Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 20-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

The West is investing in Myanmar or it intends to. Is that so ? That’s not bad. Is it good? Well, good and bad ( if not evil) always travel together. It also depend what you think is good and what you think is bad.

When the West openly investing in Myanmar or it just intends to, what the catch ? We all know that don’t we? It’s not loving kindness, that’s I am sure. I would not say ‘it’s bad’ either. The reasons are many, to ease their own economic troubles, to reduces their unemployment figures, to take the reasons for their social unrest away. To promote their products, to expend their economy, to expend their influence. To make more friends. Or to show, the changing of the West or US of America, under the current President Barek H. O’Bama. “ The change man” who never make changes he promised 4 years ago. There are a few changes I must admit, say, the ‘killing fields’ from Iraq, and Afghanistan to Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Soon there will be another Presidential Elections in US. Soon there will be by elections and general elections in Myanmar in 2015. Are all these part of political campaign, to buy votes? Nobody can be sure, they are not.

Happy or glad, Myanmars should remember, their own saying , “ Kan ( good fortune) Htan Lar Dar Mamyin Ya - Hllan ( Spear/lance )Htan Lar Dar Myin Ya”. What is the west coming with on it’s shoulder, “ Good fortune or Spear/lance ”?

“ Cause and Effect” bring “Consequences ”. I understand this as the Law of Gautama Buddha, or what is known to us as, “ Buddha’s Dhamma”, nobody can escape from that. It may be difficult some to understand that. But if you told the “ action and reactions’, they will understand but not without, the words , “ opposite and equal ”. They must use these words ‘opposite or equal’. Are they Pessimists or Optimists?

Don’t pray for anything, don’t wish for anything everything will come out as consequence it from cause and effect. Is that clear enough? So before we start anything it is wise to find out what the effect be as consequence, because of what we do (cause) .

Myanmar is opening up for foreign investments . Myanmar’s doors were opened , never closed. Foreign investment did not come, because they did not want to come for many reasons. Political, economic, and social reasons ( military optional). Foreign investment did not come, because somebody from Myanmar namely Mrs Aris, and NLD said , ‘don’t come’. Especially foreign investments from the west.

Whatever anybody is saying , in Myanmar there are foreign investments. In some cases the west investing in lucrative businesses such as oil, and gas, investments from the west are there. Why oil and gas? Because it is lucrative business. monopolising oil and gas means denying them to enemies. It is for all political, economic, and social assassination.

The fact is nobody could stop foreign investments coming into Myanmar. Nobody from the west could wait any longer. If they don’t come, they will miss the boat, as simple as that. So they had to come in the end. They cannot afford to miss any more boats. In the past, it was between French and British over Myanmar. But actually the war was between Myanmar and British over the trade and economy. French escaped, or run away. But today French oil giant is there in Myanmar.

This time , a ‘concerted act’, a stage show, or a special promotion tour for Mrs Aris. It had to be arranged hastily, to save her as well as for the rest of the west to be able to go into Myanmar to invest openly, so that they can say on the record they are invited by the Myanmars.

It is fair to say many Myanmars saw that tour as nothing more than a promotion or Mrs Aris, political campaign for her, because the supports for her were dwindling down in Myanmar If not this tour was, ‘Ashet Pyay Kha-yee’, both for the West and Mrs Aris. To,“ Awin Koung- Ahtwet Koung ’ for western investments into Myanmar. Oilers were at work, oiling every part of the polityical engine where there is in need of oil to enter and exit easily, smoothly. Yet Myanmar is not a virgin as we all know. The West in a sense a little bit late. Or they have to push themselves in, at the same time to save ‘Private Ryan’, and to push somebody out.

I have stated once or twice before. Europe, and US are in trouble with their own economy, which shape the world economy. It may be, their own fault, self-inflicted wounds. Because they imposed, too many economic sanctions on too many countries. In the end it backfires, or some countries in Europe are hit by friendly fire. As an earthling or as a decent human beings there is nothing to be glad about to see somebody get into trouble.. But when the Dhamma said, “they are reaping what they sowed”, who can argue about that? In the meantime the economy of India, and PR China is growing . They are not making fortune on others miseries.

Those who create the miseries for others, who has ill will for others will have to face their own miseries, and take their own illness. That is the, “ Consequence” from the principal of “ cause and effect”, or the Law of Gautama Buddha( The Dhamma).

Positives and Negatives are always together, Good and bad or good and evil will always be there. Pessimist and optimists will be there as well. If it’s good for someone, it might be bad for the other one. Especially when greed , anger and ignorance is there. To be free from greed, anger and ignorance is the most difficult job in life, even to reduce them.

Nobody does anything for nothing, they did it because “ Nga Win Pusa Manay Thar’’. Cause and effect or reasons if no0t the excuses are always there. At least for mutual interest or mutual benefits. “ Profits” come first in Capitalism. Nobody will do any business, if he cannot make any profits. Without making any profits nobody can run any business successfully. At least there must be, “reasonable profits , fair profits, justify profits.”

Then, “what do you do with your profits’ is the question. To reinvest, expend your business, create more jobs, employ more people, look after yourself and the employees? Or take your profit home, put it in your bank account safe, close down the business, create jobless. Fill in the loss claim form, insurance claim forms, tax claim forms to get back the money you paid. That is what should be called, “ hit and run”. Be Thu Thay Thay - Nga Tay Mar Yin Phy Yaw’. Jack will be alright, almost always.

In a country such as Myanmar unemployment benefits, housing benefit, sick benefits are none, labour rights are almost none. Since Myanmar was created Union of Myanmar , it is a member of United Nations, what was EVERYBODY doing, during these 63 years? Since Myanmars was created, foreign firms business were there . How were Myanmar workers treated, for ILO to step in?

Well, as I have said, there are lots, and lots of Positive, and Negative things. For example, somebody went to the bazaar, or the market brought back some shopping, and give them to me to cook a meal. I don’t know how to cook, what to do with them. Who faults is that? What I am saying here again is, in another words , the ‘side effects’.

Foreign investments will be in Myanmar. There will be many invisible things coming along with them. You have to look carefully, and see what the hidden agendas are. To see is to look, to look is to see. Find out . Don’t be too pessimist, or don’t be a too optimist. Balance yourself may be the best.

Myanmar saying or Jin-Phaw saying, “ Khan Go Chit Yin, Pe Bote Ko Le Chit Ya Me.’, if you love the girl called Khan , you must love the ‘dried pickled beans’, or everything come with her. In English equivalence to “ Love me love my dog”. If you cannot love her dog, forget her, she won’t leave her dog she will leave you. Get it?

Again in the past, because of the bad trade and economy relation, or dishonest relation between Myanmar and Britain,. The war broke out between them Britain was well prepared for war, to make war on Myanmar. Myanmars were being good Buddhists. mixing up politic, economy, social, military and religion , something like ‘Mandalay Nangyi Thoke, or Mont-tee’.

This time Myanmars should look carefully, what is in the package, a rat trap, a poisonous snake, a spitting cobra, or a bomb ?