Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 7-Aug-2012  
Ref; This is a very good start - we welcome this effort. by Kyaw Myaing.

Dear Myuanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, Friends and UKMyaing,

If I’d asked you where you were, where have you been. You may answer, “ I’ve been to London to visit the Queen”. You know why I put that question, don’t you ?

Whoever you are , say what you want to say, let’s hear it. Life is too short. But thank you for your invitation. How can I refuse a ‘good offer’. But it is difficult, even for us the U.I.P.
( Un Important People )to understand each other. Everyone has their own understandings. Anyway I am replying because of the following invitation.

Comment submitted by: KyawMyaing on 20-Jul-2012

Hi from Kyaw Myaing

Dear Tunderbolts,

This is a place where we can discuss in private.

Let me know when you have entered this private space.

Kyaw Myaing

The spelling of my name. You would not make that kind of mistake, would you? But a mistake can be made by anybody, intentionally, or un intentionally . “ Private discussion?” I have nothing to discuss privately, with you or with anybody. Thank you very much.

I am not sure who it was ‘you’ or a fake, an imitator. For me does not matter , now you see now you don’t.

Don’t be alarmed with my heading saying, “ Myanmar is not a Virgin” . No sir, Myanmar is not, it lost it’s ‘virginity’ long ago. Myanmar has been raped time and again. “Myanmar” is treated like ‘Ma Aye’, one too many, and one too much. No matter what you do for her, she will not be back to be a Virgin again. But some of us are trying to prevent Ma Aye becoming a whore, or Myanmar becoming a whore house.

Prostitution is an oldest profession. If somebody want to be proud, and take pride for being a prostitute that's up to them. Some might say , that is his/her right, but they should not make the whole nation a whore house, and be proud of it. Is there anything to be proud of, and take pride, to be a prostitute or a whore? The culture may be different for some.

Everyone is a dreamer, a right to dream, to dream is healthy, a sweet dream is NOT a nightmare.

On the 19 th of July every year we remember Ko Aung San. Just remembering him. Nothing more than that. Who said about his worries, he said what Myanmars should do, our Golden Land of Myanmars to become a ‘ whore house’. Is that a dream true or not? What kind of a dream was that? He is not here to ask what he meant by that. So we blame each other. That means we are all guilty, or we are all innocent.

Blame game should be over long ago. Those who do the job will make mistakes, those who do not do the job, are still guilty for not doing. They cannot escape, they cannot hide. A phrase such as, “Ma-lote, Ma-shote, Ma-pyote ”was created.

Well, the question is who is turning our Golden Land in to a ‘whore house’? You may have your answer, and I have my own answer. We respect Ko Aung San too much . Like I said, to compare to Gautama, Ko Aung San comes in second place. We almost forgot about other Myanmar leaders who died with him, who were killed together with him or who worked with him.

We don’t remember them as much as we do to Ko Aung San. Why, because he was a Bamar? So ? Like it or not, accept it or not Bamars leading everyone to liberate Bamar Naing Gan Daw. Bamars were the leaders. Some people cannot take it, when I said that.

Some even said ‘ hill people were also fighting against Japanese’. You can take double meaning. But the Bamars were fighting for all people in Bamar Naing Gan Daw. Don’t forget that all leaders from all races were slain, and assassinated together.

In other countries, they have their leaders as well. Some were slain, assassinated like Ko Aung San, and his colleagues, but Jesus Christ comes first, not like Ko Aung San in Myanmar. You may not like it, if I had said, ‘Ko Aung San had Bazutt Pote( faul mouth) Atate Ma Koung, Namate Makoung , Mingala Mashi ” said, that Myanmar would become “Phar Naing Gan”,, unless we work hard for twenty years. He told to the big crowd of Myanmars, not only to the Bamars alone.

This is becoming a big problem for me . I cannot worship everyone, who are using Ko Aung San’s name, misusing, or even abusing to suit themselves. I have the same respect for every leaders of my people, my country, simply because they all have done great jobs, for the people, for the nation, which I have not even dreamed of. Ko Aung San been misused His name been abused.

A country is like an engine. Sometimes engine, “ Kaputt”, broken down, it has to be repaired. Our leaders are the mechanics. That is the main thing to repair the Engine. Myanmar is not a ‘right off’ case. There is nothing that you cannot repair. We are human, we are the creators . We made the engine, we can strip it into pieces, we can re assemble it.

