Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 12-Jul-2012  
When GOD Said, ‘Let There Be Peace’, There Were Pieces’.
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

When King Solomon the son of David could not make a decision, he said baby should be cut into halves and two mothers should have each. The real biological mother who loves the baby most, let the other take the baby alive, and the whole .The other woman did not get the baby,because she was a fake. Well that was a story in the ‘Old Testament ’of the HOLY BIBLE.

In the case of Myanmar who is Solomon, who is the biological mother, and who is the other mother? If it comes to it how will we divide Myanmar in to how many pieces, which of us will take which piece. Will it be called 'PEACE.'

“How to move forward in a safe way, protecting our national interests”. A question or a suggestion? It does not matter , it’s interesting, very interesting. Especially, “ protecting our national interests”.

As you all know I am not convinced about this Freedom, or anything to do with, “ Free world ”. Once I have heard, someone cried “FORWARD” or “ SHAY-THO” in Myanmar in 1962 . I also heard somebody replied back, ‘have a look at the back’,( Naut Ko Le Hle Kyi Bar Ohn’).

To go to the future, we can’t leave the people behind, they have to be with us. How fast can we go, how much can the people follow? We Myanmars are different from others , that’s all I would like to say for the moment. Our elders have said a lot of things about us, for us . I don’t want to repeat them again.

“Half a league, half a league, half a league forward. Cannons to the left, cannons to the right, there goes brave 600.” That was what I remember when I was young when I read, “The charge of the Light Brigade”, in Crimean War, 1853 at Balaklava in Russia. Armstrong Custer and his 7th Calvary In US, and the blunders of many other military General’s, and Empire builders have to be taken as lessons.

To move forward , there is no safe way, But with great care only thing we can do is to prepare, to expect for the casualties to be a minimum. There are enemies everywhere, some enemies you know , some you don’t . Some come from front , some come from the back, and some yellow will bushwhack you from the bush.

All armed insurrection, armed gangs, private armies are yellow , they are not in the bush, but in the jungle ,and bushwhacking Union of Myanmar for decades. They must go, they have to go. They must disarmed themselves, or somebody has to do it. That is a necessity for a democratic country. They must come into the parliament . If that can only be done after careful planning , proper execution, following the Noble Eightfold Path , it may help. To disarm them might involve anybody unexpected . Let’s say some ‘interested parties’. Also remember, not everyone is a Buddhist in Myanmar or in the world.

What is enshrined in the Constitution should be , “ Common Goal “. But some people have some other ideas, including Myanmar without written constitution. At the same time asking for ‘rule of laws’ . What law, who is above the laws, who wants to be above the laws, law makers, the regulators?

This Constitution 2008 is a problem, all Constitution have had problems. There will be more problems, because of this Constitution. This constitution is under attack already, one should know. Who will protect this Constitution ? Trouble makers are troubles makers, that is what they are , that is their habit, they are born with it.

Constitution should be made available from all book shops , in school , and public library. It should flood every educational institutions including Phone Jee Kyaungs.

So when you say , ‘ WE ‘, who are we ? When you say ‘we all’ who do you mean by ‘ All’ ? ’This is a not an odd one, but a very relevant question. More relevant today. Because we don’t know who we are, who are Myanmars. Since Myanmar gain independence in 1948, the first Constitution was influenced by the British. Aung San and leaders were blackmailed. There were disturbances, disruptions, you may not say it, you may not mention names, but you know why, you know who. What about now, any changes? If you don’t mention the names you may be ‘ Wahlon Thain Yan ’ striking everybody with the long bamboo stick, saying, “ Makoung Thu Htate – Koung Thu Htate “ . I think this is totally ‘unfair’.

What all our leaders were doing in the past, 63 years, why can’t we try and understand or accept them as all of them were trying their best, as circumstances and situation permitted? Because we don’t seem to understand what ‘democracy’ or we understand democracy in different way. Because we are different. We cannot agree, or come to one agreement what democracy means.

Let me give you one simple example. Say, a plot of land, with a house, for a family, can turn into a building with flats, apartments on the same plot, for many families. Is that not democracy ? That plot of land, and that building can still be under private ownership. I know Myanmars has too many Payar Myay (Wuttka Myay, Kyaung Myay), they are untouchable. Some might say they are for everybody( democracy ) . In what way, I asked.

No leaders of Myanmar seemed to be good leaders for some. You may ask, why ? I have answered many times before, there were too many bosses, or too many who wants to be the bosses . So they fight to be the boss. Myanmars use to say, “ Da Gyoung Da Gar Htar- Ta Ywar Da Bote Sann” . Even the Buddhists monasteries, and the Monks . Ko Min Ko Chin, and their own Feudal System. If you can understand that . Myanmars don’t know who to listen to, who to follow. Gautama Buddha will be irrelevant soon, MoNhyin , and Mahasii, or U Chit Khin ( Khine) and Gohingah, and his wife will take over. Who else I don’t know.

