Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Q. Why we need a new Doh Bama Asiiayone?

Somebody said , “we need a DBA because there are many people who have evil deigns on Myanmar.”

My answer is, because others have their ‘Asiiayone’, of their own. We should have our own as well that is fair, that is just call it equal. That’s it, as simple as that.

Whenever we talk about it, it’s like, pounding our own thigh, or ‘Koh Poun Ko Hllan Htoung’
What we have to show is, “ whatever you can do, I can do better, whatever I can do, better than you.” We have done it we showed them. When years gone by, repeat showing may be necessary to remind everybody, what was like, how it was done. A history lesson, if you want to call it.

We had DBA, because we Bamars were oppressed in our own country by the British. Sad thing was our own ethnic hill people of Myanmar were helping the British not only to oppress Bamar, but also to wipe out Bamar race, and Bamar nation. For 52 years ( 1886 – 1838) Bamar Naing Gan was erased from the world atlas. How can we forget that, how can we forgive those who were responsible for making us Bamars, ‘nobody’ ?

I have told you there are many things to talk about on this subject. Because “ Gamoo Shoodoh ” is not advisable. Those days it was against the British, the most powerful military machine. AS a matter of fact, from the day of British took over Myanmar, resistance and the struggle for Myanmar’s independence , and all the, events to 1988, struggle for changes , don’t forget, nobody should ever forget that Bamars led all the way. Bamars survived.
It is the blessing of Gautama, Jesus , and Mohammed, and others on Bamars for being Fair and Just on others .

This “ Athi- Zait” or civilisation of Bamars is un measurable, in calculable . Bamars have this “ Athi-Zait”, it will never go away, disappear. Most Bamars are Buddhist , they are serving themselves, and serving others. That is, ‘ the Bamar’s way of life’, Buddhist way of life.

This world cannot be Free of evils. You don’t have to join them, because you cannot defeat them. It is important for you not to become one of them. We cannot support the, ‘evil doers’, we cannot encourage them either. The only way to counter them is for us to become ‘good doers.’ Everybody must become a ‘good doers’, make themselves good doers. With their own sense , common sense. Bear in mind that, what is ‘no good’ for you, will never be good for others”.Koh Jin ar Tayar and Sin Jin Ton Tayar , will make who you are what you are.

Who are you calling Friends, who are your friends? Myanmar saying is “ Koh Ga Kyuu – Koh Doo Toung Koh Mayon Ne ”. You cannot even trust your own knee. You can collapse at any time. A dearest friend is the nearest enemy for you. It is your own fault, because you chose somebody as your friend . Blame no one. Honesty, sincerity, and simplicity have their own places. You must be prepared to react accordingly, without evil intension, or ill will. Do you remember my question , “how much friend is a friend, how much equal is an equal? ”

Myanmar saying is, “ Mu Tharr Mapar Lingar Machaw ”. Who are you talking to, who are you dealing with , how is he treating you? You act , react accordingly.

If there is no truth , there can be no lie. If there is no good, there can be no evil. All you have to do is when you hear a lie, you have to know it is a lie. Or investigate, then you will find out the truth. It is said, that the truth cannot be hidden behind closed doors, behind iron curtain or silk curtain.

After 23 years, of lies and accusations. Myanmars are today sitting down together, including outsiders as well. According to the lies and accusation some people would end up at execution corner or public square. Evil doers will be gone by and by, That does not mean there will be no more evil doers. In democracy majority rules. That means more good doers will over run the evil doers. Evil doers will never win.

You are right to leave the religion alone. There are many religions in Myanmar, there are many things to say. If we do not know the total truth about yesterday, how can we know the truth about what happened thousands of years ago. There are many things to say, negative and positive. They are about something, or about someone, or about some people, some events which took many years ago. It is not about the whole world , the earth, or the universe. How much truth is there, how much lies are there, nobody knows. But from these religions, take what you need( positives) and leave the rest, ( Negatives) or ‘ Upakkhar Pyu ”. Don’t force yourself , don’t torture yourself, don’t let anybody force you, or torture you.

You have to be concerned, every citizen must be concerned for his country, for his people, for his house, or for his home. If these are wreck, he and his family will be wrecked as well . When things happened in bad ways, nobody will escape, nobody can hide. If you want to kill someone, be prepared for your own death.

