Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 5-Jul-2012  
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots, and Friends,

When “con men” and con women are at works, it’s hard to say, how much Friend is a friend, and how much Equal is an equal. Is it wise to count the chicks, before they are hatched? The answer to those questions are already there accept it or not is another. Because this is, an “ uncertain world”, everything is uncertain. What is certain is only "the Death".

Honesty, sincereity, and trust are something like Gautama's Relics, very rear commodities.

If we consider ourselves friends and equalas easy as we speak, where is the problems? Some people think too high, and too much of themselves, they think too low, and too little of others. Some people take too much, and leave too little for other etc. “ The world is not enough”, its only for the strong and the strong will survive. That’s the way it is. That’s the way it always been. So “friend and equal” is a reality or not? So there is always big question marks for Friend, and Equality.

I don’t know about equal. but according to the wise one, a good friend is someone who helps you to develop the ‘ Noble Eightfold Path’ as a way of life”. Don’t take the face value, take the essence.. When everyone believes they are right, others are wrong, what they want to believe , translate, and interpret, in their own ways as their rights. To answer the question of, “ what is a good friend ” will be difficult, if not impossible.
There were many before us, and many before them as well, who tried to make the world a better place. According to the good books thousands of years, they were talking about it, and doing it , still they are talking and still doing . We know about the past, we are witnessing the present. What do we make out of these , what lessons we learned from these, and what are we doing?

When it is said, “actions are louder than words”. We are watching these actions, they give us different meaning, because we are different , we have our different views, and our different opinions. We accept it as our rights. “If you are not my friend you are my enemy. If you are not with me you are against me “. Whoever he may be was he a fool or a wise one? Gautama advised us not to associate with fools. Those who associated with the fools can only be “ bad friends ” for you, because he makes friend with the bad one.

In politic, and in business, there is no friend , and there is no equal, that I know of. Rep of Union Myanmar , and its governments are friend to everybody, no enemy to anybody. But nobody wanted Myanmar as a Friend, and as an Equal. What makes you think this time it will be different? Myanmar has not offended anybody, Myanmrs has not insulted anybody . Myanmar has not provoked any one.

All Myanmar doing was , minding its own business , taken care of its own affairs. While maintaining a good , a warm, cosy, diplomatic , trade and economic relationship, with everyone. Friendship is like any other thing “impermanence” . Friend and Equal is out of the question. One clould say there is no such thing as Friend or Equal, when you are dealing with some Super Powers. These Powerful nations , need no Friends, nobody is equal to them. When they make you a poddle , a pet, don’t be mistaken they have become your friend or you are equal to them.

Somebody did not want Myanmar as a friend, to anybody, and others to be friends of Myanmar. Because Myanmars leaders were doing what was necessary, under circumstance, under the situation within the nation. The same as others would do, if they had the same circumstances, same situation. They have done it in the past, and they are doing it now, inside their own countries, as well as in other peoples’ country. That’s the only thing Myanmar did not let it happened, to allow others to interfere or get involve in Myanmars affairs. When Myanmar did not allow them to meddle in their affairs they considered Myanmar is not their friend.

The question is are we Myanmars equal to them? Do they accept us as equals? If the answer is yes, in what way?

Myanmar has its own experience , and had seen what happened to countries, where foreign interference, foreign involvements are, and learned many things, take them as lessons, and taking care of Myanmar not to be like those countries which were and are being destructed by foreign powers. Nobody could do anything, nobody. Everybody is busy saving their own skin.

Who do you think you are kidding? They will make fools of everyone . They have the power to do so. Others knowingly could not help themselves . If anyone thinks and believes, there is equality in this world, that person must be something, more than ‘Ohmma Dagaw’ , “crazy” or "Thwet Char Parda”. Myanmar local medicine men will say, ‘Myanmar is not suffering from normal sickness, from 96 kinds of diseases,it is suffering Pa Yaw Ga -Apa Mhi” It comes from outside interference. I will say it , so that one day I don’t have to tell you, “ didn’t I say, you have dust on your back.

Suddenly somebody comes out and sing , “ I’ve heard the news, there’s going to be rocking tonight”. Myanmar is going to have a party night. That must be a hope, the expectation, their wishful thinking may be, nothing wrong with that. What they did not hear was somebody said 'nothing will be free'. “Alar Koung Bey Me – Akhar Nhoung” . You have made it , but you are too late. You have to wait more. The time is not right, nobody can say when the time will be right. in the mean time let's play with time.

It is rumoured, that Unites States and EU has reserved, 280 billion dollars for Myanmar to hand over the power to NLD in next elections. The same offer was made many years ago, but with less money just one billion dollars. This time the offer is big and everything including all trade and economy or any other bilateral relations will have to get Mrs Aris’s (NLD)approval. All government own, and nationalised industries must be abolished . To make rooms for companies from the west. We have heard it before, from the mare’s mouth in the past, this stance has not changed.

Rumours or not, true or false, believe it or not is another thing. That is what they called ‘Free Trade’. It is the fact that the whole world is in trouble, at the moment, politically, and economically, Frankly speaking, it is in a mess, in US, in EU. Countries are at war. In every war US, and Europe involve in one way or the other. For Freedom , for Democracy , for human rights are the words on the banners. Whose Freedom, whose democracy, whose right are they talking about, nobody knows for sure?

