Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 18-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

May I translate it as, "what you do at present will determined your future ?"

Now you are talking. A good call. That’s more like it in this material world , in the real world , you are in. You cannot run away, you cannot escape. You have to face it. These are all, ’Lawki KateSa” for all human beings, for their present living . ‘Law Kottra’ can wait, or ‘Heaven can wait’ as they say in the West. It is said, “ Ouu Ma Mataunt Lo -Thi La Masaunt ’. If and when ‘Ouu Ma Taunt’, there will still be another thing or something else. Not “ Thila Saunt”.

We can go into detail of poor, voiceless, and hungry. What do they mean? Poor in what, why voiceless, why hungry? I don’t think anybody will forget, nobody will forget, there is no chance to forget the poor, the voiceless, and the hungry. They are there, they will always be there. Some people believe, without them the world is not complete . Without them some people cannot make fortune. They have to be there for a purpose, if not it is a necessity. Neglect , or ignore them, what would you say? Aah, yes, “ Uppakkha Pyu ‘, in’ Pali’. Without poor people nobody can be called rich.

It is said that , United States wasted or throw away US$ 96 billion worth of food every year . EU 200 billion, and United Kingdom UK£18 billion. When you go out and eat, food price are super high , but you have over size proportion in everything including Big cars, big houses, big land. Even people are over size.

There are 500 million people starving, mostly in drought hit Africa, You should know better, you are closer to UN. Myanmars are not starving yet, that I know off. When I was in US. I went out to eat in shop. They charged me well. The portion they prepared is large enough, or too much for one person. I can feed at least four people modestly with this portion.

Food is plentiful, in US for estimated 270 million people. In fact everything is there.

United States of America, had experience Two wars on its own, the one called Indian War and civil war. But WW I , and WW II never reach them touch them except Pearl Harbour. While others in the old world were fighting for their lives, United States was making a fortune. Yet the Greed of US never stops.

You may even be in danger because you know the best, and you know the rest, because you are ,living there yourself. You can be the subject of “now you see, now you don’t”. It won’t be an exaggeration if I have told you “ Freedom” in US is like the small bubbles on the face of the water. But for estimated population of 270 million people, to make them happy, safe and secure the US Government will go any length. United States can afford to impose economic sanctions on anybody, they chose.

Myanmars were being neglected, ignored, during the last 23 years or so, may be more. Since economic sanctions were called for, imposed upon Myanmar, I was against it. I opposed it bitterly with reasons, not blindly, not with blunders and slanders.

I even gave you the example, saying that economic sanctions were nothing new for Myanmars . Since 1824 Myanmar was economically blockaded by foreign powers, and Myanmars themselves were , not innocent. Yes , in fact, it is nothing for Myanmars who are use to having cooked rice water as soup, as part of their meals.
Ngapi, Nga Chaut, and Nganpyayey. When we talk about progress, developments, and modernization, that a lot, and a lot of thing to talk about, and to do.

It could even involve how to make these Ngapi, Nga Chaut, and Ngan Pyay, to be more healthy and safe , to the standard, where everyone can widely consume. That have progress, developed, and to modernise to export to the world. Some other Southeast Nations are already , in the world’s market with these simple products.

Economic sanctions has its purpose. You don’t need University degree to know that, you don’t need to be an academic, or intellect. There are some Myanmars who forced themselves to believe economic sanctions does not affect the people or the nation. I could not believe my ears when I heard it. When this method is imposed or applied on someone who is considered as an enemy.

Cutting supply line is to kill, four cuts, eight cuts, a thousand cuts, they are the same , if you don’t want to die, you give in you surrender. This is widely in use, as ‘none violence’, weapons, they called it. The same effects death and damage may be the result, It is worse than violence means, not only present people suffer, in short term, in long term generation after generation in some cases.

“ Poor, voiceless , hungry,” who cares , who is counting, are you? My interpretation is Myanmars are poor in Modern Education, there are too many Silent Majority. Some of them are saying nothing but their loud voice breaks your ear drums.

True , Myanmars are hungry for better lives. I have been telling Mrs Aris this for numerous times, because she called and supported the sanctions, who was she trying to please? Before I forget or go any farther, Myanmar opposition, or Mrs Aris, should know what she is opposing. She wants to change this constitution. In her latest speech while she was in Europe , she is in favour of running the country (Myanmar) without a Constitution , the same as Britain is. So, ‘ Constitution,’ means NOTHING to a woman like Mrs Aris. Does that mean she will do what she likes?
Let’s say, for a figure of speech or for argument sake, when the Generals don’t care, when Mrs Aris don’t care for the people of Myanmar, then who cares ?. What about the people themselves, do they care for themselves? How ? Nobody is innocent that’s what I am saying, if there is no nhole, there can be no leakage.
I also pointed out in my own way , the weaknesses of Myanmars. You may not like or even disagree with this word “ weakness” , I can make changes to “ Myanmars are not strong enough” , it makes no difference in essence. Myanmar should know about themselves, their own position, whether they are happy as they are or not , to get better or to get worse, depends on Myanmars performances. They have to do it, if they can’t do it nobody can help them. Sometimes some people cannot be helped.

