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Pied Piper of Hamelin a leader, or just a Pied Piper? (1)
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

May I ask, when a lamb is in the cage with the tiger, can the lamb ask the tiger to be its friend, and his equal? In another story, the wolf said to the young lamb, ‘if it was not you, it must be your father who dirtied my water last year, I still have to eat you”. Where is the logic ? That’s the end of it. There are many stories, short and tall, you may have your own favourites.

Aung San kicked the British out from Myanmar. Was he ever forgiven? If it was not Aung San it could be somebody else. Aung San or not, British had to withdraw from Myanmar because Japanese were closing in. British will neither forget nor forgive what Aung San did. Aung San may be the culprit for them British did not Free Myanmar out of Love and Mitta towards Myanmars. Not because of Love and Mitta they have taken Myanmar in the first place. They took what they could, during their stay. When they had to go, what did they leave for Myanmars? You may have your answer.

We Myanmars are, ‘Ta Doung Sarr Jin- Khwet Soung Khote’ that’s the Myanmar saying, which means ‘Baggers fighting over something with their bagging bowls’.

Myanmar needs good leaders. It seems all leaders of Myanmar are no good, useless chaps. For Myanmars nobody was good. Not even the King of Deva was good. What about, ‘cause and effect ’, why no good, what was the defect , what was the weakness, what was missing from those leaders? There must be reasons, explainable. Did they try to find out, what they were, did they?

Myanmars say, ‘‘ Leading bull must go straight’’. When the herd is on the drive/on the trail, men (cowboys) are needed to keep the herd in order, to pick up any strays. The ‘leading bull’ has to be led by the cowboys from the start of the trail to where it has to go, and the cowboy has to give direction to the bull, when changing course. That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it should be. The leading bull is a bull, an animal, not human. A bull cannot lead anyone anywhere without the guidance of cowboys (human) . The bull may lead the herd of cattle, it will never lead the human.

Whoever leads the nation should be able to lead the people straight as well. That leader may still need cowboys, as helping hands at least. “ Straight” it may be , but nothing is straight in realty, nothing is as it seems. The awareness of the people of Myanmars in politic, economic , are very poor. All these are none existence, next to nothing, should I say. Because of that they have very little experience, let alone to become smart, or master of something.

‘Actions are louder than words’. What does that mean? What actions, what words? Theories, and Practice. “Alote Thamar – Apyaw Tha Mar ”. Worker and talker if not walker? Myanmars don’t seem to see the differences. What were they seeing, what they are looking for, I don’t know. It seem like words of the talker are louder than action, in the case of Myanmar.

‘The action men’, in Myanmars were in actions, but they were not appreciated. Because nobody tried to look into their actions. What was that action for, what’s that action mean, why those actions were taken etc. Myanmars who most of them are called Buddhists totally forgot this “cause and effect”, let alone to face the “ consequences ”. Are the Myanmars responsible people? At least responsible for themselves, and responsible for their country? Myanmars hoping for the best , they are never prepared for the worse, they always blame others.
it is said, that Myanmars are sitting on the piles of gold, and treasures , but they have no knowledge, they have no idea, what to do with them. May be they are saving for their next lives, that is, if there is next life. Or that is purely a Myanmar way of thinking, or of life?

All Myanmars must take the responsibilities. They are responsible for their family, thus responsible for the nation where all families are. The building of a nation is not confined to the government, or the politicians. Government and politicians are from you and me. Let me put it bluntly, a fail government is caused by fail people. Even a dictator comes from the people. Dictators are made by the people, supported by the people.

The world never was in Peace. That is why Gautama said ‘Peace within’. He did not say Peace on earth peace in the Universe. The world history tells us Changes are through violent ways. The equipment, and the tools may be different, they may have improved, but nothing is changed. Through out the history regime change are through violence means. A violence is a violence, whether you like it or not , no matter how small, or large it may be, whatever shape it takes, a violence is violence.

If Myanmar is what it is a least developed, poor nations what is the cause and effect part of it? It isn the responsible of the People and the leaders. The connections between people and the leaders failed? May be they lost contacts. Chemicals are not working. Government and people may have been cut off , who cut them off?

From democratically elected First Prime minister of Union of Myanmar Ko Nu was pressured by Ko Aung San, or chosen or selected by AFPFL ,to be a candidate from Myaite( Bait) Myo in the by election. He won, because there was no one to run against him. Within the rules or outside the rules , never mind this was just a ‘concerted actions’ by all. It was wrong for Ko Aung San to give U NU the post, simple because he has no interests in politic, and he just wanted to be a writer, outside politics.
Yet when U Nu became Prime minister he proposed an ‘Agenda’ for the nation called “ Pyidawthar”. Gen Ne Win came with another Agenda called , ‘Myanmar’s way to socialism programme’. You can look at them from any angle. You will see them, not only in three dimension, but ‘virtual reality’.

