground and basis, what reasons circumstances, situation. We honestly don’t know, at least I don’t know.

Slave trade or human trafficking was created by man. How could GOD, or Allah allowed that? Did they have the authorisation from God and Allah. Well that is something to discuss. Because, in Buddhism, “ Cause and effect’ is there. ‘Kan, Kan Ei Akyoh’. How some people translate, or interpret it . I have nothing to say.

In Myanmar, when the British were ruling by force, Bamar Political or Nationalist Movements started by ‘Doh Bamar Assiayone’, and other movements such YMBA etc., referred to themselves as Thakin( Master). Thakin Ko Daw Mhaing, as Thakin Aung San, Thakin Ba Sein, Thakin Nu , Thakin Kyaw Nyein, Thakin Mya, Thakin Than Tun, Thakin Soe, this Thakin and that Thakin etc.

We let the world know through the British that we Bamars are the masters(Thakins)class, ot the slaves class. In fact slaves have no class, nobody was born slaves, they are human , and other human made them slaves. Bamars are treated as slaves in our own nation.

With due respect to all other ethnic races, and nationalities some of them were delighted to be the slaves of the British or the slaves of the whites. Not everybody we knew the difference. That is why we use the word, “ Loyal’. Nobody can say, all other races and nationalities were against the Bamars, opposing Bamars. They were not all loyal to the democratic government of Union of Myanmar.

Because Myanmars called themselves ‘Thakins’, other minority races thought they were slaves to Bamars, they were treated as slaves by Bamars.

To wipe out this ‘Ahswe Alan’, which is more than ‘belief’ may be more difficult than we first thought. In a country whwre there are different races, in it’s long history of What actually happened we really don’t not one bit more than U Kalar told us in his books of volumes. Everybody has their own history, their own profile, and some of them writes their own memoirs, which can be called some times as parts of the history.

If we are looking for National Reconciliation, National Unity. we can not get them tomorrow. We may have to wait another at least two to three generations. But we have to prepared it from now. If its possible, Myanmar Yazawin should be replaced with ‘Myanma Thamaing’. All “Yarzawin’ should be in the archives. That’s what I suggested before. Think about it.

‘Preparations’ means, all politicians should not bring up this, ‘unhealthy yarzawin’ or parts of them at any time, at any place. Can we do that? Talk to you later.