US and Europe are in deep trouble. Who wants to know? I want to know, because they are supposed to help Myanmar. Mrs Aris has asked them for help, practical help. She can’t be that naive . Is she forgetting what ‘ Attahi Ah hta-naw ’? and she is relying on others. She must know what is happening in US, Europe, and in the world. She must know the “ consequences” of what she is doing.

There is no shortcut to Nibban she ,must know? Myanmars always wish for that . They include bribery and corruption as short cuts. That’s why Myanmars have a habit of saying, “ Nibban Megpho Yet Toh Toh ? Some might say, “ God helps those who helps themselves”. Oh, yeah, God helps only to those who helps themselves.” Attahi Ah Hta Naw” is helping oneself. The world is in chaos it is abandoned by God, because mankind don’t help themselves or each other , or God does not want to know let me put it that way.

That is something to think very seriously about, when somebody says, words are not enough, actions may be needed. What kind of actions, Renovation or Demolition, Revolution or Evolution? It only says, “the right actions.” Right thing, right time, right people , right efforts etc. Remember, “ Noble Eightfold Path”?

Whatever is happening in the world in one we way or the other have effects on Myanmar. It was said, ‘ the world can do without Myanmar, and the Myanmar can do without the world’. But the world does not leave Myanmar alone. It seems , they cannot do anything without Myanmars. They want Myanmar , they need Myanmar at least to be a battle ground, in case they have war against the Chinese or the Russians .

Myanmars had experience, that their country disappeared from the world map. The British had done it once Myanmar disappeared from the map from 1886 to 1938, for 52 years they erased Myanmar Nain Gan Daw from the world map. There are many things to talk about some people want to bring the curtain down because they don’t want anybody to know the truth. If they can’t wipe out Myanmar this time, at least they have to take the K9 and other teeth out from the mouth of Myanma Tatmadaw. That’s what they been trying to do since 1948, to make Myanma Tatmadaw a Skelton . Thanks to all, some so called Myanmars, in the past, and at present. Those with sound mind know who is doing what. The meaning, as well as the purpose.

Re. of the Union of Myanmar , the government and the 55 million people are still hostages. Some people keep reminding that suspension of economic sanctions does not mean they are lifted, they are just suspended . Even that suspension would be withdrawn, full sanctions may be re impose. That’s what they are saying, “ don’t move or I will shoot”.

There are no shortage of, “I am the Law “, in Myanmar. Even Constitution means nothing for them. Constitution is taken as the first law of the nation. If somebody does not want it, what id the meaning of ‘Rule of law’, what law are we talking about?

Without constitution may mean without law, and without law may mean’ no rule of law’, as simple as that. Do we have to go back to draconian, customary laws? Some of the laws in Myanmar are enacted by the British, British laws and laws passed by all parliaments. Until another laws is in place, all present laws must be obeyed, abided by everybody. Nobody should be above any law. It could be said if the laws has to rule, Myanmars will have nowhere to go , nowhere to hide. Remember Myanmars always looking for short cuts?

The might of the “united people the might of the “true patriots” is mightier than any military might of anybody. In our time Vietnam kicked the French out and again United States led allied forces had to flee from Vietnam, not to forget they had to ran away from Somalia as well . This is what US and its allies are afraid of, the ‘Unity of true Patriots”. They must break that Unity of others at any cost. They cannot allow anybody to become somebody’s friends.

Earlier I have stated, that, Myanmar, the Government and 55 million people are still hostages. But who is being black mailed actually, who is black mailing who? All I can say , and want to say to all Myanmars, leaders and the people and the Government , ‘Nyaung Thee Le Sarr – Mhyar Than Le Narr Htoung’ . Listen to the whistle of the arrow while eating the fig, your life and the life of your people may depends on it.

As Myanmars, we have been to the other side and back , that means we have the past experience. We are preparing for the future, we have to be alert, to be vigilant, don’t blink your eyes. This is nuclear age, this is a supersonic age, a hi-tech age. Man can make things happened quicker than you think. Conmen and con women are around.

Do we have to be a colony, and colonial slaves again in our own land , to start from the beginning to go to the future. All leaders and people of Myanmar must not only see the baits, but also see the hooks, that is what Gautama meant by ‘cause and effect,’ what he meant by ‘the consequences ’.

A called made by somebody recently “ a friend and an equal’ ? Myanmar is recognised, and acknowledge as a “ least developed nation”, by UN. A Third world country, and third world people. How can Myanmar be equal to anyone, or how can someone take Myanmars as equal? There are lots and lots of things to do to come to that .

Who are our friends, and whose friends are we? How much are we equal, how much are we unequal to them? Who made Myanmars look like enemies to everybody? Who made Myanmars enemies to each other? Who made Myanma Tatmadaw and its leader the enemy number one of the people. Who called Myanmars storm troopers, who called Myanmar are Nazis? Myanmars are no infidels, Myanmars are no heterodoxies ?

Myanmars are like Elephant, they never forget.