Where do you want to take Myanmars to, to heaven or to hell? You cannot take them to both places at one time, the same time. Don’t worry you will have followers, wherever you are going. You got to know, if anyone does not know what is heaven and what is hell, that one is not a human, that one is nothing but the devil who is an evil , let’s put it that way. How good are you to be a good doer, for other good doers to follow you?

It is so true, majority of all Myanmars regardless of ethnic race, religion are living harmoniously. Myanmar is a multi- faith, multi national, multi cultured nation. Constitution 2008, section 34, allowed freedom of religion, subject to public order, but section 360 also defined the dos and the don’ts. Nobody is monopolising nobody . A handful of extremists, fanatic are there. A terrorist is a terrorist, they don’t believe in anything, their only belief is terrorism.

Muslim, Hindu, Christians, etc., must take care of these people in their own community. Peace loving public must support the Government to deal with them whatever way necessary. They are well under control. They cannot go very far because more and more people are learning about them including those who supported them once.

Regarding Buddhists . One of Gautama Buddha’s teachings is Mitta (Loving kindness.), but Gautama Buddha did not say to ‘give your other cheek” to show Mitta. He said about ‘cause and effect, and consequence”. That’s easy for everybody human to understand. Everybody understand, “ you reap what you sowed”, or “ Actions and reactions, etc. ”

‘Some people do not share our view’. If they believe everybody has a right to their views, and opinion, they must respect others. Sharing and caring is a civilised way, a Buddhist way. Moreover, if they are said to be civilised human, all they have to do is to tell the truth, to accept the truth, the whole truth nothing but the truth, so that GOD can help them. There is the so called,“ judgement day” in every religion. We will be judged , the sentence will be passed. Then we will face the consequences of what we have done.

Our land of Myanmars has not only one LuuMyo, One Bathar or One Tharthanar. That is the fact that is the truth. Every LuuMyo, must protect , and defend their LuuMyo, their Barthar, and their Thar Thanar with full respect to others. They also have to know everybody will protect and defend their belief and religion with all costs all means necessary.

Whoever took the leading role in establishing the Myanmar Naing Gan Daw, in the past, Myanmars could not hold it, maintain it, looked after it. The mentioned, Buddhist Monk U Wisara, and others have had their Noble Aims or intention. U Wisara should be the First to be awarded Noble Peace Price. To ‘ liberate Myanmar’ from British , and the Japanese. Buddhist Monk U Wisara and others did not die for protesting against, ‘rising fuel price’, they died in the process of freeing ‘all Myanmars’. If they were living, they may in their own ways had done something to teach present Buddhists Monks , what is what. Buddhist Monks should take care of Buddhism before they lost their bagging bowl to the Muslims, and Christians fanatics.

Before the Bamar unite with other ethnic races , other ethnic races must clean themselves, purify themselves by taking terrorists, extremist, and fanatic from their own community. I say this because it is necessary. Not all other ethnic race are the same. It is the fact that terrorists, extremists, and fanatic in Myanmar at the moment are Christians.

Bamar ethnic race is majority in Myanmar. This majority in numbers will never go down. Who is going to reduce the numbers? The numbers can never be equal to other ethnic races . That does not mean Bamars are the “‘Luu Myo Jee Wahdi’, practicing Bamar dominiation, Bamar discrimination against other race. Bamars are accused being something or the other by some racists from some ethnic races. These accusations against Bamars are groundless. Some of them are accusing Bamars as Buddhist racists.

What I see here is these accusers are too low of a class, too small for the size, they cannot reach Bamars, they are mongrels carrying rabies. They can only reach is the legs of the Bamars to bite. When Bamars kicked them back and hard, they cry and ran into the corner . Bamar are bitten some times by these rabies carrying mongrels, But ‘ Bamar Taing Yin Sey’, or local medicine is too good, effective these rabies killed nobody, just a scratch.

Rabies carrying K9, don’t exist in other country such as United States of America, or United Kingdom. In US Ku Klux Klan and the Nation of Islam. In UK, British National Party. In Germany, Neo Nazi are all under control. If they don’t lie down, they will be put down. Simply because others have a right to live in Peace, to work in Peace, to play and rest in Peace. To put them down is to protect and the public, for public safety.

Bamars know what to do, when to do, and how to do. These may be more easier than you think.