Since 1948 progress, developments, modernization, industrialisation, democratization etc. Don’t forget in 1948 Myanmar was flattened, piles of debris, and ashes. Still we did not live in the jungles, or on the trees. In 1988, our country had something to show. Everything was there , good, bad, hot and cold, rain and sunshine, insurgents and terrorists . We are Myanmars, our land is nation of Myanmars . That's what we are and that what we made of ourselves, for ourselves. Some people said, ‘ we reap what we sowed’. 'Bloody true'.

But U Nu or not, Gen Ne Win or not, when socialism was said to be failing, nobody blamed Ko Aung San who was the Architect , who preached , “Socialism Khor Luu Amyar Koung Zar Yey Wada ” to the nation before he died. The time was, Communism and Socialism were gaining space. The West was bitterly against Socialism or Communism . Though Myanmars and some other were very careful l. They stayed from anybody East or West. But they did not escaped from persecution by the West for following socialism. They did not escaped from persecution for being none align.

Ne Win got all the bashing in the end forloving Aung San and his idea so much . Ne Win was said to be supported by the people in the “ concerted actions”. Anybody can deny, they can say they had to do it, through ‘Fear’. They can say what they like.

Austerity was the name of the game, because we were poor, compare to other countries. Bu Myanmars are not living on the trees, in the jungle. There may be some people in Myanmar who love living in the jungle. We called them , “ Taw Byaw ”, jungle happy. Normally they are alright, but when they disturb, and disrupt the progress, the development and modernization of others, they are not all right.

According to Myanmar saying, “ Asa Makoung – Anhaung Mathay Jar ”, we had a bad start. That’s all we can say. Myanmar is our country , we are Myanmars, the country is in our hands, we can kiss it, we can kick it . There was no ‘ Concerted Actions. ’ We were not decisive, we were too humane, too Buddhists should I say.

‘Concerted ACTIONS‘, are needed, but not a ‘Lote Zat, no ‘ Concerted ACTINGS’ . Actions and Acting are not the same. ‘Genuine concerted actions’, will do nicely . Everybody must play their part.

But Myanmar in 1948, started with democracy. That’s Democracy, was knifed from the back. It was abused , and misused from the start. Genuine disciplined democracy, or true democracy, whatever you want to call it, was never there We all know very well. don’t we?

Is Buddhism not Democracy , is Buddhisn not in favour of Human Rights? To serve yourself, and to serve others’, “ Atta Hi-Ta--Para Hi-ta ”. Sometimes, some people interpret Buddhism as Socialism, if not Communism by some.

A leader may need good peoples in the team. Because politic, economic, of a nation, building the nation, is a team work. The government and the people work as a team. Idol worshiping is not advisable, from Gautama to Ko Aung San. If you don’t listen and follow what they had said, idol worshipping. That is another problem with the Myanmars. They are “ the idol worshippers”.

From time to time we all need, “a little bit of breathing space, a little bit of break”. To clear our throat, minds, brain, to feed the brain, to get fresh. Some suggested ‘meditation’. Because we are using our body and soul, they are deteriorating, wearing and tearing off, they are getting old, and older every day .

Saya Thukha’s, “ Bawa Than Thayer”, he said the train will continues the journey going up and down. passengers will be in and out. That was the song of Dhamma. We are on this train.
We have to act together, because “Concerted actions.” are needed. For this we need ‘trust’. Where can we find that trust ?

Can we trust each other, can we trust outsiders? What lessons have we learn from Myanmar history, what have we learn from the world history? When was the last time Myanmars took ‘Concerted Actions’, for themselves, for their nation? If they feel they cannot trust each other, what are they doing to have that trust? How can they trust other outsiders? Will the outsiders trust Myanmar? Haven’t they learn yet?

Outsiders are looking for someone for them to trust, don’t you know that? Have they found the one they are looking for? What would you say?

1948- Union Government led by U Nu ( AFPFL) . 1959 – 60, Interim Government headed by Gen Ne Win. 1960-62, again led by U Nu ( Pa Hta Sa)1962 to 74 ,Revolution Council . 1974 to 1988 BSPP. Then , Sein Lwin or Phoung ar Zar Maung Maung as we called him. Then Dr Maung Maung, then SLORC led by General Saw Maung , and then SPDC by Than Shwe.

Every leader was trying their best for the people and for the nation. Nobody have been praised for any of their efforts for the people and the nation of Myanmar . All of them are blamed , if not condemned by the people in one way or the other. All of them were belittled by the people. They all have wounds and injuries, like fighting buffalos . What about the people? Are the people without wounds and injuries?

To be continued