Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 10-Jul-2012  
Pied Piper of Hamelin , a leader or just a Pied Piper? ( 2 )
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Let me remind you Saya Thukha’s song. It said everything , he made the words of Gautama into a song, so that everyone can remember easily. Life is a circle, Karma Thagar, Thin Kharyar, etc. But words are words Buddha’s or Thukha’s .

Myanmars are never happy, and satisfied with their lives. . Is it because of their , “ Greed, Anger and Ignorance”? They are never ‘content’. Who is? Myanmar take no responsibility of anything, they always blame their leaders. Their leaders were no good because the people are no good. Not one of them Free from these, ‘ Greed, Anger , and Ignorance’? Are you ?

What is wrong or right about Myanmars? Is it their nature or someone or something is making them like this? In life or in the world we live in, many things happen, for many reasons. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Whatever happened , there are always cause and effect, positives and negatives.

Now, today regarding Myanmar, the West, Thein Sein led Government, Mrs Aris led NLD and some of those whose names are not mentioned, may be in a process of “ Concerted Actions ”. That positive way of looking at it. The West with their attractions, ‘Met Lon’ rushing in to Myanmar. Mrs Aris becoming super active. What’s all this? Nothing for nothing, that much we know.

When the bells tools, for whom ? Wedding bell, or for funeral ? Nothing can be done without any ‘sacrifice’. John the Baptist was sacrificed for Jesus, and Jesus was for Christianity. Aung San was sacrificed for whom ? His daughter ? Who is sacrificing who for Myanmars? Don’t be modest.

Many thoughts crossed my mind, will Myanmar be Politically, Economically, and Socially Free? Is there anything such as Freedom? What the meaning of Freedom, really?

Some people might say, look at RP of China , one party communist system, but there is no shortage of western investments. But look at Cuba, still under blockade, under sanctions. What is US afraid of this tiny island? It already had US military base on Cuban soil. Cuban crisis will tell us something.

All ‘Concerted Actions’, if they meant for good, they are good. At the moment it can’t be a genuine, “Concerted Actions”, it must be a “ Concerted Acting” . It could even be a fake one, there are many, twists and turns. It’s obvious, the threat , intimidation, harassment, etc. , are there.

In the past during Japanese time Myanmar was offered , “ Ayoung Soung Lutelat Yey’ or a fake Independence, by the Japanese. Another “ fake independence” by means British dominion, was offered to Myanmar by the British as well.

There are many question still need answers. I have no doubt, there are answers already prepared as well. Bilateral and diplomatic relations do not have to go through United Nations , or to have any UN resolutions. If UN does not involve, it’s only between, Myanmar Government led by Thein Sein, NLD and the west. It is sometimes called, in legal terms, ‘outside settlement.’

For the West the power and the glory’, nothing else. For NLD is to have the power, and glory. When NLD seek the protections of the west, that power and that glory will be short lived. Because for the west everyone is dispensable, and anyone can be at their disposal, if they can't be their puppets.

Mrs Aris want to amend the present constitution, abolish it if possible. She talked about Myanmar without a written constitution. So that she can do what she likes ?

In the world where anything and everything or anyone is for buying and selling, I would not be surprised, if Myanmar is offered US$ 300, billions plus. We are seeing in Europe, troubled countries are billed out which cost EU,highly or a few billions dollars. Myanmar won't cost that much, it's cheap , so very cheap. That's what Myanmars and their land becomes of,'cheap stuff'.

We are talking about “ Concerted Actions”. Concerted between who and who? That is why the words “ fake or not genuine” are used. What’s under the table? We don’t know. It is not that apparent or transparent. Things are not what they seem to be.

Mrs Aris is now an elected parliamentarian. It is designed for her to go farther. Then Sein and his Government, or Tatmadaw is under threat by Mrs Aris and the West. Or on the other hand, Thein Sein and Mrs Aris both are under the threat, by the west pushing them to work together. The west wants to get into Myanmar. It wants to be invited openly by Mrs Aris. Because the West also want the people of Myanmar as the willing partners.
On the other hand , it is something like “‘If you cannot beat them, join them”, the west and NLD cannot beat SPDC or SPDC cannot beat West+NLD. for various reasons . So they may be joining to gather.

Democracy was in question from the beginning , because for different people democracy means different thing. Let’s see, pre-empts strike democracy, gun boat democracy, bombing democracy,. missiles attack democracy , and the latest one is “ drone democracy”. What about human rights, who are the human, whose rights are we talking about ?

Frankly speaking only the American and European thinks they are the human , they have the right , others are no Human and have no rights, .The rights of others is at the mercy of US, and European.

It could also be said that Thein Sein and Mrs Aris are in Straight jacket? What will the effect or the consequences be, because of this cause. What comes next is another matter. If there is something bad to happened , the people of Myanmar will have to pay the price, if it is good, it’s for the people . Mrs Aris even said, in her 15 years confinements, nothing affected her, she did not suffer, she did not sacrifice anything.

The west will have their fire, pots and pans ready to cook the Myanmars. After that, will they eat it, or will they feed the dogs, is another question.