Talking about ‘Cottage industry’. It can be anything, everything, in a country such as Myanmar. Let’s say Peasant and farmers. Government helps them with the so called “ Amadaw Jay ” or ‘subsidies’ . If that government has no money , no funds, there can be no Amadaw Jay” . Again the ‘Amadaw Jay ‘is not pay back or in time, Government can go bankrupt. No more subsidies will be available. Government accepts cash , as well as grain to pay back.

From ploughing the field, to harvest the crops, have to be done in time. But nobody can create weather, nobody can protect the weather. It comes and go as it please. What about the necessary gears? Including man and women (Man power) for Kauk Site, Kaukl yate, Kauty Thein. Combine harvest is still a little far away for many reasons, combine harvest also means, un employments , though this is a part time job.

Nowadays , ‘Thee Htut, Thee Nhyut’, from ‘Ta Theesarr to Nhathee Sarr, or more’.one crop to two crops or more. The ground becoming more wear and tear. It needs more care than ever.
Can Government help others as well? Government Banks, Private Banks, other Financial Organization, domestic, or foreign. How can they help these Myanmar ‘cottage industry’?. In this fierce competition in this business world which part will Myanmar play or how will they compete. What is their power what is their strength.

Every Myanmar is familiar with all these stories, Anglo-Myanmar wars, about U Na Auot who went bankrupt, all lands and properties were own by none Myanmar money lenders, because owners could not pay back the loans. U Nu Visit to USA, while Dwight Eisenhower was the President was more interesting. US was given away free rice to countries who needed them. Myanmar could not sell its rice to anybody. U Nu did not even object to as political point or economic point. U Nu was a Buddhist , he believed, feeding people who need food , who are starving is the best merit.

I am not saying that Eisenhower or US was imposing sanctions on Myanmar that time. Eike was not a Buddhist but he was feeding the hungry not as a Buddhist but as a good Christian may be. It was his politic, may be a part of economy for the United States, protecting its own interests. U Nu was ousted in 1962. Again when Mrs Aris and NLD gave out rice, to the public, she was not doing it out of Mitta Gruna, loving kindness, she was making a political pointy, politically motivated act, as if Myanmars were starving. If Myanmars were really starving it was all her own doing or she was partly responsible for it. Whatever.

If you study it in details, a lot of things are needed, a lot of things are to prepare , before they are to be done even in the rice growing industry alone as a “cottage industry,” because, the most a” Le Tha Mar Gyi ,( Peasant ) working on 20 acres to 40 acres the most or ‘Da Done Htun’or 40, ‘Nha Ton Htun’ . This field is not industrialised enough yet. “Leaders aim was from “ Letmhu Leiyer to Setmhu Leiyer”.

To infiltrate into the already established world market by Myanmars will not be that easy.Everybody is determined to protect their own interests. Myanmars will be the new comers. Nobody would like to destruct, or upset the already existing customers and supplier’s relation or rhythm. Myanmar cannot supply it products cheap. Myanmar cannot produce cheap products. All that Myanmars produces must be approved and authorise by the West. They have to be passed US or EU laws, pass the trading standard including health and safety, food hygiene etc.

Besides, the value of Myanmar Kyats is down. Myanmar has to deal with it, IMF will be involved no doubt. No, demonetisation the currency legally in circulation(Sac, 36 ( e)) There are many other factors, to put into consideration, or at least into economic accounts.

$ 300 billion dollars or more to kick start Myanmars' economy won’t be enough. Myanmar still owes some countries . Most of these debts are NOT struck off , only their interests may have been stopped.

The invited foreign companies would like to know what is there for them or the incentives Today in Myanmar there is a problem ,concerning labours, and their rights. You know as well as I do, many firms in Myanmar today, from oil giants to small fish and prawn firms are foreign firms, as joint venture with the government or private citizens. They know international laws, more than Myanmars. Don’t forget that over 23 years ago when Myanmar was a socialist nation, Labours and Peasant were the Kings of the society. They know their rights in their blood . What was ILO doing at that time?

I have stated many times, no foreign firms, no foreign government will risk political upheaval , social up rising. Unrest in tyheir own country because they are helping Myanmars with the expense of their own citizens. I have to admit, I don’t know anything about the Americans with regards to , ‘lacquer ware, teak carvings, textiles, silverware, semi-precious stones, art works, etc., etc.’. But they have special interest in oil, gas and other minerals, and mining business. These are lucrative business. If they struck uranium and alike. They won’t be going to church for saying Sunday prayers.

Before Myanmar can export anything to US and Europe, Coca Cola , Pepsi. Kentucky Chicken, McDonald, Burger King, Donuts, Starbuck coffee shop, Hard Rock café will be in Myanmar first after they have thoroughly studied the Myanmar market. Pizza and Kebab .

Your steps are too wide, may I say. Be careful you might split , your hips might get hurt, or injured. I say this, because Rep of the Union of Myanmar is still trying to be Free, Independent, Sovereign nation.

Nice talking to you, especially something real to talk about in the real world .