Article submitted by: Thunderbolts on 2-Jul-2012  
Forward , Backward, Sideway, Do U Know Where U Are Going ?
Dear Myanmar Patriots, Expatriates, Compatriots and Friends,

Whichever way you go, for Rep. of the Union of Myanmar to have progress, to have developments and to be modern industrialised nation, the nation of Myanmars, the land of Myanmars must be cleared of snakes, cleaned of weeds. This is the responsibility of the progress loving , development loving , modernisation loving and “ Peace Friendly” People, The Government, and the Tatmadaw.

We cannot accept any other unlaeful Private Tatmadaw, militia or any armed group which have intent to disturb, to disrupt
"Our ‘Agenda’. In the name of progress, developments, modernisation, for Peace and Harmony, for the sake of the nation and the law abiding people of Myanmars, all snakes and weeds, over ground or underground , all those who are disturbing, and disrupting the progress , the developments, and modernisation of our land of Myanmars, and the people, must be totally annihilated once and for all.

As long as they are there , Myanmar will never progress, never develop, or be a modern industrialised nation, that will be the Great lost for the people of Myanmars. They can forget about their lives to get better. The loses of the past have not even recovered yet.

This is the will of the people.

How many of us go home after the General Amnesty announced by President Thein sein. General Amnesty was for all kind of prisoners except murder/ homicide cases and murderers. Yes a few people take the advantage, tried to go home( Myanmar) not on Myanmar passports, certainly not for good. Murderers would not dare to go. Those who holding other national Passports, are going in and out of Myanmar as they please.

When the amnesty was announced. Those who are not already accepted as refugee, status or asylum, wants to go home. They have no papers to proof that they are Myanmars. Their given names are untraceable in Myanmar . These names were not registerer in Myanmar national registration, and immigration department. Not even in the " Thagoung Sayin or Mi Thar Su Sayin".They have to be checked , thoroughly check. National Security is at stake. It may take time. We don’t want criminals to come back and threaten the people life, we don't want anybody to come to Myanmar without any proof to say thay are Myanmar, but General Amnesty by the President stays.

Terrorists, insurgents might enjoy this Amnesty I am sure.This may be their last chance. But how many people really go home to Myanmar as President intended. No list available. Mrs Aris during her visit to Europe said there are about 260 political prisoners still detained. She said nothing about the terrorists activities , by name she only said she is against all violence., Charming?

Do you want to talk about it, then come, let’s talk. Let’s talk like grown up. let’s talk sense. Let’s just talk. talking is nice, better than not talking at all. Let us not waste your time ,dragging on. Let us not wast anybody’s time or money. What do you want to talk about ? Progress, developments , modernisation, democracy, human rights , politic, economic, and social system? You may be good at something useful, if not all.

The you are wanted, your country and your people need you.
Have you been to Myanmar, recently? When was the last time you were in Myanmar ? Each time you were there, how many miles did you travel, how many square miles did you cover? Which part of Myanmar were you travelling most? What did you see, did you discover something, did you learn anything what have you learned ? Or have you been to Myanmar only to visit your relatives and come back?

What is your social back ground, workers, Peasants, ruling class, rich and wealthy. Min Myo, Ponna Myo, elites, Yaza Bwar, or Adipadi Bwars? Do you know something, then what do you know, how much do you know? Or do you know someone, who do you know, how much do you know him? Who do you know is more important than what do you know. That is always the fact.

Have you visited Shwedagon Pagoda, and the Tomb of Suu PayaLatt the last Queen of Myanmar ? Do you know who Shin Saw Pu was and where Shin Saw Pu’s Kon is ? Do you know where they are Resting In Peace? Those Tombs should be the historical Tombs, those places should be the historical sites to be looked after. If you have no interests I don’t blame you. You have your rights.

If you happened to be in Myanmar, on train, on plane, on the boats, on the buses, on the coaches , minibuses, in the taxi , on the trishaw, on bullock carts, on horse drawn carriages. Sorry, there is no lanchar ( rickshaw) any more, but in some places, local people put you in a chair and carry you on their shoulders, and take you to where you want to go.

Have you been travelling in one of those transports? Did you notice anything? What do you think of these transports system? What do you think of the people of Myanmars? Do you have something to say. Do you think Myanmar is in progress , do you think Myanmar is developing, modernizing?

If you say “Yes”, please give details, how progressing Myanmar is . If you say “No”, please give details. “ Don’t know” answer cannot be accepted, because you should know, If you are a Myanmar, that is your country, those are your people, at present or in the past. You may have changed your citizenship for you own convenient. You may be something on your papers, but are you sure you are not Myanmar any more. Are you sure you have become something or someone.

Look into the mirror before you go to bed, or after you wake up from bed, who do youn see? Answer to yourself honestly, and quietly. If you have no more interests in your country and your people, why can't you give a good reason, or reasons.

You don’t have to say anything, which might discriminate against you. You have a right to remain silent. Remember your silent is not your view, not your opinion. Is there anything or something you want to do or you can do about them? Do you have any idea, a dream , a plan, an agenda what you want to do and how you would like to do? Why don’t you say it, or submit your proposal? Or are you waiting for somebody to help you, to do it for you, what is it?

“ Just help yourself”, that what Tom Jones said. Every wise people also said you have to help yourself.