While welcoming U Thein Sein efforts, I did question by saying, “There may be some who did not attend the meeting. Either rejected the invitation, or did not bother to reply. They should be named. If they are not invited, or the invitation was rejected, the public has a right to know, from the government’s mouth not from the Western Media. Misrepresentation of Myanmar by Western Media is out of proportion.” That is because I did not see NLD, at the gathering. The news said nothing about NLD. Is she trying to cook, another trick, another twist and turn? It is known that 44 NLD members are in the parliament, surely there must be more than 44 NLD members in Myanmar. My question was clear, may be they were not invited, because they were already in the parliament. There is such thing as “ courtesy ” , or R.S.P.V . The rest of the NLD may reject. NLD leadership may not like their members to hear what the Government or Thein Sein may have to say.

All I know is Mrs Aris has the habit of rejecting , or opposing , let alone to support what Thein Sein or the government is doing or may do. She is till the opposition, she has to oppose, that is what she has in her mind. To please who? That is what she is doing. She may even think she is “the government”, she is NOT even the shadow government, Is she not equal to others , or others are not equal to her? What do you want me to think?

President Thein Sein has met all parties. But he still needs to speak to the people, to the nation directly, monthly, quarterly. Another thing is when parliament is in recess, the Parliamentarians must go down to their offices in their constituencies and meet the people listen to them, their problems. Do whatever they can within the law, and reply to them directly in writing.

“In days of old, kings went out of the palace in disguise to get feedback from his citizens.” Many years ago I mentioned “ Phar Talong Goung Jar Min ”. “ In this modern day and age, the government can use ICT - Information Communications Technology to get feedback from the people.”

I am talking about, human contact call it, ‘the art of human contacts, the art of conversation, face to face. These human to human contacts must not be lost between people, between governments and the people, between the representatives of the people and the people, because of ‘advance technology’. Human contact is important. When we lost human contacts, we will lose everything. Advance technology can create fictions. We may be out of human society. We don’t want it, do we?

UKMyaing, as you know Myanmar is far behind in many cases. We have reasons, good reasons which are not excuses. Some of them need urgent, immediately attension. Some of them cannot wait till the laws are made and passed through the parliament. We may have to stick on the old laws. may they be draconian, may they be left over from British, AFPFL. Pa Hta Sa, Socialist era. All of them are laws of the land. If they are not suspended they are still active, they are the laws they have to rule. We have to obey or abide by.

Economic sanctions imposed on Myanmar was meant to, strip of Myanmar, it’s energy and its money. Economic sanctions are the blessings of the west and NLD led by Mrs Aris, the women with no name of her own. Myanmar quietly reflected on the blessings of having poverty, and being a third, least developed nation.

I have my views on economic sanction, and foreign investment, trade and economy. I have my views on politic. I have my view on social affairs, and I have my view, on religious matters. They may be related to each other, connected to each other, but I don’t want to mix them up. Because they are the big baggage of their own as you have rightly stated.

Some people are experts , on these individual subjects may be they are specialists. Very few people can sit down and talk to each other discuss on these subjects, simply because we don’t know everything. We may not know what each one of us talking about. That is what I said, and many people before me, said “ Right man in the right place, to do the right job, to do at the right time, by putting right efforts. ’ It’s not contradictory to Gautama’s,“Noble Eightfold Path”, I dare say.

All 60 million people of Myanmar can not be leaders of the nation. many of them are sure to be followers. But leaders should know where they are leading the people to, and people should know to where their leaders are leaving them. That much knowledge is essential, it is a necessity for all human.

There, the religious teachings come in, to know what is good and what is evil. Regarding religions, some people interpret or translate in their own way and they make all who don’t believe in their religion, as their “enemies”. In real life, as well, some people believe and say, “ if you are not my friend, you are my enemy’.

Where foreign investments are concerned, we cannot avoid foreign interference, sometimes involvements that is if we are not decisive, if we let them, they will walk over us. Russia Federation, or PR China, won’t let anybody interfere in their country’s internal or domestic affairs.

Rep of Union of Myanmar is a Free, Independent, Sovereign Nation. Myanmar respects every country as Free , Independent and Sovereign nation. Myanmar treasure their Freedom. That Freedom, Independence, and the Sovereignty cannot be compromised with anybody.

Republic of the Union of Myanmar must be as Free, as Independent, as Sovereign as Russian Federation, or PR China. Every Bamar, or Myanmar must get rid of their “ slave mentality ”.

Talk to you later.