Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 24-Jul-2012  
My Dear UKMyaing.
My dear UKMyaing,

There are many more serious things for us to talk about, than stupid little misspellings.

Our Goldenland of Myanmars, our Myanmar affairs , to go forward to the future, is more serious than any one can imagine. That is where we cannot tolerate mistakes again and again, etc. But that mistake will effect 60 million people of Myanmar. They may be paying the price for that mistake.

Count me out, count you out, we can be exempt, say wew don't exit , but Thein Sein or Mrs Aris at the moment or anybody in their position cannot make mistakes again and again.

That is where we come in with ideas, alternatives for them to balance themselves. We are calmer than them, we are cooler them them.

I understand , very well, I always have rooms for myself and for others to make mistakes, because we are bound to make mistakes . The more we talk, we do thjingsa the more we will make mkistakes. Tunderbolts, thunderbird, tob Thunderb , If I don’t make mistake I would not be human.

Through these mistakes we learned more , we progress more, we can correct, we can amend.

I do not want any ‘Zaganar’ or any other joker making a joke of anybody’s name or everybody or the affairs of our people and our nation.

I just want you to feel comfortable, not uncomfortable.
Nice talking to you.

Thanks anyway,