If Myammars needs good leaders, and at the time when Myanmars needs good leaders, all would be leaders should be scrutinised, they all have to be put on litmus tests, acid tests and all the test necessary. They must pass all these tests. ‘Democracy’ is not enough.

In English they say, “ too many cooks spoilt the broth,”. That is what is happening in Myanmar. In practice, one leader (dictator) is unthinkable, but in democracy one leader or one party is not impossible. Still in some cases, it is possible, in other parts of the world or even in Myanmar. If that leader and the public are pro-West. You may not even need ‘ democracy’, or Human Rights at all. You can even violate and abuse human rights. We have seen it, the democratic leaders of “ democratic nations” have done it, including war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide . They are above any laws including international law. In a Free world some people cannot make friends among themselves. You can only make friends with anyone but the West.

The Freedom, Independence and Sovereignty of Myanmar is always in question. Because the world is not a Free world for all, Politically , Economically, Socially. If you want to be Free, that may be your wishful thinking. If you want to have progress, developments, modernisation, even to have a good relationship with other countries, you have to give up some of your Freedom, if not all. Myanmars are too honesty, too sincerity or too simple minded. Because most of them are Buddhists, Myanmars are weak, Myanmars were taken advantage of by the westerners, who were supposed to help Myanmars. We all are to help each other, not to take advantage on one another. That’s the theory anyway.

Myanmars are being fried in their own oil, ( Nga Jin Sii Ne Nha Jin Kyaw). Buddhism is the way of life for the Myanmars. But how Buddhists are they the Buddhist, I don’t know.
Myanmar like ‘let-thoek’ or mix. Everything mixed. ‘Cho, Chin, Ngan, Sutt’. Myanmar mix everything up.

That is why Constitution 2008, it does not allow to abuse religion for political purpose ( section 407(d.What does it mean by’ ‘Abuser’? It has to be defined. In Myanmar , insurgents and terrorists are mostly NOT Buddhists.

The Truth is , Myanmars, and ‘Myanmar Empire’, already exited without Foreign helps. It exited long before George Washington was born, let alone the United States of America was established. But recorded history show, Myanmars fell when they met people from foreign land, who called themselves Civilised, Humane , Just, and Fair. Myanmar fell, because they could not match fire power ofm the people from foreign land. This fire power included, branding Myanmars Buddhists as uncivilised, in-humane , unjust, and unfair, barbaric, hostiles , savages. Some of the Buddhist, holy shrines were deliberately demolished by those so called 'civilised people'.

The fact is that Myanmars could not neither hold their own success nor maintain their Empire, May be because they were Buddhists, they were Just, they were Fair, they love Freedom, they understand what Freedom is . They wanted prosperous Myanmar, they want progress, develop, and modern.

That may be their own down fall, because they may have shown that they wanted them so much , they were so desperate. Myanmar were always under siege, in one way or the other, they were blockaded, imposed sanctions.

Was Myanmar never Just, was Myanmar never humane, was Myanmar never a prosperous country? Who said that? Myanmar was acknowledge and recognised by UN as ‘ least developed nation.’ There were reasons why. Yet, developed countries, powerful countries, who called themselves ‘civilised world’ , imposed economic sanctions on Myanmar. In the past , there was a land dispute, caused the first Anglo British war in 1824, there was economic blockade by the British. Myanmar could not do anything. When economic relations resumed there were trade disputes, after those disputes Myanmar was totally taken by the British by force. , Who is talking Freedom, free, and Fair and Justice ?

Now , this democracy is ‘Pyo Dain Kyite Te Nhin Zee Khaing’ , a bunch of roses. There are various types of roses may be, but not to forget that every rose bush carries thorns .The attitude of the West is,” there is no other democracy than Western styled democracy. There is no other system than democratic system”. This attitude will never change in foreseeable future.

It is more dangerous, now we have NLD members in the Parliament. The leader of NLD wants not only to amend the Constitution 2008, but to scrap it if possible. That leader wants Myanmar without constitution, like England. Like England may means, Myanmar back to monarchy, who wants to be Queen of Myanmar? It’s hard to say. Another Dynasty to be created, probably Aung San dynasty? Some Anglophiles are saying that Aung San was a pro -British, he wanted Myanmar to be in the British Commonwealth.

It has to mention, , if we talk about today’s Myanmar, we can’t leave out Mrs Aris. Because she happened to be the talk of the town at the moment. Mrs Aris’s stance and activities. Mrs Aris being pro British, pro West 100%. . To justify he position, her father must be drag in. as ‘Enghlish lover’or “ Ingalate Achittaw” as well. It was U Nu , U Kyaw Nyein, U Ne Win and others from AFPFL and other parties such as Communists, who did not want Myanmar in the British commonwealth or British dominion. They believed that will undermined Freedom, Independence or Sovereignty of Union of Myanmar. Nothing else but ‘Total independence’.

Today there are, true patriots,” who are not the blowers of the wind or blowing with the wind. They are not “ Wai Lai Lais”.They stand on their own feet ,and on their own ground.

It is said that ‘light travels faster than the sound, and human mind travels much , much faster than the light’. There is nothing to measure, how fast human mind travels.