Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 25-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

This is what I am afraid of. Every “one step we take forward , we are taking “two steps backward”. That is bad, too bad we will get nowhere . Do we want to go forward or we want to go backward, do we know?

‘Of course we want to go forward’, that is what everybody will say. That is what every leader will be doing, to go forward. Whatever the leader may be doing if the people do not follow the leader, they are nothing. If the people cannot follow their leaders that leader is still nothing.

This is still July, good to talk about Bogyoke Aung San. He is hailed as the one and only leader , the hero of Myanmar, was he really? Are we making too much of him, what about other lers with him? Do we people listen to him, or when he died in 1947, his ideas, his teachings, his words, his leadership died with him. That’s how I see it. Remembering once in every year, I dpon’t see any logic in there.

Remember, though Gautama said, there were numerous numbers of Buddhas. But for us there is only one Gautama and, the other 9 Buddhas, and another 28 Buddhas respectively. A total of 37. What was Ko Aung San to compare to Gautama? If we don’t , and cannot listen to Gautama, do you think anybody will listen to Ko Aung San? He does not even exit.

You will learn more about Ko Aung San, the more you read about him. Socialism, Communism. Capitalism. Any ‘ism’ not for the people, then for whom? What about democracy, what about human rights? Workers, Peasants, Farmers, are they not human? What are we arguing about? We are from these people. Do you mean to say we don’t care for ourselves, you will care for us?

We have been talking about the past in almost every message. For those who do not know or to remind some, to take lessons from the sweet part of history or bitter part history. These history can be repeated, because life is a circle, and the world is round.

One Myanmar song, says, “ Ashey Go Shout Par Loh De- Anaut Ko De Mhyaw Lite Yin- DagunnDine Shwe Kokkar Ne Payalay Dway –Phuu Lite Kya Ohn”. It says, while going forward, and you look back, what you saw were little Pagodas flying their flags and banners.

“Gautama’ would not have become ‘Buddha’ if he could not, abandoned his unworthy life. He found “The Right Path” and he gave it to us.Not after he had taken the ‘wrong path’. If Gautama Buddha had not changed to the right path after he had taken the wrong path, we would not have been Buddha the ‘Enlighten One’ or we don’t have his Thar-tha-nar today.

Other religions may have something to say on this subject accordingly . I will leave it to them.

The courage is to make yourself understand things, and to change where necessary. Changing is not a cowardly is bravery.
When our elders said, “ not to make simple things difficult, difficult things to impossible”. They meant good. Together with that they also said,” Ayin Loh- Lan Oho Lite”, if you are in a hurry, take the old road. Why do we have to try hard ways? Simple things should be done simple way, and take pride, be proud , be happy as a simple person. Will make everyone happy as well.

Everybody do not know everything, but only something, limited knowledge. In another word, we all are ignorant in something or the other. We have to accept who we are, what we are, and as we are . Those who know something sitting down together will make a group of people who know everything.

Pretending that I know everything or more than other, given impression as Mr Know All, is only fooling myself. It will be of no help to anybody including to myself. There is always somebody who knows better than me.

There are knowledgeable people, experts, professionals, tradesmen, business people. They know their jobs, they are specially trained. Just tell them what you want, how you want they will do it for you. Well, in democracy the desire of the majority of the people have rooms, Right and Wrong seem to have not much room. This ‘right and wrong’ seem to become irrelevant in democracy. What I understand is , we may not know what “ Desire, Wants and Needs ”are. Because may be Greedy, we may be aggressive, and most of all we are ignorant.

Say, ‘We’ Bamars of Myanmars may be able to control ourselves not to be greedy, not to be aggressive, not to be ignorant, can other people , other believers control themselves, is a big question.

We Bamars are not alone in our land, we Myanmars are not alone on this earth. We don’t know who are in the Universe, or in our solar system. We are looking and searching . Do we really what we are looking, searching for, what is the truth?

We can’t even solve our own human problems on this earth yet we are searching for others, with the expense of, millions and millions of unfortunate human beings. These unfortunate human beings are being sacrificed by the rest of us, for a few of us well beings. Is that Fair, and Just, even to our own human standard? We will say anything to justify ourselves, and our actions. That is far from the Truth.

Let me come back to Myanmar before I am too much carried away, into the space, where there is nothing. We were talking about ‘Going forward,’ History must be in two parts. For ‘Kyaung Thone’ to teach in schools, college, and university, and to keep as records in the Archives, for future references.

Let me make it short. For National Reconciliation, and National Unity, some parts of the history are better to be kept in the Archives. In schools, colleges, and university the negative and positive side of the history, must be made clear. History lessons is not for children, not for narrow minded nationalists, and Ultra Nationalists, and religious fanatics. who can easily be mistaken as Patriots, devout religious person.

We have our goals, we are talking about the same thing , we may be talking in different language. Using different language . Let me put it this way , you make a pilgrimage to Shwedagon, on your own without me knowing it. I also make my own pilgrimage to Shwedagon without letting you know. We may not know each other , but we meet on the Shwedagon .

That is my whole point. I don’t know where did you come from, on a plane, a train, on a bus or on foot. I may be with trishaw, taxi, bullock-cart or horse drawn carriage. I am there on the Shwedagon. You are there on the Shwedagon. Who is right who is wrong ?

When I see you doing good merit on the Shwedagon Yin Byin , I say automatically , “Thar Du, Thar Du, Thar Du” . You do the same, when you see me . We don’t have to know each other.

We cannot do everything, we cannot help everyone. Some people cannot be helped. We have to do our part, we can only do our part, and encourage others but we cannot do their part or make them do, if they don’t want to.

Talk to you later,